Why Was My Runescape Account Reset


Did old RuneScape accounts get reset?

We don't really reset accounts. Please, try locating the RS3 account here https://t.co/escHZY6kGA ~Mod Mu… " via

Is my old RuneScape account still active?

Everybody in old school runescape starts from scratch, your old stats and account should still be around in runescape 3 but you cannot transfer this to old school. This is the correct answer. via

Why is my account banned RuneScape?

If your account has been banned for any of the following reasons, we have deemed the offence so serious so as to not permit any appeals: Account hijacking. Bug abuse. Real world trading. via

What happened to RuneScape Classic accounts?

RuneScape Classic is no longer available to play after it's servers were taken offline by Jagex on 6 August 2018. Eventually this was disabled permanently and whatever items were left remained on one game or the other. The same account is used for both games but items, progress and skills remain separate. via

Does Jagex delete old accounts?

Developer Jagex is freeing up millions of dormant Runscape accounts and in the process making once-taken character names available again. This doesn't mean Jagex is deleting old accounts, the developer stressed. Rather, it's just removing character names from dormant accounts and making them available again. via

Can I transfer my account to old RuneScape?

Launched in 2013, this backup version of RuneScape from 2007 has evolved into something completely new and requires you start your character from scratch. Profile progress is completely independent, meaning that character information, stats, and items do not transfer between the two games. via

How do I recover my old RuneScape account? (video)

Can I use my old account on Old School Runescape?

Unionhawk's answer is correct. Oldschool Runescape (often called OSRS, or Runescape 2007) is completely separate from Runescape (commonly called RS3, Runescape 3, or EoC). When you use your "old" Runescape login information on Oldschool Runescape for the first time, you will start a new account on Tutorial Island. via

Can I play my old RuneScape account on mobile?

Now, these dedicated players are able to log into the game from anywhere on their Android or iOS devices. The mobile version of Old School Runescape is simply a method to play the full desktop game on your phone. via

How do I get unbanned from RuneScape?

If you think you were banned unfairly, by mistake, or if you admit guilt and want to “ask for forgiveness”, you have a chance to submit appeal RuneScape. If the player decides to appeal the ban, it may be accepted, resulting in the complete account recovery or a permanent mute. via

Can Jagex track your IP address?

They can and do ban IP addresses, and it does effect innocent players. Just the same as moderators frequently ban players for botting without the ability to appeal, even when they're actually innocent. The mod team is pretty brutal. via

How long does a permanent ban last on RuneScape?

An account with no offences is in the green zone and changes through orange and red as offences accumulate. Bans may be temporary (for example for 24 hours) or permanent. Banned players are unable to log into the game at all. via

Why is RuneScape 3 dead?

It is dying slowly, with 95% of the current players being old players, some returning from a couple of years of inactivity, others who never really stop. The majority of the players are on Old School Runescape, and that is a big sign of the problems that runescape has. via

Can you reset your rs3 account?

Maybe you've grown tired of the game, want to make a different account with the same email address, or want to force yourself to stop playing. Unfortunately, there is no way to fully delete your RuneScape or OSRS account. via

Why is RuneScape not working?

If you're able to access other websites then it is likely caused by corrupted or out of date files being stored in your Browser Cache. Try clearing your browser's cache. If you're not able to access any websites and the problem isn't specific to RuneScape.com, try using a different web browser. via

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