What Should I Bring To The Farmstead Darkest Dungeon


What should I bring to each area in darkest dungeon?

With that in mind, I think that what you should always bring is:

  • Short: 8 food (Two hunger tests), 6 torches, 1 shovel.
  • Medium: 16 food (Two hunger tests + 1 feast), 10 torches, 1 shovel.
  • Long: 24 food (2 feasts + two hunger tests), 16 toches (Two stacks), 2 shovels.
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    What should I bring to the Warrens darkest dungeon?

    Warrens Strategy

  • Antivenom is essential for encounters with carrion eaters and spiders that are abundant here.
  • Medicinal herbs are extremely useful, as they can be used for three curios (Dinner Cart, Makeshift Table, and Moonshine Barrel).
  • Bandages are very useful due to prevalence of Bleed traps and attacks.
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    Do you need shovels in the darkest dungeon?

    Survival in Darkest Dungeon

    If you are low on funds and need to prioritize for survival, skip the provisions that help you with curios -- since you can simply not interact with those curios -- but in general, don't skip bringing at least one shovel, since its not worth the potential damage and stress. via

    How do you get better at darkest dungeon?

  • Be Prepared For Failure.
  • Play Tactfully And Remember To Retreat.
  • Upgrade The Stagecoach First.
  • Always Bring A Healer.
  • Have Backup Heroes Ready At All Times.
  • Be Wary Of Stress.
  • Know When To Cut A Hero Loose.
  • Use The Antiquarian Class To Earn Gold.
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    What does holy water do in darkest dungeon?

    You will receive one Holy Water in your inventory for every Crusader in your party. As for its effect, consuming a Holy Water will increase resistances for the selected character. The character will receive a 33% increase in resistance to bleed, blight, disease and debuff. via

    How many provisions do you need for darkest dungeon?

    What provisions to take to particular dungeons (Cove, Ruins, Weald, Warrens, Darkest)?

  • 12 food (+6 per dungeon length, so 18 for medium and 24 for long)
  • 8 torches (12/16)
  • 1 shovel (2/3)
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    How much food should I take darkest dungeon?

    It is recommended to take at least 8 Food on a short mission, 16 Food on a medium mission, and about 24 Food for a long mission. via

    How do you sell trinkets darkest dungeon?

    You can sell them. Shift+click on them in town at the Wagon. Says so at the top of the screen iirc. You can sell them at any time you have the trinket chest open, which is basically anywhere in town. via

    What does the blood do in darkest dungeon?

    The Blood is an item in The Crimson Court DLC that can be found within dungeons as random loot. It is necessary for characters affected by the Crimson Curse, and can give buffs depending on their Curse stage. It can appear as loot from most battles and curios. via

    Where are the secret rooms in darkest dungeon?

    Accessing secret rooms

    Upon reaching the corridor segment holding the hidden door to the secret room, the room has to be accessed by clicking in the background or pressing the up arrow as would be done to enter a regular door. Once explored, the secret room can be left by clicking on a new destination room. via

    Are there obstacles in the darkest dungeon?

    An Obstacle is an obstruction that can spawn in the hallway of dungeons. It will prevent the party from moving through the corridor and can be removed either by using a shovel or by hand. If no shovel is used, the party will suffer high health and stress damage as well as reduction of the light meter. via

    Who is the darkest dungeon narrator?

    The Narrator, also known as the Ancestor, comments on most events and actions in the game. His experiments led to the estate being in the condition it is in the game. The Narrator is voiced by Wayne June. via

    What should I do first in darkest dungeon? (video)

    What happens if a character dies in darkest dungeon?

    If a character dies, and you retreat from the fight and abandon the quest, the trinkets they were wearing are lost. If a character dies, but you win the fight, you get to pick their trinkets back up again. If the whole party wipes, everyone's trinkets are lost. via

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