What Does The Japanese Man At The Battle Resort Say

109,951 views. In ORAS, there is a man near the battle resort who says something in Japanese. I however, am American, and haven't the slightest clue what he's saying. There is also some of the Japanese text that is in blue, so I think something is special in what he is saying. omega-ruby-alpha-sapphire. ingame. via

What do you do at the Battle resort in Omega Ruby?

The Battle Resort is a location that you gain access to after the completion of the Delta Episode. Using the SS Ticket, you board the SS Tidal and travel across to this island in the southern part of the region where the strongest trainers come to be. You even see Team Aqua, Team Magma and Wally on this island. via

How do you fight Wally in the battle Resort?

For you to enable rebattles against Wally, you'll need to earn a 50-win streak in any of the Super Battle types in the Battle Maison. As you leave the Maison thereafter, you'll meet with Wally and can then speak with him to battle him. via

How many battles are in the battle Resort?

There are five different types of battles you can participate in: Single Battles, Double Battles, Triple Battles, Rotation Battles, and Multi-Battles. Select three Pokemon in Single, four in Double, six in Triple, four in Rotation, and two in Multi-Battles. via

Is the battle frontier in Omega Ruby?

Pokémon world locations

The Battle Resort (Japanese: バトルリゾート Battle Resort) is a location in Hoenn. It only appears in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. It is the counterpart to Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire's Battle Tower and Pokémon Emerald's Battle Frontier, and is their predecessor. via

What is the old man saying in the battle Resort?

1 Answer. >"I can tell by the look of you you're no ordinary trainer. I'd recommend training up some more, and challenging the Pokemon World Championship." via

What is Gardevoir hidden ability?

Trace. Telepathy (hidden ability) via

Is Wally sick?

Wally is a young boy that is stricken with an unknown illness (possibly acute bronchitis, or asthma, based on his symptoms). As the series goes on, Wally slowly becomes healthier and his lungs become stronger, though he still needs to use his respirator suit. via

What happens if Wally catches a shiny Ralts?

It will carry the same nature, the same IVs and the same hidden values, Since these hidden values are what determine the shininess of a Pokemon, yes if Wally caught a Pokemon that was shiny (Ralts) then it will stay shiny throughout the game. via

Does Wally have a Gardevoir?

Gardevoir is Wally's starter Pokémon, which he caught himself as a Ralts. via

What is Sceptile hidden ability?

Abilities. 1. Overgrow. Unburden (hidden ability) via

How do you beat the battle Maison? (video)

Where is the battle Resort in Omega?

The Battle Resort is a small island in southeastern Hoenn. The first time you can access this area is after the Delta Episode. via

Why was Battle Frontier not in Oras?

According to him, "Put simply, the Battle Frontier wasn't included because only a tiny number of players would have appreciated and used this game feature. Players get fed up more easily than they did in the past and aren't attracted by these 'demanding' challenges." via

What legendary Pokemon can you use in Battle Frontier?

Actually not all legendaries are banned for the Battle Frontier in Emerald. Only Mewtwo, Mew, Ho-oh, Lugia, Celebi, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Jirachi and Deoxys-Speed are banned, meaning some legendaries like the legendary birds are permitted. via

What happens when you beat the Battle Frontier?

Upon winning through a set amount of battles in any given facility, Battle Points will be awarded, usually in small amounts that gradually grow with each consecutive streak. Defeating the Frontier Brain of a given facility for the first time awards the silver Symbol of that facility, as well as 10BP. via

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