What Does Rdm Mean Ttt


What does Kos mean in TTT?

6y. Might want to mention that KOS stands for "Kill on Sight" and RDM stands for "Random Deathmatch" via

What does RDM mean in Garry's Mod?

Random Deathmatch (abbreviated to "RDM") is a term used to denote when a player randomly kills other players without valid reasons or when someone is upset that they died, even for a legitimate reason. This was never an official term but was fan made. via

What is TTT mode?

Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT) is a gamemode for Garry's Mod. The game is about a group of terrorists who have Traitors among them, out to kill every other 'Innocent' terrorist. At the start of the round, one in four players is randomly selected to be a Traitor, unknown to other players who aren't Traitors themselves. via

What does Kos stand for GMOD?

KOS. Kill On Sight. RDA., RA. via

What is RDM?

VDM and RDM are popular abbreviations in GTA RP that every player should know. VDM specifically stands for Vehicle Death Match, whilst RDM stands for Random Death Match. These two are not the only abbreviations to learn, but they're two of the most common situations novice roleplayers find themselves in. via

What does Kos mean in gaming?

Kill on Sight (gaming) via

What is RDM give example?

Random DeathMatch (also referring to RDM) means that someone randomly kills you. A good example of this is that Mr Limbo randomly shoot you in the face with his Desert Eagle or an another kind of gun. via

What is RDM gta5?

RDM: RDM stands for Random Death Match. This is also similar to VDM, but instead, it involves random players. RDM occurs when either you kill someone, or someone else kills you without any valid reason or roleplaying events leading up to it. EMS: EMS stands for Emergency Medical Service. via

What does Failrp mean?

Fail RP means for people who can't role play properly with other people or characters. They are usually new players to RP and are in the learning process. Mostly on LG it's failing to stay in your character. via

What are all the roles in TTT?

Players playing TTT are divided up into three different groups. The groups are Innocent, Detective, and Traitor. All groups can kill other players. Detectives and Traitors can buy equipment from an equipment menu accessed by hitting the (for default) "C" key. via

What is glitch in TTT?

Glitch - Looks like a Traitor to other Traitors. Cannot see who the Traitors are. Phantom - Haunts their killer on Death. If that person dies, the Phantom comes back to life. via

What is the jester in TTT?

Jester (Goal: Get killed by another player)

Takes no environmental damage (e.g. fire, fall, explosion...) via

What does Nitrp mean?

: containing or being the monovalent group NO2 united through nitrogen. nitro. noun. plural nitros. via

What does OOC mean in GMOD?

OOC is an acronym that stand for out of character. It is often used in role-playing when a person wants to break character or in fanfiction when a writer is expressing concern that a character was not himself in a certain scene or instance of dialogue. via

What does AOS mean in RP?

AOS - Arrest on Sight. This is used in roleplaying games that have police and/or prisoners. via

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