Who Killed Debra Morgan


Who poisoned Debra Morgan?

When Dexter learns what Hannah has done, he reluctantly gives Debra evidence that Hannah killed Price and Debra arrests her. Dexter visits Hannah in prison. She admits she poisoned Debra because she tried to separate them, and Dexter tells her he had to turn her in to protect his sister. via

Who shot Debra in Dexter?

Christine Hill - Suspected of being the one who shot Debra and killing Frank on the fact that she knew that Deb was looking into Lundy eyes when he died, and that detail of the crime was never revealed. via

What happened to Debra on Dexter?

In the series' final episode, "Remember the Monsters?", Debra is taken to the hospital, where she tells Quinn she loves him and wishes Dexter a happy life. However, moments later, she suffers a massive stroke that leaves her in a persistent vegetative state. via

Did Dexter and Deb sleep together?

To recap: Dexter was going to kill Hannah, then he decided to have sex with her instead. After Hannah killed Deb's new boyfriend, Deb asked Dexter to kill Hannah. Dexter told her he couldn't because he's been sleeping with her. via

Does Dexter kiss Deb?

The kiss was just a dream...a really bad dream. For six years we've been waiting for Deb, a cop, to catch her brother, who is perhaps the biggest serial killer in the country. The writers should have let us enjoy that moment. Instead, they had to "go there" and ruin what should have been a great story. via

Why was LaGuerta killed off?

Because LaGuerta was given less than the usual dose, she wakes up in the middle of Dexter and Debra's dialogue. She tells Debra that she needs to kill Dexter, but a very emotional Debra shoots and kills LaGuerta to protect Dexter's secret. via

Who shot Lundy Debra?

Woefully, Christine talks about how she tried to make her dad love her, but he hates her. She agrees that he's a killer, adding that she's just like him. Finally, Christine confesses to shooting Debra and Lundy. She apologizes and asks if Debra can forgive her. via

Do Deb and Quinn get back together?

Watch the 'Dexter' Reunion Coming to CBS' 'Limitless' (Exclusive) Jennifer Carpenter and Desmond Harrington bring Deb and Quinn back together again on the freshman drama. via

Why did Dexter dump Deb in the ocean?

First off, Deb. Dear god what did they do to poor Deb. She was shot in the penultimate episode, but for most of the finale she seemed like she was going to recover. But then nope, she had a stroke and was basically a vegetable and so Dexter pulled the plug and tossed her into the sea. via

Is Dexter's sister death?

Debra died from a massive blood clot after she was shot in the penultimate episode of season eight. After being diagnosed as braindead in the finale, Dexter chose to take Debra off life support and dropped her body out at sea. via

Why was Rita killed off Dexter?

The writers felt that dexter needed a more dark passenger side to him and decided that having Rita negated that idea. So they killed her. In season 4 finale, Trinity found Dexter address, but went to his old flat and found that Deb's living there. via

Is Dexter in love with Deb?

Their bond may have extended beyond the normal sibling relationship, but it was their everlasting platonic love in Dexter's season 8 finale that allowed them to move on, with Dexter finally saying the words “I love you” allowing her to die, and Deb's death being the catalyst for Dexter to abandon Hannah and Harrison. via

How long were Dexter and Deb married?

Hall and Carpenter eloped on New Year's Eve in 2008 after dating for two years. Sadly, their divorce came after only two years of marriage. via

Did Dexter really love Rita?

As soon as the series began, Rita Bennett (later Morgan) was Dexter's girlfriend. Dexter went on to legitimately love Rita and her children, Astor and Cody. He married Rita and they were mostly happy for the better part of four seasons, even having a child of their own named Harrison. via

Does Rita find out about Dexter?

This is not revealed on the show. The only two people who knew if Arthur had revealed Dexter's true identity to Rita are Arthur and Rita. Arthur was killed by Dexter shortly after he'd killed Rita, and he tells Dexter nothing that indicates he'd told her about him (nor does he leave any messages behind indicating it). via

Who finds out Dexter secret?

The person who stuck around the longest after finding out Dexter's dark secret was Miguel Prado in season 3. Prado was the assistant district attorney for the City of Miami. He became close to Dexter after the two met while Prado was investigating the death of his brother Oscar, who Dexter accidentally killed. via

Is Dexter ever found?

In the main series, the show's final season eight ended with Dexter faking his own death and running off to Oregon. But his true identity as a serial killer was never discovered, which makes one wonder if the others at Miami PD will have put two-and-two together, or if he returns to kill again and finally gets caught. via

Does Deb confess to killing LaGuerta?

Harry's guilt about nurturing his adopted son's vocation drove him to suicide, and this week on "Dexter," Deb is wandering around Miami like Lady Macbeth, torturing herself (and one innocent parking meter) because she gunned down LaGuerta last year. via

Why did LaGuerta and Batista get divorced?

Season six

It turns out that he and LaGuerta separated in order for her to secure the position of Captain in Miami Metro Homicide. However, her position as Lieutenant was left open specifically for him by her recommendation. via

Is Christine Trinity's daughter?

At the end of the episode, "Hungry Man," it is revealed that Christine is actually Arthur's daughter, and in the following episode, "Lost Boys," Christine was also revealed as the one who shot and killed Special Agent Frank Lundy and shot and wounded Det. via

Do Deb and Lundy get together?

Lundy returns to Miami with the intention to find the mysterious Trinity Killer. By this time, he has retired from the FBI. Sexual tensions arise between him and Debra and eventually they resume their love affair, resulting in Deb ending her relationship with Anton Briggs. via

Does Rita cheat on Dexter?

Rita revealed the kiss to Dexter, but it concerned her that he didn't seem to care that she nearly cheated on him. In the finale, while Dexter was pursuing The Trinity Killer, he sideswiped another car. via

How old is Desmond Harrington?

Desmond Harrington via

Does Quinn become sergeant?

He makes his debut appearance in Season Three, instantly becoming a major part of the group (following the departure of Sergeant James Doakes). He is later nearly promoted to Sergeant, however, Angel is forced to choose differently. via

Does Dexter ever cry?

Dexter. Although he wasn't really crying, his eyes welled up with tears after he got hit in his groin on Friday. He cried three times in this episode: When Mandark quickly turned out to be better than him. via

What mental illness does Dexter have?

Dexter is a paradigm "secret schizoid" (that is, someone suffering from Schizoid Personality Disorder who hides it very well). ASPD is about inability to conform, manipulation, and impulsive aggression; SPD is about coldness, detachment, and complete lack of interest in normal human interaction. via

Did Dexter date his sister?

Debra started to believe him, after he dropped his hunch on Dexter. In Season Six, they had lived together for about a year. Quinn decided to propose to Debra, stating he was in love with her, only to be heartbroken when she turned him down. via

Does Dexter's sister know he's a killer?

She never realized he was killing them, unless she made connections during the Bay Harbor Butcher Case. She and her husband had been friends with Dexter's adoptive parents, Harry and Doris, and so she had known Dexter since his childhood. via

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