Where Is My Ghost Speak Amulet


How do I get the ghost speak amulet back? (video)

How do you talk to ghosts in Osrs?

A ghostspeak amulet is an item worn in the neck slot that enables the wearer to talk to ghosts. Partial completion of The Restless Ghost is required to obtain the item, as it is given to players by Father Urnhey in order to speak to the ghost haunting the Lumbridge graveyard during the quest. via

How do you get to Port Phasmatys Osrs?

Entry to the town requires two ecto-tokens or the completion of Ghosts Ahoy for free passage. The town is especially notable for the Ectofuntus directly north of its gates, and its furnace, which is among the closest to a bank. via

Where can I find Father Urhney?

Father Urhney is an irritable Saradominist priest who lives as a hermit in the Lumbridge Swamp, in a shack that he built himself. via

Where is Aggie the witch in Draynor Village?

Aggie is a young witch notable for selling potions and dyes. She is located in Draynor Village, in the only house with a cauldron. via

How do you make an amulet of accuracy?

It cannot be produced by players, and can only be obtained from completing the quest or buying one from Wizard Mizgog for 5,000 coins. Current store buy limit is 30. On RuneScape Classic, the amulet of accuracy was a rarer item. via

Where can I get a Catpeak amulet?

A catspeak amulet allows a player to understand the dialogue of cats. It is obtained through Icthlarin's Little Helper. To receive one or more of these amulets, speak to the Sphinx in Sophanem. To do this you must have a cat or kitten following you. via

How do you get a visibility ring?

The ring of visibility is a special ring that can be obtained from Rasolo the merchant, after the player retrieves his gilded cross for him during the quest Desert Treasure. Wearing the ring lets the player see certain mysterious ghosts and items that are normally invisible. via

How do you bless a symbol in Osrs?

It is made by smelting a silver bar in a furnace with a holy mould, awarding the player 50 Crafting experience. Then it can be used with a ball of wool to create an unblessed symbol. This can then be taken to Brother Jered who will bless it, or it can be blessed at level 50 Prayer using a completed Holy book. via

How do you pass Port Phasmatys?

A player using the ectophial to teleport to Port Phasmatys One of the rewards from the Ghosts Ahoy quest is the Ectophial, which is a simple, one-click teleport that teleports players right to the Ectofuntus. This is the quickest and most convenient way to access Port Phasmatys. via

How do you get a druidic pouch?

The druid pouch is an item obtainable during the Nature Spirit quest. After the completion of the quest, an empty Druid pouch spawns inside the grotto containing the altar of nature. Its main use is to make Ghasts visible, that haunt the Mort Myre Swamp. via

How do you pickpocket father Urhney?

Back at Urhney's house, light a fire outside any of his open windows. Talk to Father Urhney and mention the chalice again, followed by the option: "Fire! Fire!". Driving him into a momentary panic, quickly pickpocket him to get a complex key. via

How do you distract the Archmage Sedridor?

Try talking to Sedridor and he will simply ignore you. Play the organ twice, pressing random keys on the lowest keys on keyboard to break the wizards' concentration. You will annoy Sedridor and see a cutscene of Ariane preparing the enchantment. Play the organ once more, and see another of her casting the spell. via

Where can I buy an air talisman?

Air talismans can be obtained as a reward from the Rune Mysteries quest, or as drops from various monsters. The lowest levelled monsters to drop them are level 2 goblins, but they are not a frequent drop. The level 13 Air wizard located south of Falador occasionally drops air talismans. via

How do you dye Goblin mail orange?

Orange dye is made from combining red dye (3 redberries and 5 coins) with yellow dye (2 onions and 5 coins). If you do not already have the yellow and red dyes, take the supplies to Aggie the witch in Draynor village, then mix the yellow and red to create orange. via

How do you mine soft clay Osrs?

It can be created by using a container of water such as a jug of water or bucket of water on clay, by using the Humidify spell, or by mining the clay rock whilst wearing a bracelet of clay. It is used on a potter's wheel to craft various Crafting items. The only place to mine soft clay is the Trahaearn mine. via

Where can I find red berries Osrs?


  • Sold at Wydin's Food Store in Port Sarim.
  • Can be picked from the two redberry bushes near the South-east Varrock mine.
  • Redberries can also be grown with the Farming skill at level 10 in any bush patch.
  • 2 bushes at Land's End next to the Flax spawns.
  • via

    Where can I get amulet of accuracy?

    It cannot be produced by players, and can only be obtained from completing the quest or buying one from Wizard Mizgog for 5,000 coins. Current store buy limit is 30. On RuneScape Classic, the amulet of accuracy was a rarer item. via

    Where can I buy amulet of strength?

    The amulet of strength is an amulet commonly used by warriors because of its large damage bonus. It is created by casting Enchant Level 3 Jewellery on a strung ruby amulet. Davon in Brimhaven buys amulets of strength, although non-Ironman players are better off selling amulets on the Grand Exchange. via

    How do you get amulet of accuracy Osrs?

    The amulet of accuracy is an item obtained from Wizard Mizgog by completing the Imp Catcher quest. This amulet is usually worn by newer players as it is relatively easy to obtain. It gives decent attack bonuses, making it a cheap alternative to stronger amulets such as the amulet of power or glory. via

    Do I need Catspeak amulet Osrs?

    The catspeak amulet is a special amulet that allows the wearer to speak with cats. It is received after the completion of Icthlarin's Little Helper, and is used in several subsequent quests. If players lose the amulet, the Sphinx will give them a replacement amulet only if they have a cat following them. via

    How do you use a Catpeak amulet?

    To use the amulet, right-click on it and select Open. Then click the right whisker to check clockwise from where the arrow is pointing, or the left whisker to check counter-clockwise. Bob will be in the direction that is lit up. Hild requires five Death runes to enchant the Catspeak amulet. via

    How do you get a Hellcat Osrs?

    A hellcat is a special variant of a normal cat that can be accessed after starting the Freeing Evil Dave sub-quest of Recipe for Disaster. During the quest, players must visit Evil Dave in his mother's basement. via

    What Does ring of charos do?

    The ring of charos is an item found after Creature of Fenkenstrain by pickpocketing Dr Fenkenstrain. Wearing it can deceive werewolves such as the inhabitants of Canifis or the guardian outside the Werewolf agility course into thinking the player is also a werewolf. via

    How do you use the ring of charos?

    The ring can be activated into a ring of charos(a) by partially completing the Garden of Tranquillity quest. If lost, it can be recovered by pickpocketing Dr. Fenkenstrain on the top floor of Fenkenstrain's Castle, but, if players have started The Great Brain Robbery, the basement of Harmony Islands windmill. via

    Where is rasolo?

    Rasolo is a wandering merchant found west of the Fishing Guild and south-east of the Baxtorian Falls. He sells items that can be found in various locations around RuneScape, such as dragon daggers which are normally bought in Zanaris. via

    Where do you bless the holy symbol?

    Holy symbols can be made by having an unblessed symbol blessed by Brother Jered in the monastery west of Edgeville, or by blessing it yourself by using a holy book or book of balance on an unblessed symbol at 50 Prayer, requiring a few prayer points. Blessing by Jered requires at least 31 Prayer. via

    How do you bless an unblessed symbol?

    Unblessed symbols are made by using a ball of wool with an unstrung symbol, granting the player 4 Crafting experience. Players with a Prayer level of 31 or higher can have their unblessed symbols blessed by Brother Jered in the Edgeville Monastery, turning them into holy symbols. via

    How do you get holy blessing Osrs?

    The holy blessing can be found as a reward from all levels of Treasure Trails, except beginner. The scroll's examine text reflects the philosophy of Saradomin. The scroll can be equipped in the ammunition slot, and provides a +1 prayer bonus. via

    What ship goes to Port Phasmatys?

    Getting to the charter ships

    The fastest way is to use the Lunar spell Catherby Teleport, which puts you close to the dock for the Catherby ship. Fishing Trawler minigame teleport to Port Khazard. Use an Ectophial to go to the Ectofuntus and enter Port Phasmatys. The docks are somewhat near the Port Phasmatys entrance. via

    How do I get to Pirate Pete?

    Pirate Pete is the cousin of Party, Postie, and Parroty Pete. Players must talk to him to start the Rum Deal quest. He is on a dock near the Ectofuntus. Zogre Flesh Eaters is required to do the quest. via

    How do you get a bucket of slime?

  • 13 per day for the medium diary.
  • 26 per day for the hard diary.
  • 39 per day for the elite diary.
  • via

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