What Is The Best Reticle For Mccree


What is the best McCree crosshair?

circle and dot is the best so far, line thickness 1 and the colour is light green. I might stick to the form but nit yet sold on the colour. Usually it's either purple or green but sometimes I lose track of it. via

What is the best overwatch reticle?

[Top 5] Overwatch Best Crosshairs (Used By The Best Players In The World)

  • Sinatraa.
  • ChoiHyoBin.
  • Super.
  • Ryujehong. At number five, we have the Korean support god, Ryujehong, known for his superhuman aim and mastermind plays.
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    What is the best sensitivity for McCree?

    The general consensus is that lower mouse sensitivity is better. I play all my fps games with low sensitivity. For overwatch for all hitscan characters I use 800 dpi and 1.00 ingame sensitivity. via

    What is the best crosshair for Valorant?

    The best Valorant crosshair

  • Colour: Cyan.
  • Outlines: On/1/1.
  • Center dot: Off.
  • Inner lines: 1/8/2/5.
  • Outer lines: 0/0/0/0.
  • Fade/movement/firing error: Off/Off/Off.
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    What is the best crosshair for Reaper?

    With Reaper, I prefer the circle with dot and center gap 45, dot size 4. The circle is smaller than the default one, and I prefer this one because of the same reasons explained above. via

    What is the default crosshair in overwatch?

    Overwatch's default crosshair shape is a circle, but some players might prefer a dot or a circle and crosshairs. It's up to you. You can also change colour, crosshair length, opacity, dot size, dot opacity and more. via

    How do you make crosshair cross? (video)

    How do you get a good crosshair in overwatch? (video)

    What is recoil recovery aim compensation overwatch?

    One of these options is the horrendously named recoil recovery aim compensation. The name suggests that having the option enabled allows you to revert your character's crosshairs to their original position allowing you to quickly re-fire towards any enemies in front of you, and land hits faster. via

    How do I aim better with McCree? (video)

    What is aim assist legacy?

    The Legacy configuration behaves just like the Standard one, except it activates in considerably narrower ranges. This makes it a lot easier to switch to different targets since aim assist will get disable faster once you start moving your crosshair away from your initial target. via

    What's aim technique in overwatch?

    Aim smoothing is sort of like an offshoot of that. It's not exactly aim assist, but it works in tandem with it. Essentially, it is how sensitive the game registers your aiming with a joystick. It is the game literally attempting to “smooth out” the input. via

    How do I improve my aim in VALORANT?

  • Watch your crosshair positioning. Dragonmar.
  • Study the maps and perfect pre-aiming.
  • Fight back against the urge of spraying.
  • Prefer walking and crouching over running while shooting.
  • Consider warming up before hopping into a ranked match.
  • Warm up with a routine.
  • Be patient.
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    Is Dot crosshair good VALORANT?

    A dot crosshair takes up lesser screen-space, which helps in getting the aim right. However, if a player wishes to "spray", dot crosshairs can put them at a disadvantage. Hence, players with better aim or those who prefer one-tap shooting, can get a dot crosshair for themselves. via

    What sensitivity should I use for VALORANT?

    We recommend you use 800 for VALORANT. It's neither too fast nor too slow. When choosing your sensitivity, you should take your role into account. If you prefer to use weapons like the Operator, consider a lower sensitivity. via

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