Why Is The Unkempt Harold So Good

Why is the unkempt Harold so good? More of the projectiles to 1 enemy. The Harold shots 7 unlisted projectiles that get 70% of the listed damage. Plus since it is a Torgue pistol it gets 100% splash damage as a bonus. via

What is the best type of unkempt Harold?

Double penetrating is more bullets, torgue grip is bigger magazine size and faster results speed. For normal mode the DPUH isn't quite as good because it's ammo heavy and any Unkempt Harold will kill quickly. Otherwise the DPUH is probably best in most scenarios. via

How rare is the unkempt Harold?

It's 3%. So roll 2d6: if you score snake-eyes, you get Unkempt Harold. via

What are the odds of getting an unkempt Harold?

Unkempt Harold (BL2) - How to Farm

Torgue Vending Machines: 16.7% World Drop. via

What are the chances of Savage Lee dropping the unkempt Harold?

*Always meaning he has a ~1/10 chance to drop it and that won't change. via

Where can I farm unkempt Harold?

Unkempt Harold is a legendary pistol manufactured by Torgue. In Borderlands 2, It is obtained randomly from any suitable loot source but has an increased chance to drop from Savage Lee located in Three Horns - Divide. via

What is a perfect DPUH?

The only thing affecting the stats of a DPUH is the grip, which to be 'perfect' would be matching the manufacturer, which is Torgue. Legendaries will (almost) always have a matching barrel, and on pistols the sight doesnt affect the stats, so that comes down to your preference. via

What's the best prefix for the unkempt Harold?

The most popular prefix of the Unkempt Harold is the “Double Penetrating” prefix as it will fire two spreads of projectiles with every shot at the cost of 6 ammo instead of 3 doing twice the damage. via

Is bl3 unkempt Harold Good?

Is the Unkempt Harold any good? The Unkempt Harold is a beast and you should definitely farm one for yourself. via

What are the chance of ball dropping fastball?

Fastball (BL2)'s Drop-Rates and all Sources: Boll: 10% World Drop. via

What are the best guns in Borderlands 2?

  • 1 Norfleet.
  • 2 Sand Hawk.
  • 3 Rubi (Of Moxxi Fame)
  • 4 Baby Maker.
  • 5 Interfacer.
  • 6 Unkempt Harold.
  • 7 Pimpernel.
  • 8 World Burn.
  • via

    Where is Doc mercy located?

    Doc Mercy is a nomad miniboss in Borderlands 2, located in Three Horns - Valley. via

    What is DPUH?

    DPUH basicly means double penatrating unkempt harold. Showing 1-15 of 17 comments. via

    Does Boll drop a legendary?

    Boll has a chance to drop the legendary Fastball grenade mod upon death as of the 29 October 2015 update. via

    Is Savage Lee a rare spawn?

    Savage Lee will occasionally spawn twice on the map simultaneously, once near the fast travel station in addition to his normal spawn in Marrowfield. The presence of Savage Lee near the fast travel station can be determined by checking the mini map for hostile bullymongs. via

    Do Torgue Tokens carry over?

    Everything carries over, so yeah, you can just grind normal or TVH for easy tokens. via

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