What Happens If You Kill Cassandra O Malley


How do I get out of Cassandra O Malley?

You get to the place where Cassandra O'Malley is kept. Talk to the woman - she will ask you to let her out. In addition, if you have a sufficiently developed persuasion, you can convince her to make the outlaws stop attacking you. To release Cassandra, you will need to print out the lab security card. via

What happens if you keep Anton cranes research?

If you keep following the waypoint inside you'll run into a marauder named Cassandra, who happens to be locked behind a door and also happens to have the research you need. via

Who is Cassandra O Malley?

Cassandra O'Malley is the leader of an Outlaw crew, leading the Outlaws assault on Roseway's covert lab. via

How do you get into Cassandra's cell?

The only way to get it is to make it exist. Make sure you've talked to both Anton and Cassandra, so that you have the option to help either of them. You'll need to go to the porter's office, which is next to the canteen. The door will be locked, but you should have the key already. via

Can you get Antons research without killing Cassandra?

It is therefore not necessary to kill her immediately. You have to decide what to do, because she owns Anton's Research, which you have to either return to Anton or sell to Gladys on the Groundbreaker. You can also be sure that Cassandra, being free, will lead to more violence and death. via

Can you recruit Cassandra omalley?

Cassandra O'Malley is an NPC in The Outer Worlds. NPCs are not able to be controlled by the player, but interacted with and are often a part of Quests within the game. Some will play a larger role than others, and some can even be recruited as Companions. via

Are flaws good outer worlds?

In some cases, taking the negative effects caused by the flaw appears to be worthwhile for the reward, but it should be noted that the effects of a flaw are permanent and cannot be removed in The Outer Worlds. Perks are earned every two levels, but as you progress further, levelling up takes longer. via

Should I sell secrets to Gladys?

Should you sell the secrets to Gladys or give them to Crane? If you take the corporate secrets to Gladys, you get about 7,500 bits for your trouble. However, if you return them to Crane, Vaughn, and Orson, you get that same amount along with unique weapons and armor. via

What scent should I pick for Parvati?

You will be able to choose the smell to be rose-ish, mock-apple and synthamon or refurbished ship. Picking rose-ish will cause Junlei to sneeze during the date while picking refurbished ship will have Junlei asking Parvati if she got new parts in. After obtaining the products, talk to Parvati to hand them over. via

Should I save Cassandra outer worlds?

When you find Cassandra, you can talk to her and discover she is the person who led the raid on the secret lab. She is not very apologetic about killing people there, but she also doesn't pose a direct threat to you, so there is no need to kill her straight away. via

How do you deal with Raptidons?

Head toward the machinery, and then interact with it to place the Sedative Gas Canisters. After you've done this, head to the lower portion of the room and interact with the terminal mentioned earlier. Select the ventilate gas option, and then you'll have successfully put all of the Raptidons to sleep peacefully. via

How do you complete passage to anywhere?

Gather 10,000 bits. Complete the Side Quest The Distress Signal (unlocked by asking ADA to decode the signal from Gladys) and other related side quests in the Roseway. Continue along Halcyon's Questline until you reach Signal Point in Space. via

Where is Antons safe?

Find Anton's Safe

Head to the Covert Lab southeast of Roseway Outpost at the end of the paved road. Enter the main entrance and head through a door on either side behind the reception desk. Talk to Porter then exit the room through the door on the left side and take a right to head down a long hallway. via

Where is Porter's office keycard?

Right beside the canteen, and Anton's office with the blown-up safe, there will be a locked door. Hack it, and inside you will find the Porter's Office. The terminal in there will print the keycard for you. via

How do I recover my Anton's data?

You've been asked to recover research data from the safe in Anton Crane's office. Anton's research data was taken from his safe, likely by outlaws. Search the lab and get it back for them. There's a terminal in Chief Porter's office that can print a security keycard to unlock the doors trapping some of the outlaws. via

Should I give the schematics to Orson?

Whether you extort Orson or not, if you at any point do hand the schematics over you'll allow Orson to quickly finish this little project of his, for which you'll gain 1,875 Bits, some Auntie Cleo reputation, and the rather unimpressive Ultimatum weapon. via

Should I give Vaughn his research?

Once you have the data you'll have to decide who to give it to: Vaughn, Anton or Gladys. If you have only one sample, you can only give it to one, and if you do give it to Gladys, you will Botch the quest. Either Vaughn or Anton will complete it, still giving you XP. via

Should you register Sam outer worlds?

Registering your SAM Unit in The Outer Worlds

Say yes and it will come to life and start patrolling and cleaning the ship. As a companion in The Outer Worlds, SAM will provide you with a +20 Damage to automechanical enemies, and a +10 bonus to Intimidate. via

Where can I buy sedative gas canister outer worlds?

Sedative Gas Canister Location/Acquisition

  • Can be found at Covert Lab inside a small office on the bottom right of the map.
  • You should pick up Sedative Gas Canister inside a small office on the bottom right of the map if you want to keep the Raptidons alive.
  • via

    Where is Gladys outer world?

    If you don't know where Gladys is, head into the Groundbreaker Promenade and then head through the door into the Rest-n-Go. Her office is located through the door directly on your left when you enter this area. You'll find Gladys within the Rest-n-Go at the Groundbreaker. via

    How many companions are in the outer world?

    The Outer Worlds companions: locations and how to get them in your party. Your Outer Worlds companions are not just the string to your bow, but also a friend to make evil corporate space feel a little less lonely. You can have up to two companions in The Outer Worlds, but which two, or one, or none will make the cut? via

    Can you remove flaws in outer worlds?

    Well, unfortunately I have some bad news, as once a Flaw has been accepted, it is now permanently applied to your character and can not be removed. The only way to remove a Flaw from your character is by completely restarting the game. via

    What is the point of flaws in outer worlds?

    Flaws in The Outer Worlds are permanent negative effects that the player can acquire throughout the course of the game. These negative effects usually provide a perk point/s in exchange for accepting a flaw, however, players are given the option to accept or reject it. via

    What happens if you turn in Phineas Welles?

    You'll head to Byzantium, the capital of Halcyon, and start working for and with the corporations. Turning him in sets you off on a path siding with the mega-corporations and maintaining the status quo, rather than fighting the system or improving lives. via

    Should I hire Felix in outer worlds?

    Found at the Groundbreaker, it's no secret that Felix has had quite the rough life and makes his anti-establishment stance very clear from the get go. If you are after a combat companion that excels in the Stealth area, definitely consider bringing Felix with you on the field. via

    Do I have to pay Gladys?

    Return to Gladys on the Groundbreaker

    Once you're done in Roseway, return to Gladys on Groundbreaker. Hand over any secrets you haven't given back, and she'll pay you for them. Between the three secrets and their associated side quests, you should have enough money to pay Gladys. via

    Can you romance Ellie in outer worlds?

    You cannot romance any companions in The Outer Worlds. Be it Parvati, Ellie, Vicar Max or Felix, there are no romance options for any companions in the game. via

    Can you romance Parvati in outer worlds?

    Most of this is tied to Parvati Holcomb. She's the first companion you can recruit in The Outer Worlds. She's also the one with the most romance in her life, if you choose to complete her Companion Quest. This requires you to speak to Parvati at the right time (she'll let you know when). via

    Do you lose Parvati outer worlds?

    Moderate Ending - If you don't complete the Parvati Quest But do the good ending. Parvati will never leave the ship and become best friends with Ada. She will never fully come out of her shell. via

    What are science weapons the outer worlds?

    Science weapons are basically anything a mad scientist would create — like shrink rays, anti-gravity guns, or mind control rays. They don't deal a ton of damage on their own, but their damage will scale with the wielder's tech > science skill. They all require energy cell ammo. via

    How do you open the door in outer worlds?

    As soon as you enter customs from the landing pad, turn left and you'll see two security officers on the other side of the glass. Both of them can give you access to the restricted area, which will allow you to go in freely, but also unlock the door that's been haunting your dreams. via

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