Who Is Natania In The Walking Dead

Natania is a survivor of the outbreak and later an antagonist in AMC 's The Walking Dead. She is a resident and the former leader of Oceanside. Natania is also the grandmother of Cyndie. via

Why does Enid kill Natania?

In order to prevent Simon and his group from finding them again, Natania ordered any survivor who happened upon the community to be immediately killed in order to maintain the secrecy of their new home. via

How does Natania die in The Walking Dead?

As Natania prepares to impale Aaron with a spear, she's shot from behind by Enid. Moments later, Aaron and Enid are surrounded by the Oceanside residents. Cyndie turns Natania over and discovers that she's dead causing Cyndie to start crying over her body. via

Who killed Natania TWD?


Who killed Enid in The Walking Dead?

Six years later, Enid becomes the Hilltop doctor and enters into a relationship with Alden. In the episode "The Calm Before", Enid is murdered by Alpha, leader of the Whisperer's group, alongside Tara and several others. via

What happened to the black guy with glasses on the walking dead?

Heath appears in season 10 episode "What We Become," where he's shot and killed by Michonne (Danai Gurira) when she hallucinates what might have happened if she were one of the Saviors. via

Does Tara die in The Walking Dead?

Tara Chambler via

Who plays Cindy in The Walking Dead?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. Sydney Park (born October 31, 1997) is an American actress and comedian. She is best known for her roles as Cyndie in AMC's The Walking Dead, Gabby Phillips in Instant Mom, and Caitlin Park-Lewis in Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists. via

Who is Henry's parents on walking dead?

Henry is the youngest character to directly kill a living person. Henry is the third child adopted by Carol Peletier, the first being Lizzie Samuels and the second being Mika Samuels. via

Why did Jesus leave the walking dead?

In the case of Tom Payne's character, Jesus, it was a mix of both (sort of). As the actor noted in a 2018 interview with ComicBook.com, Jesus' series exit was essentially one of Payne's own making, after he voiced frustration that not enough characters were dying in the ongoing war with The Saviors. via

Is Enid dead?

Enid via

How did Enid end up in a wheelchair?

Ken's parents aren't happy their son is dead. This gives Gregory his opening. He gets Ken's father drunk and sets up Maggie to be murdered. Enid winds up in a wheelchair in the process and Gregory ends the episode with a noose around his neck. via

What does A and B mean in The Walking Dead?

We previously thought "A" may allude to someone "after" they were turned into a walker or were bit and "B" referred to someone "before" they were turned into one of the undead. "That is not it, although that's a great theory," Kang told Insider. via

What is CRM in walking dead?

A mysterious helicopter group took Rick Grimes from "TWD" on season nine. Since then, we've learned the group is called the Civic Republic Military or CRM. via

Who is the black guy with dreads on walking dead?

Washington, D.C., U.S. Corey Antonio Hawkins (born October 22, 1988) is an American actor. He is known for his roles in the TV series The Walking Dead and 24: Legacy, as well as his portrayal of Dr. Dre in the 2015 film Straight Outta Compton. via

Did Tara really die in True Blood?

Rutina Wesley opens up about the new season of the hit HBO show. Rutina Wesley, as Tara, in the season 7 premiere of 'True Blood. But on the season premiere Sunday night, her character was killed off in heroic fashion -- saving her mom from another vampire. Wesley talked with Vulture about her "fun" death. via

Does Daryl die in The Walking Dead?

Daryl Dixon via

Who is the father of Alanna Masterson's baby?

Personal life. On November 4, 2015, Masterson and ex-boyfriend Brick Stowell had a daughter, Marlowe. via

What happened to Cyndie?

Cyndie (Sydney Park) first appeared in season 7 of the hit AMC series with the introduction of the Oceanside community, but she just sort of... disappeared three episodes in to season 9 after getting her revenge on Arat. Judging by all the comments from fans, people are excited to see Cyndie again. via

How old is Sydney park?

Sydney Park via

What nationality is Sydney park?

Sydney Park via

Is Henry really Carol's son?

Henry to Carol Peletier. Henry, also known by his epithet "Prince" Henry, is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead. Following the loss of his family, he is adopted by Ezekiel and Carol Peletier. Six years later, Henry moves to the Hilltop Colony to become the apprentice of the blacksmith, Earl Sutton. via

Is Henry Carol's biological son?

Henry is the adopted son of Ezekiel and Carol, having lost his original family and his brother, and this recent time jump grew up him from a kid into a teen. via

Does Rick return Walking Dead?

The Walking Dead Final Season Promo Brings Rick Grimes Back to the Fore — Plus, Key Art for 'Beginning of the End' via

Is Jesus a good guy in The Walking Dead?

The Weekly Crisis listed Jesus as #10 in their list of The Ten Best Characters in The Walking Dead, saying: "Being nicknamed after the Son of God seems like an exaggeration, but Jesus has shown time and time again that he is a good, trusting man who just wants what's best for everyone. via

Is Jesus from walking dead on prodigal son?

Tom Payne plays criminal psychologist Malcolm Bright on Prodigal Son. He was cast as the morally centered Jesus in The Walking Dead, who met his end in Season 9. via

Is Negan a good guy now?

Negan will never truly be a good guy, but he can redeem himself, albeit slightly. From the time he made Carl dinner to the times he saved fan favorite characters' lives, there are times when Negan actually became the good guy on The Walking Dead. via

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