Where Can I Find Dahl Prey

One part of Prey's "The Repo Man" mission can either be super easy or frustratingly difficult: finding Dahl's tech officer.If you don't have a marker on your HUD … via

How do you get into Dahl's shuttle prey?

Dahl's shuttle is located on level two of the main hangar. Unfortunately, the way is shut by a retracted bridge - unlocking it requires a visit to one of the terminals found on level three. Level three can be accessed through the inactive gravity shaft located in the western part of the floor. via

How do you knock out Dahl prey?

Dahl himself should be in the room, so make sure you're stealthy enough that he doesn't notice you. When you can, use your Disruptor Stun Gun on Dahl in order to incapacitate him. via

Who is Dahl prey?

Walther Dahl is the recovery team leader on Talos I and appears in Prey (2017). via

What is the best ending in Prey?

3) You Escape With Survivors: This is the best ending of the three. If you managed to save some or all of the survivors aboard Talos I, you can actually make it out alive alongside the survivors. via

Where is the IT supply closet keycard in Prey?

Prey (2017)

If Morgan obtains the quest, Folson can be found as a Mind-Controlled Human in the Life Support Escape Pod Bay. Folson carries the keycard to the IT supply closet and other random loot. This is the only keycard to the closet, and can only be found through this quest. via

Who is December in Prey?

December is a reprogrammed Operator that guides Morgan Yu through the Talos I and appears in Prey (2017). via

Can you save Alex in Prey?

Use voice lock to shut the safe room door

Play the TranScribe you looted from Alex and push the button outside. This will close and lock the door and save Alex. via

Should I incapacitate Dahl?

You just have to incapacitate Dahl without killing him. But you'll have to find him first. He's down in Life Support in the Oxygen Flow Control Room, which is on the right side of the Atmosphere Control Room. (You'll be on the other side of Atmosphere Control during "Missing Engineer" optional objective.) via

How do I stop Dahl without killing him?

If you want to try your hand at not killing Dahl, Igwe suggest knocking him out and removing his Neuromods - and therefore his memories about the mission he on. With killing you out of his mind, you may be able to use him as a pilot to get off the ship, but knocking him out is a task you will have to do alone. via

Is there new game plus in Prey?

Prey's New Game Plus feature offers some interesting possibilities for players. Prey can be quite a challenging sci-fi game on the first playthrough. There's a lot that new players can miss, and some areas might even feel too difficult to get into. via

How does Prey end?

Morgan can choose to escape alone, using Alex's escape pod. Morgan can choose to wait for the timer to end, which will result in Morgan's death. If you choose to have Morgan stay and die, then you have to decide if everyone else aboard will die as well. via

Should you destroy Talos 1?

A Mind Without Limits: This ending involves knocking out — but not killing — all of the typhons in and around Talos 1. It preserves the station, the research and knowledge contained therein and anyone left alive. This is (arguably) the good ending. Talos 1 is destroyed along with the typhons, research and neuromods. via

Should I destroy Talos 1 or Nullwave?

You will be forced to kill January, as his entire purpose was to help you destroy Talos I. Kill January and then activate the Nullwave Transmitter to destroy the Apex Typhon and all other alien life on Talos I. Doing this will get you the Prey ending, A Mind Without Limits. via

Will there be a Prey 2?

Prey 2 is a cancelled first-person shooter video game to be published by Bethesda Softworks and planned as a sequel to the 2006 video game Prey. Bethesda formally cancelled the game in 2014, stating it was not meeting their expectations. via

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