Who Has The Most Hours On Dbd

Who has the most hours on DBD? via

Who has played Dead by Daylight the most?

The in-game statistics from Dead by Daylight were shared by a press release, and they revealed the top three most played survivors: 3) Feng Min, 2) Meg Thomas and 1) Claudette Morel. via

What is the highest devotion in Dead by Daylight?

Who has the highest devotion in dead by daylight? Behold the highest devotion you'll ever see. 3670069 — Dead By Daylight. via

Who is the best DBD killer?

  • 1 The Nurse Has Excellent Potential To Avoid Being Looped.
  • 2 Yamaoka's Haunting Allows The Spirit To Quickly & Stealthily Traverse The Map.
  • 3 Blight's Speed Makes Him Excellent In Catching Survivors.
  • 4 The Hillbilly Has Good Mobility & A One-Shot Mechanic.
  • via

    Who is the least played killer in Dead by Daylight?

    The trickster,The twins,Nurse are the killers I go againts the least while playing survivor. What's your top 3 killers you rarely play againts? Plague, Hag, and Trickster. via

    Is DBD still popular?

    In many ways, Dead by Daylight is a horror fan's dream game. Highlighted by Reddit user Usualinitial, Dead by Daylight recently achieved 100k current players for the first time since its launch. The horror game has also managed to draw in 65% more players over the past two months alone. via

    Is DBD worth Prestiging?

    Why should I prestige? Once you reach level 50, there is no more tangible progression for your character. While purchasing all of the items in the bloodweb is possible, there is nothing else to gain. Activating the prestige will give you a higher chance of finding even better items in the bloodweb. via

    Is there a max level in DBD?

    Mechanic, with each completed Bloodweb increasing a Character's Level, until the maximum of Level 50 is reached, at which point each subsequently completed Bloodweb has no effect on the Character's Level anymore. via

    Does devotion do anything DBD?

    Basically devotion is related to player xp, which in turn is gained every game. At 100 player levels, you gain one devotion level, which will then reset your player level back to 0, and increase the amount of xp you need to gain another level, as well as the iridescent shards you gain with that xp. via

    What is a dead by daylight fog whisperer?

    WHAT IS FOG WHISPERERS? Fog Whisperers is a program aimed to support passionate Dead by Daylight broadcasters! In exchange for a little broadcast time, members will receive: Chapter codes for their viewers. Additional information on the new content. via

    Who is HEXY?

    Hexy (formerly sxyhxy) is a partnered livestreamer on Twitch. via

    How long is OhTofu in DBD?

    Stream schedule

    On Fridays, OhTofu usually streams for 7 hours between 7 PM and 1 AM PDT the next day. via

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