Where Do You Get Cuddlefish In Wizard101


Where can I catch Cuddlefish?

Best place to fish for cuddlefish is in Amber Estate since there is only one other death fish that spawns there. If the area is blocked off just try visiting a new house as there are usually a few of them in housing tours. via

Where can I find a Codfather?

The Codfather is Based out of Freeport Long Island New York off of the Nautical Mile (Woodcleft Ave), on the scenic South Shore of LI, you can fish and also enjoy the Shops, Seafood Restaurants, Gambling Ships, Fishmongers & Boating around the Freeport - Merrick & Point Lookout areas. via

Where do you get sturgeon fish in wizard101?

Re: sturgeon general

Sturgeon general is an epic myth level 2 fish. It can be found in Krokotopia entrance hall in the sphinx in the right pond. It is also at a private fishing retreat which is currently on sale if you don't have it. In Krokotopia it will be the only myth fish if you use reveal. via

What is the fastest way to get fishing XP in wizard101?

Catch new types of fish. Go around all of the different areas that you can think of and try and catch all of the different types. New ones award 1000+ xp while redundant catches give 1% of that. via

Can Cuddlefish run away?

Not at all. It will follow you around if you ask it to. It will play with you. via

How do you release Cuddlefish?

, If the player is standing inside a base piece and plays with the Cuddlefish, the Cuddlefish will go through the wall to perform the play animation and get stuck inside the base. You can get it out using a Moonpool and a Repulsion Cannon. via

What type of fish is catfish in wizard101?

Use winnow fire fish, if you do not have that use reveal fish school, the Catfish are on the side of the pond in WC where the rainbow bridge (not under the bridge, but the big part of the pond on that side) is, probably only 2 or 3 spawn per pond though, so you need to focus on Fire school fish! via

Where can I find silver trumpet vines?

  • Sold By: Crown Shop (1,000 Crowns)
  • Card Packs:
  • Obtainable from Fishing Chests in: Balance House. Death House. Storm House.
  • Gardening Sources: Silver Trumpet Vine. Trumpet Vine. Ultra Trumpet Vine.
  • Granted by Interacting with: Sarcophagus.
  • via

    Where is Sturgeon General?

    The Sturgeon General isn't particularly difficult to spot. He's in the right pond in the Entrance Hall - a myth fish. He'll be the only Myth fish there, so if you see Myth, you know you've got a Sturgeon General. via

    Where is the elephant graveyard in Wizard101?

    Farming is one of the biggest parts of Wizard101 and in many cases it is the only way we can get the gear, jewels, spells & housing items that we want. A very commonly fished area when farming for Code Wands, is the Elephant Graveyard in Zafaria. via

    Where do you get Mote of Transport in Wizard101?

    As Victoria said, they can be dropped from bosses. I got one from Rattlebones(Rank 7) which you can fight him using the Rattlebones master duel which you can get from the regular rattlebones. You can also get the Mote of Transport from the 'chest' days when doing Daily Assignments. via

    How do you say goodbye to Cuddlefish? (video)

    How do you hatch and release a Cuddlefish? (video)

    How do you interact with Cuddlefish?

    Right click on the Cuddle Fish to tell it to follow you on your adventures. Right click again to tell it to stay in one place. Left click to interact with the Cuddle Fish in various ways – It loves snacks! The Cuddle Fish Update also includes upgrades to vehicle Head-Up-Displays (HUDs). via

    Is the Cuddlefish a leviathan?

    The sea emperor's decaying body only brought more sea emperors to the fight. Kenneth knew this would end in disaster, so he gave the cuddlefish leviathan a boost in the battle, since cuddlefish were extremely rare on his home planet. This made the cuddlefish leviathan just as powerful itself as 7 sea emperors. via

    Is the Cuddlefish in Subnautica below zero?

    Subnautica: Below Zero

    Hatch them and Have fun with them. You can find 2 eggs in the Arctic Spires and West Arctic Biome. In Deep Lilypads Cave Biome, Behind the some big flowers there will be a drop off in 500 meters. via

    How much health does the Cuddlefish have?

    How much HP does the Cuddlefish have? Cuddlefish have 10,000 HP. via

    Where is the tree of life in wizard101?

    The Tree of Life is the final area in MooShu, before confronting the Jade Oni in the Emperor's Throne Room. A "Spirit World Portal" must be created in order to confront the Death Oni in this instance. via

    Where can I find dragon eels?

    Dragon Eel

    You can easily catch it in Mooshu's Jade Palace, or you can try the Serpentine Escape for a change of environment (and while you're there catch some other unique fish like the Tezcat Threestar Doodlefish). via

    How do you catch origami fish in wizard101?

    You can catch it easily by either winnow rank 2, winnow storm, then use reveal to see if a fish is there still. Or you can winnow 2 and then do reveal to look for storm. The big pond to the left in Jade Palace is also a good place for them as well as the circle bit Balance Blaine mentioned. via

    How do I get rid of sentinel fish?

    Method One: Banishing

    When you just want to get rid of the sentinel fish in a pond, or whole zone, you may want to try out a spell: Banish Sentinels 1. This will track down and clear out all of the rank 1 sentinels in a given area, leaving you free to fish the other fish out of an area. via

    Where do you get ember parrot fish in wizard101?

    It's a fire, rank 2 fish and you can get it by visiting a Pyramid of the Lost Horizon in housing tours. There are Fresh Lava Smelts there too, but the Ember Parrots are so much easier to find at the Pyramid than they are in Dragonspyre. via

    Where are the roses in Dragonspyre?

    Dragonspyre Academy

    Go through the gate to the Academy. Walk along the sidewalk on the right till you see a young battle dragon straight ahead. To the left of the dragon is a small narrow alley behind a building. Go down the alley and you'll see the rose at the end. via

    What level do you have to be to fish in wizard101?

    Players who are at least level 7 can speak to Lucky Hookline in the Wizard City Commons. He's easy to spot - he's a Pelican with a fishing pole! He will teach you all you need to know about Fishing and give you the quest "A River Runs Through It". If you want to fish, you have to go where the fish are! via

    How do you catch a Todd pole in wizard101?

    The first one you will have to catch is the Todd Pole, a fairly common rank 1 Life fish, found in Northguard. To help locate this fish, I suggest you use the Reveal Fish spell. To catch it, use the Lesser Vitality Lure. The second one will be the Bear Acuda. via

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