What Do I Do With The 7th Legion Service Medal

What do I do with 7th Legion service medals? 7th Legion Service Medals are medals awarded for upon completion of world quests, Assault quests, and battles in warfronts. They are redeemable with Provisioner Stoutforge for various items. Where is the 7th Legion quartermaster? via

How do you get the 7th Legion Service Medal? (video)

How do you farm the 7th Legion Service Medal in Shadowlands?

  • Do World Quests in Warfront zones when your faction controls it.
  • Complete Faction Assaults.
  • Do Warfronts.
  • Open 7th Legion/Honorbound Paragon Caches.
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    What is the 7th Legion wow?

    The 7th Legion is a new faction in Battle For Azeroth that is associated with the Alliance War Campaign on Zandalar. In order to progress through the Alliance war campaign, players must obtain various amounts of reputation in order to advance through the war campaign story line. via

    Can you still get 7th Legion service medals?

    As of shadowlands prepatch you no longer get 20 service medals for paragon cache 7th legion, or 5 for doing an assault. via

    Will Warfronts be in Shadowlands?

    World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will let you play Horrific Visions, Island Expeditions, and Warfronts. Horrific Visions, Island Expeditions, and Warfronts will all still be playable even after the Shadowlands release date occurs. via

    Where can I spend Honorbound service medals?

    The vendor that sells the items this currency is used for is Provisioner Stoutforge for the Alliance and Provisioner Mukra for the Horde. Both are found right near the Warfront hubs in the main cities. via

    How long does it take to get priestess Moonsaber?

    Leads to about 7-8 weeks for a mount. via

    How do you get horde service medals?

  • 1 Service Medal per World Quest in Darkshore or Arathi Highlands.
  • 5 Service Medals at the end of a Faction Assault/Incursion.
  • 15 Service Medals on the first Darkshore Warfront scenario win of the cycle, as a reward for Warfront: The Battle for Darkshore/Warfront: The Battle for Darkshore.
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    Do Warfronts give 7th Legion rep?

    New to Battle For Azeroth is a feature called Warfronts. Warfronts are extremely profitable for players because contributing to a warfront awards 75 reputation with the 7th Legion and 500 Azerite Power every time you contribute! via

    What is the fastest way to grind 7th Legion rep?

  • Complete the questline up to Jaina doing her boat thing.
  • Get your 2500 azerite Island Expedition weekly done.
  • Buy a 7th Legion contract from the AH.
  • Do every daily including the Warfront dailies if the Alliance has them.
  • Invasions when they're up.
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    How do I get the 7th Legion armor?

    The 7th Legionnaire set is the easiest. You can get it from the Arathi Warfront, possible reward from Emissary Chests and World Quests. Also the rares in Arathi drop the pieces. via

    Where is Jaelaana?

    Comment by Boxofbeer. Vindicator Jaelaana is 7th Legion emissary an can be found in Boralus Harbor. She stands on the top of stairs that head to Aliance ship, where mission table is. via

    Where is the champions of Azeroth quartermaster?

    The Champions of Azeroth's Quartermaster and Rewards

    Magni Bronzebeard is the quartermaster of the Champions of Azeroth. He is located in Silithus (42,44) and sells two pets, one piece of gear per armor class, a tabard, and the contract that enables bonus Champions of Azeroth reputation for every world quest completed. via

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