What Drops Seaspit


How do you get to Mechagon?

Before you unlock the starting quest that takes you to Mechagon, you must complete the Achievement “The Heart Forge”. To complete that achievement, you must do the starting area in Nazjatar, until you open a portal to Dazar´alor/Boralus. When completed, you will see magni pop up in that area. via

Where is Seaspit?

Seaspit is a deep sea murloc located at Western Spray on Mechagon Island. via

How do I get to Rustfeather?

Rustfeather rare is located on the mountain south of The Outflow Mechagon. Rare is on the top of the mountain, near the flying birds area. via

How do you get rusty Mechanocrawler?

The Rusty Mechanocrawler is a rare mechano-tank mount drop from the Arachnoid Harvester on Mechagon Island. It can only be looted once per day. via

How do I get back to Nazjatar without portal?

If you left Nazjatar prior to unlocking the portal between the continents, please open the map for Dazar'alor (Horde) or Boralus (Alliance). There is a large gold arrow icon indicating where to go to get back. via

How do you get to Mechagon fast?

You must travel to Tiragarde Sound and enter the vault to Mechagon. Then, there's a short quest which needs to be done in order to travel to the new zone for the first time. Flight Master's Whistle can be used to quickly reach the flight master in this location. via

How do you summon gear checker Cogstar?

Gear Checker Cogstar rare is located in The Heaps Mechagon. Kill mobs in Junkwatt Depot/ the Heaps and you will see rare messages in the chat. Killing enough mobs should spawn the rare at the location around the Heaps. via

How do you spawn OOX in Avengers?

  • check if Oglethorpe Obnoticus is in mechagon /way 72,8, 37,8.
  • find and kill OOX-Fleetfoot/MG (I recommend you create a group). It will run around the island seemingly at random and its route changes constantly.
  • go to /way 57,77, 39,89.
  • kill OOX-Avenger/MG.
  • via

    How long do Mechagon Rares take to Respawn?

    Mechagon has several Rare Elites spread in the present timeline and in the alternate future timeline (via Chromie). Some respawn within 10-20 minutes. via

    Can you only loot Rustfeather once a day?

    So, you can only try once a day. The Junkyard Drifter is the mount that looks like a big spinning cog and you ride inside of it…. via

    How do you spawn soundless?

    Soundless can spawn in multiple parts of Coral Forest area. which grows in the area and increases your jump height. In most cases you'll also need a glider. Has a chance to drop Silent Glider mount. via

    How do I get the Mechacycle Model W?

  • The Mechagonian Threat. Complete the Mechagon Storyline.
  • Outside Influences. Complete all quests from the visitors in Mechagon.
  • Junkyard Scavenger.
  • Available in Eight Colors.
  • Rest in Pistons.
  • Junkyard Collector.
  • Junkyard Machinist.
  • Junkyard Melomaniac.
  • via

    What are the rarest mounts in wow?

  • 1 Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal.
  • 2 Ashes of Al'ar.
  • 3 Deathcharger's Reins.
  • 4 Solar Spirehawk.
  • 5 Son Of Galleon.
  • 6 Silent Glider.
  • 7 Thundering Cobalt Cloud Serpent.
  • 8 Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent.
  • via

    How rare is rusty Mechanocrawler?

    The Rusty Mechanocrawler mount has a chance of dropping from the rare Arachnoid Harvester which can be found on the island of Mechagon. The mount is on roughly a 0.5% drop rate. via

    How can I get Rajani Warserpent?

    To obtain the Rajani Warserpent, you need to exchange a Pristine Cloud Serpent Scale with Zhang Ku, the Rajani Quartermaster located by the Silent Sanctuary. Turns out the rare cloud serpent Rei Lun has a chance to drop the scale! Rei Lun is an elite rare that can be located deep within the Guo-Lai Halls. via

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