Should I Help Branka Or Caridin


Should I support Harrowmont or Bhelen?

Personality wise he is a better person than Bhelen by far, and much kinder. Bhelen is more of a reformer and deviates from tradition, as he will give the casteless more rights and privilege in exchange for service in fighting the darkspawn, something Harrowmont would never do, and making the nobles angry with him. via

How do you defeat Caridin in Dragon Age? (video)

Do I need to take Oghren into the Deep Roads?

You don't need Oghren until you get to The Anvil, otherwise he's completely optional. Shale is an interesting choice for the story background, but as a rule of thumb, ALWAYS keep a healer around. via

Did Bhelen kill his father?

Although he leaves it ambiguous as to whether he killed their father, Bhelen defends his actions by saying that even their father inherited the throne after his elder brother died in an Honor Proving against a convicted murderer, and claims that their father coated the murderer's blade with poison to ensure his via

Does Harrowmont execute Bhelen?

Dragon Age: Origins

Harrowmont is one of the two candidates for the throne of Orzammar, the other being Prince Bhelen. The Warden must choose to support one of these candidates during A Paragon of Her Kind. If the Warden joins forces with Bhelen, when he ascends to the throne, he will order Harrowmont executed. via

How do you get Oghren?

Oghren will only become a member of the party when the Warden is sent into the Deep Roads by Bhelen or Harrowmont to find Branka and secure her support for their ascension to the throne. He can leave Orzammar and the Deep Roads at this point, but he will not talk until A Paragon of Her Kind has been completed. via

Who is Landry?

Ser Landry is a knight who served with Teyrn Loghain's forces at the Battle of Ostagar and believes the Grey Wardens were responsible for the death of King Cailan. He is particularly fond of chivalry and embraces chivalric traditions such as honor, duty to his lord, and dueling. via

Where is Paragon Branka?

Entering the Deep Roads. Anvil of the Void is the next sub-quest. As though clearing out the Carta wasn't enough, the Warden must then complete a third task: to go into the Deep Roads and find the Paragon Branka. via

How do you recruit shale?

To find Shale, you need to install "The Stone Prisoner" DLC. Presuming you have already done that, you need to head to the map point called "Sulcher's Pass". There, you will encounter a travelling merchant, Felix de Grossbois. via

Do you need Oghren to find Branka?

He is not necessary until the last part where you meet Branka. However, there are a lot of conversation parts at each Caridin's Cross and the Ortan Thaig that if he is not there you will miss out on. via

What are the deep roads in Dragon Age Inquisition?

The Deep Roads are a grand network of enormous underground tunnels that once belonged to the dwarven empire, spanning the length and breadth of Thedas. via

Where are the dwarves in Dragon Age Origins?

An underground metropolis, the thaig is located deep beneath the Frostback Mountains and was once the capital of the dwarven empire. According to legend, the thaig's name derives from one of the seven brothers who founded the dwarven empire and his descendants formed the Mining caste. via

Did Bhelen kill endrin?

Bhelen didn't kill your father. It's pretty obvious from dialogue in both the Dwarf Commoner and Dwarf Noble that Endrin died of a broken heart essentially. via

Did Bhelen kill his brother?

I played my noble as a really nice guy, so Bhelen killed his oldest brother, then he framed his other brother and his second and manipulates their trial to ensure that they are condemned like he needs it. Namely his brother being made Darkspawn fodder and the second being made casteless and exiled. via

Can Dwarf Noble become king?

Unfortunately no, if you are a Dwarf Noble, you cannot become King. via

Is Varel a GREY warden?

Background. Varel has spent his life defending Amaranthine. When the Grey Wardens took over Amaranthine, they reinstated Varel as seneschal. He is privy to many secrets of the order, despite not being a Grey Warden himself. via

Where do I find Lord Helmi?

Lord Helmi is found in Tapster's Tavern in the Orzammar Commons, drinking away his time. It is fairly easy to convince him to vote for Bhelen, although asking him about his political views can shed some light on the different candidates. via

Where is Prince Bhelen?

Head to the Royal Palace, he should be there. via

Can you make Oghren leave?

Yes, even Morrigan can leave the party permanently. An image from the Bye Oghren mod. via

Is Sten in da2?

Sten is a warrior of the Beresaad, the vanguard of the Qunari people. He is not a typical Qunari as he was born without horns. As with all Qunari appellations, "Sten" is not a name but a rank. He is a potential companion to the Warden and can only be recruited in Lothering. via

Can Mhairi survive the joining?

Despite her enthusiasm for the Wardens, Mhairi does not survive the Joining ritual. via

How do I unlock Ortan Thaig?

IIRC, you have to physically get your party through the south exit (middle of the screen, all the way down) in Caridin's Cross in order to get to Ortan Thaig. via

What happened Branka?

In 9:28 Dragon, two years before the beginning of the Fifth Blight, Branka took her entire House except Oghren into the Deep Roads in the hopes of finding the Anvil of the Void. She has not been heard from since, and is presumed dead by most of the citizens of Orzammar. via

How do you beat Anvil of the Void?

The only way to damage the heads is by using one of the four Spirit Anvils that surround the Apparatus. Each Spirit Anvil is guarded by a spirit summoned by the Apparatus. When a spirit is defeated, its Anvil becomes active. Clicking on that Anvil causes it to then deal 500 damage to the head facing it. via

Where can I meet Shale?

Shale is a stone golem and potential companion in Dragon Age: Origins. It can be recruited from the town of Honnleath through The Stone Prisoner DLC. via

Is there a way to save Amalia?

Refusing to negotiate with the demon will cause her to immediately possess Amalia and fight you. You can compromise and agree to free Kitty without letting her take Amalia, or you can pretend to help Kitty but lie convincingly for a chance to save Amalia. via

How do I get Oghren to talk about Felsi?

Acquisition. Oghren will automatically talk to the Warden about Felsi, if his approval rating is above 30. Agreeing to help him find her will begin the quest. Alternatively, speak to Felsi in the Spoiled Princess after finishing A Paragon of Her Kind (not recommended if you want them to end up together). via

How do you save both the keep and Amaranthine? (video)

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