What Range Do You Need For Hellux


How much range does a Hellux have?

For Hard mode Gollux you'll want to aim for 8-10k main stat, 70% IED, Boss damage 150%+, and level 20+ main nodes. If you can get above this just worry about mechanics because you should be able to clear it. via

Is Hellux harder than Lotus?

lotus is much harder than hellux by a longshot with the meteors. via

How do you unlock Hellux in MapleStory?

If you kill 3 body parts (abdomen+both shoulders) before the head, it's easy mode. If you kill 2 body parts (both shoulders or 1 + abdomen), it's normal gollux. If you kill any 1 body part, the head will be hard mode. And if you kill none at all and go straight for head, it's hellux. via

How do you beat normal Gollux?

Normal Gollux: Kill 2 body parts, drops pennies with Cracked and Solid equipment. Hard Gollux (or Hardlux): Kill only 1 body part, drops pennies, coins, in addition to Reinforced equipment with the aforementioned drops. via

Does Drop Gear affect Gollux?

Thanks! It affects only bosses that actually drop the items, and not bosses that require you to open a box or anything to get the drops. So that's a no for Gollux. via

How much damage is normal Gollux?

damage range around 120k-130k. Paladin, Illium and Beast Tamer: Has root abyss set (though the later is temporal until next month). All of them has a some of the boss accessory set (face, eye, ring, pocket, some of them have shoulder, pendant, earring, and belt). via

How many lives does chaos Pink Bean have?

Players have individual death counts of 5. After all 5 deaths are used up, the player will stay dead until either (Chaos) Pink Bean is defeated or until all remaining players use up their 5 deaths. Chaos Pink Bean will have a total of 3 bodies. via

Do rings drop from Gollux?

They're not rare, they just don't drop from Gollux. None of the Earrings or Rings drop from Gollux. You can only buy them out of the shop, and people would rather spend the coins on the Superior Earring/Ring or Scrolls instead. via

How many times can you enter Gollux?

How many times we can do Gollux? what is the maximum number of Gollux Coin we can get per day? You can enter 6 times per day (if you save up keys from yesterday). You can only kill the head once per day. via

How much HP does Chaos Zakum have?

You have a total of 5 lives for Chaos Zakum. Total HP: 168,000,00,000 HP! For the most part, the fight is exactly the same as Normal Zakum, except now his attacks deal more damage. Arm Smash Down - Zakum will periodically summon his arms to smash down on you. via

Is Gollux heart affected by drop rate?

Gollux Penny/Gollux coin item still doesnt affect drop rate in reward stage after revamp. via

What is normal Magnus range?

800-900k to solo if you're not so sure. 600-800k with a full party. 1.5m-2m to solo if you're comfortable with the fight. via

What can I do with Gollux pennies?

This coin is used to purchase items from Randolf and Mountain Mumur. via

How do you get gear in Maplestory? (video)

How do you fight vellum? (video)

Can you stun Gollux?

Since Gollux is a giant, it must be defeated by attacking multiple parts. In some areas, Gollux will try to stun the player using its arms. The player must attack all the weak points (left shoulder, right shoulder, and abdomen) for the head to be weakened. via

What level can you solo Chaos Horntail?

What level is chaos horntail? but, it is recommended that you are at least level 150 before you begin especially since Horntail is level 160. via

Can you solo Ursus?

Yes, you just need to be a class with iframes or dark sight (like dual blades), in order to not get instagibbed by a bomb. Also have to stick right behind it or on it, and preferably have a ton of damage to kill him with so it lasts as short as possible. via

What level can you solo Chaos Zakum?

i think you just need to be 170 to hit it, but range wise you need to be capping, or almost capping. via

Is chaos pink bean daily?

Chaos pink bean has as much hp as normal cygnus but gives 4x less mesos and is a daily boss. via

How do you start a pink bean? (video)

How many health bars does chaos Pink Bean have?

The biggest boss who has no life counter is Chaos Pink Bean. He has 14 bodies, and in order to help my friends get drops and cubes, they must strike his 14th body while I maul through his first 13 lives. via

What does Gollux drop now?

What items does Gollux drop? Gollux has also changed when it comes to what can potentially drop after defeating the heart. Easy Gollux drops (Cracked) Ring, Pendant, Belt, and Earrings. Normal Gollux drops (Cracked + Solid), Ring, Pendant, Belt, and Earrings. via

How do you get Meister rings in MapleStory?

The Meister Ring becomes available for crafting once you reach Meister Accessory Craftsman level. This item is one of the best-in-slot items, and can be crafted multiple times. via

How do you reset Absolab gear?

  • Be level 190+
  • Complete the prequests (Black Heaven & Heroes Of Maple)
  • Defeat Lotus and Damien Bosses multiple times.
  • Complete Weekly Quests to help create Absolab Coins.
  • via

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