Why Did Gon Lose His Nen For 30 Days


Why did Gon lose his Nen?

10 Gon Get His Nen Abilities Back

Much like the manga itself, Gon has been on an in-story hiatus due to his own health complications. Though he's living and breathing, Gon is now no longer able to use Nen and must either navigate a new path to become a Hunter or find some way to get his powers back. via

What episode does Gon get his Nen back after the 30 days?

Episode 91 (2011) via

Does Gon get his Nen back after fighting knuckle?

After their fight with Cheetu, Morel and Knuckle reunite with Shoot and Knov and take Gon and Killua to see Kite. Gon gets his Nen back. via

Is HXH finished?

The series ended on September 23, 2014 after 148 episodes. via

Is Kite dead?

Unable to stand up to the Chimera Ant's strength, Kite is killed by Neferpitou. Since Neferpitou enjoyed their fight with Kite, they keep the body instead of feeding it to the Queen. Soon after, his body is reanimated and used as a training dummy for new Ant recruits. via

Can adult Gon beat Meruem?

Adult Gon's amount of aura might be relative or comparable to the King but Meruem outclasses him in intelligence department. Pre-rose Meruem beats Gon at least 7 out of 10. The only chance Adult Gon could beat Meruem is if he had prep time in order to overcome the King's superior intelligence. via

How strong is Gon without Nen?

4 Answers. Without nen, Gon won't be able to fight against Nen users. As was seen in the Heaven's Arena arc, the only way to defend against Nen is with Nen, and without it even relatively weak attacks will kill or cripple you. via

Is HXH coming back in 2021?

Simply put, no return of Hunter x Hunter anime has been announced, and god knows when the next chapter of Hunter x Hunter manga will be released. via

Is Gon stronger than Killua?

Throughout the anime series, it has been established that Killua is stronger than Gon, while the latter has a higher ceiling. Using his abilities as a Transmuter, Killua can create a lightning-based aura. While Gon possesses more raw strength, in almost every other aspect, Killua is superior. via

Who is stronger hisoka or kite?

Definitely Kite. Hisoka puts a fight which doesn't have larger destructive powers meaning, he can fight a one on one against a perfect warrior by being sneaky AF. via

Who kills the king HXH?

3. Isaac Netero's Death. Netero was the Chairman of the Hunter Association and one of the most powerful hunters in the series. He died after piercing his own heart in order to detonate the Rose bomb and kill the Chimera Ant King, Meruem. via

Why is HXH not finished?

Hunter X Hunter Anime is not yet done. According to Togashi, he says he's on hiatus and that he's eventually continuing but the demand from the manga company is too much stress for him and he doesn't want to continue. The quota he has to fill is a chapter a week which is a lot for anyone in the manga industry. via

Is Ging Freecss stronger than Netero?

According to Netero himself, Ging is one of the five strongest Nen users in the world of Hunter x Hunter right now. It goes without saying that he has what it takes to surpass the likes of Netero, although it isn't a guarantee. Nonetheless, Ging is very powerful and his full power is yet to be seen. via

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