What Planet Is Lephantis On


Where is Lephantis?

Lephantis can be found in the Magnacidium mission located on Deimos. via

Does Lephantis drop Neurodes?

Lephantis has a chance of dropping Neurodes or Orokin Cells for every head you kill and at the very end of its boss fight, meaning it has four chances of dropping Neurodes. This usually averages out to 1-2 Neurodes per run. via

Where can I find Lephantis nav coordinates in Warframe?

These Coordinate orbs are found in all missions in the Orokin Derelict tilesets, dropping in addition to the regular Nav Coordinates. The Assassination mission itself drops Lephantis Nav Coordinates too, thus giving a chance to recover some of the used Coordinates. via

How do you unlock derelict planets in Warframe?

To access, single-use keys must be acquired, either by trading with other players or crafting from blueprints purchasable from the Market. via

Does Lephantis drop Orokin cells?

Each of its heads are also capable of dropping Neurodes and Orokin Cells in addition to its main body, potentially totaling up to four resource drops. via

How do you beat Lephantis solo?

The best advice is to use a Warframe that you are comfortable with, as long as that Warframe is Hildryn. With her incredible low health pool, and reliance on shields to keep her safe, Lephantis can simply bypass those shields with Toxin damage, killing her quickly. via

Where do Neurodes drop?

All derelict missions have a good chance of dropping neurodes, the assassinate mission of Lephantis is one of them. The boss has multiple heads and each head has a chance of dropping a Neurode, after the fight you might end up having around 3-4 every run. via

Where is the best place to farm Neurodes?

For new players, Earth is the best place to try and farm Neurodes. The Everest node features an Excavation mission that is the first place you will need to grind to try and get Neurodes. via

Where can you find Neurodes on earth?

Playing the assassination node of Lephantis on Deimos is one of the easiest ways to acquire Neurodes (1-2 average every run). Newer players might find it helpful to search missions in Earth for Neuroptic Masses, the resource container for Neurodes. via

Where do you farm nav coordinates in Warframe?

Nav Coordinates are Pickups appearing as spheres with a dark "space" effect inside. They are commonly found inside storage containers and lockers on every level, including the Orokin Void, and are rarely dropped by Eximus, Feral Kubrows, and Drahks. via

What does Mutalist alad v drop?

Mutalist Alad V is the assassination target on Erris. He drops blueprints for the Mesa warframe. In order to gain access to Mutalist Alad V you must first complete the Patient Zero quest and then craft a Mutalist Alad V Assassination Key with the blueprint you get from that quest. via

How do I get alad V nav coordinates?

Mutalist Nav Coordinates can be acquired as Battle Pay rewards from Infestation Outbreak, Hyf (Defense) or Terrorem (Survival) on Deimos and resource caches from hive sabotage. Upon using the key, the squad will be taken to an Infested Ship on Eris where they must face Mutalist Alad V. via

How do I unlock Orokin vaults?

Unlocking the Vault

The Excalibur Prime statue over the Corrupted Artifact Opening an Orokin Vault requires the player have one of four Dragon Keys equipped in one of their Gear slots, and only the player that opened the vault will have their key consumed. via

Where do I farm Orokin cells?

Farm Gabii on Ceres or repeatedly kill General Sargus Ruk on Saturn to farm the most Orokin Cells. You can also buy an Orokin cell blueprint from the market. via

What enemies drop Orokin cells?

All bosses (including the Stalker) have a chance to drop an Orokin Cell after being defeated, though General Sargas Ruk and Lieutenant Lech Kril have a better chance to drop it, the former of which are the respective bosses of the planets. via

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