Who Can Beat Jaime Lannister In A Fight

Another possibility is that there are three people who are confirmed in the books to have beaten Jaime Lannister in a tourney match: Loras Tyrell on Joffrey's nameday, Jorah Mormount after the Greyjoy Rebellion, and Sandor Clegane in celebration of Ned being named Hand of the King. via

Who are the 3 people that could beat Jaime?

So the three people were probably Selmy, the Hound and the Mountain. I don't think I can name all three but we all know that one of them is Barristan Selmy. The only thing that puts that to doubt is that at the time, Ser Barristan wasn't actually in Westeros. Despite his wimpiness Loras Tyrell is a marvelous warrior. via

Who defeated Jaime Lannister?

The only 5 men, all of them in their prime of course, that I see beating Jaime are: Barristan Selmy, Arthur Dayne, Cregan Stark, Aemon “The Dragonknight” Targaryen, and Daemon Blackfyre. via

Who would win Jaime or the mountain?

He hold his own at age 15 against Smiling Knight, Mountain of his own time. The Mountain's strength was like nothing human. It did not matter. With speed and skill, Jaime could beat them all. via

Is Brienne a better fighter than Jaime?

Jaime takes Cleos's sword and attacks Brienne. Although he is still chained he is confident that he can beat her. Jaime is amazed at her skill with the sword and realizes that she is stronger than him. Finally Brienne beats him. via

Who was the best fighter in got?

  • Jaime Lannister. When it all comes down to it, we believe Jaime Lannister is (or was) the strongest fighter in the Game of Thrones world.
  • Gregor Clegane.
  • Sandor Clegane.
  • Ser Arthur Dayne.
  • Oberyn Martell.
  • Stannis Baratheon.
  • Bronn.
  • Brienne of Tarth.
  • via

    Did Loras beat Jaime?

    Loras was raised in privilege in the family seat and regional capital of Highgarden. Loras is one of the few knights who has on rare occasion managed to defeat the formidable Jaime Lannister in a joust. via

    How strong is Jaime Lannister?

    Yes, he is a great fighter, and an incredible knight in terms of his martial prowess. Here are a few of his achievements: At age 15, he was a squire to Lord Sumner Crakehall for 4 years. During his service, he went with his Lord to fight the Kingswood Brotherhood, an outlaw organization famous for kidnapping nobles. via

    Who is the best fighters in Westeros?

  • 8 Syrio Forel.
  • 7 Arya Stark.
  • 6 Brienne Of Tarth.
  • 5 Sandor Clegane.
  • 4 Gregor Clegane.
  • 3 Jaime Lannister.
  • 2 Barristan Selmy.
  • 1 Arthur Dayne.
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    How did Robb beat Jaime?

    Within the first book, A Game of Thrones, the process of relieving Riverrun from Jaime's siege is actually a two step process: First, Robb lures out the Lannister cavalry and Jaime in particular, destroying this force in the "Battle of the Whispering Wood". via

    Can Khal Drogo beat The Mountain?

    The Khal died undefeated in combat, documented by his super-long braid (which the Dothraki must cut every time they are beaten in combat). If Drogo managed to get inside the reach of The Mountain€™s huge sword, he would be able to go to work with his arakh (curved Dothraki blade) and dual daggers. via

    What exactly happened to The Mountain?

    It is later revealed that The Mountain has been poisoned with manticore venom, a poison with which Oberyn had laced his weapon, and that he is slowly dying. Cersei enlists ex-maester Qyburn to save him, though Qyburn claims that the procedure will "change" Clegane. via

    Who was the greatest swordsman of all time?

  • 1) Johannes Liechtenauer. (1300-1389, Germany)
  • 2) Fiore dei Liberi. (1350-1410, Italy, France, Germany)
  • 3) Kamiizumi Nobutsuna. (1508-1577, Japan)
  • 4) Sasaki Kojiro. (1583-1612, Japan)
  • 5) Miyamoto Musashi. (1584-1645, Japan)
  • 6) Donald McBane. (1664-1732, Scotland)
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    Who is the best fighter in Asoiaf?

    Ser Ryam Redwyne (The best knight of his time and remembered for his many victories.) Lord Cregan Stark (The Dragonknight himself said he was an amazing swordsman.) Sandor Clegane (The Hound is a beast and one of the best living warriors.) Ser Garlan Tyrell (Basically a better Loras -- possibly deserves a higher spot. via

    Who killed the sword of the morning?

    The two look at each other as Eddard picks up Dawn, seeming ashamed of how he had survived. Although in agony, Arthur seems accepting of his fate; he had done his duty to the last. Eddard delivers the final blow, killing the legendary Sword of the Morning and sparing him from a slower, crueler death. via

    Who is the strongest swordsman in Game of Thrones?

  • 1 Gregor 'The Mountain' Clegane.
  • 2 Robert Baratheon.
  • 3 Sandor 'The Hound' Clegane.
  • 4 Khal Drogo.
  • 5 Tormund Giantsbane.
  • 6 Ser Arthur Dayne.
  • 7 Ser Brienne Of Tarth.
  • 8 Greatjon & Smalljon Umber.
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    How did Ser Loras beat the mountain?

    Loras is riding a mare that is in-heat, which confuses the Mountain's horse, causing him to throw his rider. Enraged at having lost, Gregor first decapitates his horse and then attacks Ser Loras. via

    Is House Tyrell extinct?

    House Tyrell of Highgarden is an extinct Great House of Westeros. With the death of Olenna after the Sack of Highgarden, the House has officially become extinct. In the TV series, the Tyrell family is very small, has only four known members of the main branch. The Tyrell sigil is a golden rose on a pale green field. via

    Is Jaime Lannister overrated?

    Of all the series' characters, Jaime Lannister is in some ways the most contradictory, a man driven by his own strange sense of honor yet far too beholden to his sister Cersei's demands. It is precisely his contradictory nature that makes him such a simultaneously overrated and underrated character. via

    Did Jaime really love Brienne?

    Does Jaime Love Brienne At All? Yes, Jaime loves Brienne. We know he feels like he can't escape his past, which suggests he might feel a little unworthy of the always-honorable Brienne. So while he does love her, and some part of him probably wants to be with her still, it didn't feel right to him. via

    Why do the Lannisters sleep with each other?

    Jaime and Cersei have been having a physical relationship long before either of them went to King's Landing, as is revealed in Jaime's third chapter of A Storm of Swords: He could never bear to be long apart from his twin. Even as children, they would creep into each other's beds and sleep with their arms entwined. via

    Who killed Robb Stark?

    Despite displaying an exceptional proficiency in military talent, Robb is ultimately betrayed and murdered at the wedding of his uncle Edmure with Roslin Frey, by the treacherous Walder Frey and Roose Bolton, all under discreet command of Tywin Lannister. via

    Could Robb have beaten Tywin?

    Meaning, in order for Robb to marry the daughter, he would have already had to have beaten Tywin. (The alternative, obviously, is that Robb would have lost to Tywin and then not been able to marry the daughter in the end because he'd be dead.) via

    Why did Robb sacrifice 2000?

    In the show, Robb sends a small force of 2,000 as a feint against Tywin, while leading the bulk of his armies to face Jaime near Riverrun. In the books, Robb did not intend to sacrifice his infantry by offering it to Tywin, he wanted them to engage Tywin and retreat if things go sour, which is exactly what happened. via

    Who is bigger Hodor or the mountain?

    Thor Björnssonn, who plays Gregor Clegane AKA the Mountain, stands 6'9″ tall while Kristian Nairn, who plays Hodor, stands 7'0″ tall. So Hodor is taller on the show. But in the books, no one bests the Mountain who was written as 7'10” tall. via

    Why did the mountain hate his brother?

    Originally Answered: Why does the mountain hate the hound although the hound never did anything to him (Game of Thrones)? When they were kids, little brother played with his toy. That is why he held his face in the fire, and that is why he hated him. via

    Is Khal Drogo the best fighter?

    Khal Drogo has a fearsome reputation amongst the Dothraki. He has never been defeated and leads the largest Khalasar at a very young age. So at the very least, amongst the Dothraki he is one of the strongest warriors, if not the strongest. via

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