What Perks Affect Railway Rifle


Is Railway Rifle a heavy weapon fo76?

It's a heavy weapon. While technically a rifle it is not small enough to not be considered a heavy weapon. Railway rifle is not affected by Bear arms, big gun perks or rifleman perks. via

What weapons are affected by the Commando perk?

Affected weapons in Fallout 4

  • 10mm auto pistol.
  • Automatic pipe gun.
  • Submachine gun.
  • Automatic assault rifle.
  • Automatic combat rifle.
  • Automatic combat shotgun.
  • Automatic railway rifle.
  • Automatic laser gun.
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    What perks affect gauss rifle?

    Gauss Rifle's Mods - Best Capacitor, shielded barrel, long scope, suppressor, and a recoil-compensating stock. Perks - full investment in Rifleman, Sneak, Lone Wanderer, 3 ranks in Bloody Mess, as well as Ninja and the Mister Sandman Perks. You'd need Gun Nut and Science at high ranks as well to pull this off. via

    Is the railway rifle any good?

    The railway rifle is most effective in VATS at close to mid ranges, although its range is somewhat increased from its last incarnation and can be greatly increased with modification. However, a scoped railway rifle can still be a devastating sniper weapon for use against unaware enemies because of its massive damage. via

    Can you make the railway rifle automatic?

    The plan unlocks crafting of the automatic piston receiver mod for the railway rifle at a weapons workbench. via

    Is the harpoon gun a heavy weapon?

    The harpoon gun is a heavy weapon and acts as a single shot, high damage tool. Its harpoon ammunition can be customized to inflict different types of damage on the enemies. via

    Does commando affect Gatling Laser?

    This Perk affects any type of automatic weapon, so long as it doesn't fall into the big guns category (Gatling Laser, Minigun, Fat Man, MIRV, Flamer). You will see the damage go up before and after taking the Commando Perk if you analyze an automatic weapon. via

    Does commando affect Tesla rifle?

    Personally use all of the commando perks with my Tesla since it has the automatic mod installed. Doesn't matter if it's energy weapon or ballistic, if it's automatic, it works for the commando mods. via

    How do I get commando pro?

    The Pro version (unlocked by making 20 melee kills with the perk equipped, including the knife, Tactical Knife and the Riot Shield) completely negates damage from high falls, which can be tactically exploited on maps with long drops such as Quarry, Favela, Sub Base, and Underpass. via

    Are Gauss rifles explosive?

    The Gauss rifle fires an explosive projectile that deal explosive area-of-effect damage. via

    Does the Gauss rifle count as a heavy weapon?

    Notes. The Gauss rifle, as the name implies, benefits from the Rifleman perk and not from Heavy Gunner, despite its heavy image. The rifle also has the advantage of low AP cost as a ballistic weapon. via

    Are Gauss rifles good?

    The gauss rifle is easily the best rifle weapon found throughout the game. It can either be fired rapidly by using the trigger as fast as possible or can be charged up to deal more damage. With a base damage count of 110, the gauss rifle is nothing to be taken lightly out in the wasteland. via

    Why is it called a gauss rifle?

    The name "Gauss" is in reference to Carl Friedrich Gauss, who formulated mathematical descriptions of the magnetic effect used by magnetic accelerator cannons. Coilguns generally consist of one or more coils arranged along a barrel, so the path of the accelerating projectile lies along the central axis of the coils. via

    Where can I get a railway rifle?

    First, go at Big John's Salvage at south east of Diamond City. Enter the house and look for a terminal on the first floor: it will provide you some clues about Big John shelter's position (specifically, where you will find the rifle). via

    Can you make railway spikes in Fallout 4?

    A small number of railway spikes can be found in the bunker at Big John's Salvage, where a railway rifle is found. Two batches of 4 spikes can be found in a blue railway car near Bedford Station which also houses a railway rifle. They are present even before the railway rifle spawns at level 20. via

    How do I get the railway rifle in Fallout 4? (video)

    Where is the railway rifle in Fallout 3?

    It was originally called the rail spike gun on concept art. All items are also available in the Adams Air Force Base, on the first floor of the launch platform. It can be found in one of the secured alcoves. The particular alcove is located directly to the southeast as one enters the launch platform. via

    Where is the Tesla Rifle in Fallout 76?


  • Purchase the plan from Brotherhood of Steel Vendor bot Phoenix in Watoga Shopping Plaza.
  • Rarely dropped by deathclaws.
  • Rarely dropped by boss chests.
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    What weapon does the most damage in Fallout 4?

    1 Nuka-Nuke Launcher

    Arguably the most powerful weapon in the game is the Nuka-Nuke Launcher found in Nuka-World. It's essentially a Fat Man that has been modified to hurl modified mini-nukes known as Nuka-Nukes at foes. These Nuka-Nukes deal a whopping 833 damage at a decent range from the enemy. via

    How fast is a harpoon gun?

    Most spearguns, which are at the higher end of low-velocity projectiles, will list muzzle velocities under 200 ft/s (61 m/s) (4). This speargun muzzle velocity is on the order of a 100 mile/h fastball from a baseball pitching ace, which translates to 146.7 ft/s (44.7 m/s). via

    How much damage does a harpoon gun do?

    The Harpoon Gun, which may only appear in blue rarity, does 75 damage, and works sort of as a “get over here!” Scorpion hook where you can drag people toward you if you stick them. It does not work like a grappling hook, as it can't pull you to different locations. via

    Is the Gatling laser good?

    It has a high rate of fire but low accuracy, making it more useful for highly concentrated groups of enemies. The Gatling laser has more damage and accuracy than a tri-barrel minigun, so this is a viable choice should one desire more accuracy and damage per magazine. via

    Is Gatling laser a heavy weapon?

    Characteristics. The Gatling laser is a rapid firing automatic heavy weapon. It uses fusion cores as ammo and it has a clip size of 500. via

    Does nuclear physicist affect Gatling laser?

    Nuclear Physicist works on the Gatling laser, reducing the amount of the core used per shot, making the Gatling laser's magazine smaller than what's required to fully deplete the core, with the remaining charge dependent on the amount of investment made into Nuclear Physicist. via

    What type of weapon is the Tesla rifle?

    The Tesla Rifle is an electrically charged weapon that fires powerful blasts of electricity. Each electric blast can chain between multiple foes, making this weapon ideal for taking down groups of robots. via

    Where can I buy a Tesla rifle plan?

    Weapon plan world spawns in the Ash Heap, Mire and Cranberry Bog. Has a low chance to be awarded from Daily Ops for player characters between level 40 and 49. via

    What ammo does the Tesla Cannon use?

    The Tesla cannon is a shoulder-mounted energy weapon that is powered by electron charge packs. via

    What is the commando in Black Ops?

    The Commando (known as the Carbine in Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified) is an automatic assault rifle featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops and Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified. It was cut from Call of Duty: Black Ops II. via

    What are Deathstreaks?

    Deathstreaks are a feature (similar to perks or killstreaks) in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. The purpose is to give the player a consolation in order to motivate them to get back into the game after dying a certain amount of times without a kill. via

    Is the commando in modern warfare?

    Commando may refer to: Commando (perk) - A third tier perk in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 that increases melee range. via

    Is Gauss rifle an energy weapon?

    Like most other energy weapons in Fallout: New Vegas, this weapon is hard to maintain; Gauss rifles are rare in the Mojave, therefore making it more difficult to repair. via

    What is the best rifle in Fallout 76?

  • 1 Gauss Rifle. Gauss rifles are another type of energy weapon in Fallout 76, and they are even more powerful than plasma rifles.
  • 2 Scoped Plasma Rifle.
  • 3 Scoped Radium Rifle.
  • 4 Lever-Action Rifle.
  • 5 Railway Rifle.
  • 6 Hunting Rifle.
  • 7 Assault Rifle.
  • 8 Scoped Laser Rifle.
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    Who sells Gauss Rifle Mods 76?

    Fallout 76 Gauss Rifle Plan Locations

  • MODUS sells them.
  • Vendors in Brotherhood of Steel and Watoga Shopping Plaza.
  • Random rewards for Events: AWOL Armaments, Census Violence, Cop a Squatter, Distant Thunder, Line in the Sand, Monster Mash, and Surface to Air.
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