Who Can Repair In Tarren Mill


Where can I repair in darnassus?

Darnassus Repair NPCs

  • Glorandiir <Axe Merchant>, Weapons, first floor 64, 59.6.
  • Mythidan <Mace & Staff Merchant>, Weapons, first floor 65, 60.
  • Merelyssa <Blade Merchant>,Weapons, first floor 65, 60.
  • Kieran <Weapon Merchant>,Weapons, second floor 65.2, 60.6.
  • Landria <Bow Merchant>, Fletcher, first floor 63.2, 66.
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    Where can I repair in silithus?

    Vargus is a level 57 blacksmithing vendor located at Cenarion Hold in the contested territory of Silithus. He repairs equipment and sells blacksmithing items and plans. via

    Where can I repair items in Orgrimmar?

    next to the auction house, there should be a place called "Boomstick Imports" run by those big fat cows, you can repair your stuff there. If the repair button on the bottom is greyed out and it wont let u click it, it means all your equipment is good, however, some NPC's (poison vendor, enchanting vendor, etc.) via

    Where can I repair my Stormwind?

    There are many different vendors all over Stormwind who can repair your armour; there is one in almost every weapon or armour shop. You can turn on tracking for “repair” vendors in your mini-map. Any vendor who causes your cursor to turn into an anvil when you hover it over him is capable of repairing your armour. via

    Is there a repair in old hillsbrad?

    Thomas Yance can be found walking the road between Southshore and Tarren Mill in Old Hillsbrad Foothills. He can repair your armor and sells, of all things, most of the game's newbie costumes, as well as the Pattern: Riding Crop recipe. via

    Where can I repair in hinterlands?

    Harggan is a level 49 blacksmithing vendor located in Wildhammer Keep at Aerie Peak in the contested territory of the Hinterlands. via

    How do I repair my armor in wow?

  • Repair all equipped items (button should look like an anvil with a gold +).
  • Repair a single item (button should look like a hammer).
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    Where can I repair in Ironforge?

    Ingrys Stonebrow is a level 30 cloth armor vendor located at Maeva's Mystic Apparel in the Mystic Ward, in the dwarf city of Ironforge. via

    Where can I repair armor in Tarren Mill?


  • Herbalism trainer.
  • Alchemy trainer (expert)
  • Tailoring trainer (master)
  • Mushroom vendor.
  • Trade supplies vendor.
  • Tailoring vendor.
  • Weaponsmith (south of town - allows item repair)
  • Forge (behind weaponsmith above)
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    Where can I repair armor in Shadowlands Orgrimmar?

    Tor'phan <Cloth & Leather Armor Merchant>

    This NPC can be found in Orgrimmar (2). via

    How do you repair gears? (video)

    Where can I repair armor in Dazar Alor?

    Jorja <Trade Supplies & Repairs>

    This NPC can be found in Dazar'alor . via

    Where can I repair my armor in Stormwind?

    Osric Strang is found in a shop called Limited Immunity, located in the Old Town section of Stormwind, just to the left of the entrance to The Barracks. via

    Where is the blacksmith in Stormwind?

    The Forge is a small blacksmith shop behind the main building of the Stormwind Embassy. via

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