Where Is Weakened Asula Ring


Where can I farm weakened Asula necklace?

Node Drops

  • You can get Asula's Weakened Magic Necklace as a drop from killing monsters in the following nodes:
  • Abandoned Iron Mine in Mediah. Nodes Mediah Abandoned Iron Mine [2CP]
  • Abandoned Iron Mine Entrance in Mediah. Nodes Mediah Abandoned Iron Mine Entrance [1CP]
  • Taphtar Plain in Valencia.
  • Basilisk Den in Valencia.
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    Where do I exchange weakened Asula?

    Asula Enhancement with Dew of Tranquil Forest

    You can exchange this for an Asula's Weakened Magic accessory via NPC Herbin at the Grána inn. via

    How can I enhance my Asula necklace? (video)

    How do you get Asula's crimson eye necklace?

    It is believed to be made by the believers of the native religion. The sorcerers of Tarif are researching ways to draw more of Asula's energy from it. Can be obtained from all monsters in the Abandoned Iron Mine. Asula's Crimson Eye Necklace is Family Bound. via

    How do I farm Asula set?

    For the most part, farming the set should be straightforward -- just head to Mediah and start grinding at Helms, Elrics, or the Abandoned Iron Mine. As it's all RNG, this might take a while. But most people have reported grinding times somewhere between 3-10 hours for the whole set. via

    What is Asula?

    Asula - Detailed Meaning. Your name, Asula, makes you an active, dynamic, independent person with high ideals and a desire to serve to humanity. You can be charitable and conscientious in assisting those in need, championing causes to create a better life for others. via

    How do you get Capotia earrings?

    New accessories have been added to Black Desert Online KR. The Capotia Ring with 14 Attack Damage and Capotia Earring with 13 Attack Damage; each can be obtained by completing level 61and 62 quests. via

    How do you get a sealed magical power necklace?

    – Description: Bianstimi says he'll give you a rare necklace if you collect some Seals of Promise. Help Bianstimi and get a Necklace of Sealed Magical Power by exchanging it for Tokens of Promise. ※ You can exchange the tokens for a necklace or a higher-level necklace. via

    How do I get Capotia accessories?

    Capotia Accessories do not have the same enhancement chances that other accessories have. A PRI Capotia Ring attempt at 2 failstacks has a 42% success chance. A PRI Ring of Crescent Guardian attempt at 2 failstacks has a 30% success chance. A Pen Capotia Ring is equal to a TET Ring of Crescent Guardian. via

    Where is Helms in BDO?

    The Helms are found in two areas. Helms Post, both on the outside and the inside, and the Mediah Northern Highlands (next to the node manager). via

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