Who Is A Counter To Winston


How does Ana counter Winston?

Make sure every sleep dart and grenade you throw has thought behind it and isn't wasted. If Winston jumps you with both your abilities you should get away most of the time unless he has buddies. When he jumps you, shoot him and wait until you're about 100 hp and grenade his face so you anti him and heal yourself. via

Who can counter Reinhardt?

Overwatch > Counters > Reinhardt

Thier are a couple of Heroes in particular that are effective Reinhardt counters. Reaper and McCree at close range can kill Reinhardt fairly easy, While other more long range heroes such as Bastion and Pharah are among the best Reinhardt Counters. Reinhardt works best as a team player. via

Does Reaper counter roadhog?

Roadhog does have a couple of Roadhog counters in particular. Reaper is a given since he can kill almost any tank hero, including roadhog. When it comes to tank versus tank hero Zarya is among the best Roadhog counters, due to her ability to deny the hook kill with her shield ability. via

Does Winston counter Genji?

Winston does not counter Genji. via

How do you counter Ana? (video)

How do you counter Winston as a healer?

  • Lucio: Save boop and amp it up for him.
  • Mercy: Use your Guardian Angel after he jumps on you to the farthest teammate you can find while also calling him out.
  • Zenyatta: Discord, call him out, aim, and hope for the best.
  • Ana: Sleep/nade him or die (call him out of course)
  • via

    Is Winston good on defense?

    Just like on offense, a defensive Winston relies on his mobility to confuse and attack the opposition from different angles. He's more effective with Genji and Tracer, but any composition with two or three DPS works well with him so long as you aren't trickling in and staggering your respawns. via

    How do you counter a Junkrat?

    Junkrat Counters

    Since the general strategy for Junkrat is to hang back and Spray-N-Pray. Characters who have long range damage tend to be Strong Junkrat Counters, Junkrat Hero Counters like Pharah and Widowmaker can easily deal with a junkrat. via

    What tanks counter Mei?

    Orisa is a hard counter to Mei. Her shield and fortify make her hard to freeze and kill. Zarya is probably the 2nd best just because bubble gets rid of the freeze effect. The rest of the tanks have issues with Mei just being there. via

    Is Reinhardt the best tank?

    Reinhardt. Reinhardt used to be the best main tank in the game. via

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