Is Jayce Good Lol

So Jayce is one of my favourite champions in League! I wanted to check him out in high rating play to see if it seems worth it to play him right now. Sadly t via

Is Jayce easy play?

Jayce is a pretty hard champ to play. His postioning is very important because of how squishy he is and you need to learn when to switch stances or good enemies will punish you. Once you learn his kit, he isn't THAT hard. via

Why is Jayce so good?

Jayce has a lot of utility thanks to his basic abilities. This allows him to help his team out alot and helps them disengage or engage from fights with ease. He is mechanically a very difficult champion. If you're behind, you're going to deal no damage in team fights and your poke/all-in will not be very good. via

Is Jayce a good mid?

As for good… early-mid game, yes. Late game, garbage. Jayce gets outranged too hard by other ADC late game, simple as that. via

Can Jayce carry low ELO?

In low elo it's way easier to play Mid once you know how to all in them at certain powerspikes and how to snowball your lead. That being said it's still hard playing Jayce, but if you like him, you should play him mid in low elo. I played him from silver to low plat but it takes a LONG time to be good at him. via

Is Jayce strong right now?

Jayce has been reformed in this season. No longer is he considered a super strong lane bully who annihilates you the moment you step up. His core strength now lies in his mid game spike, once he obtains Eclipse and Muramana. via

Is Jayce good s11?

Jayce Build 11.17 ranks as an E-Tier pick for the Top Lane role in Season 11. This champion currently has a Win Rate of 49.25% (Bad), Pick Rate of 0.89% , and a Ban Rate of 0.36% (Low). via

Is Jayce difficult to play?

Jayce is a pretty hard champ to play. His postioning is very important because of how squishy he is and you need to learn when to switch stances or good enemies will punish you. via

How do you combo with Jayce? (video)

How do you play Jayce top? (video)

Is Jayce better mid or top?

In terms of laning, Jayce is not quite as dominate mid lane as he is top lane. Unfortunately, mid is home to some of the most dominate lane bullies around so certain matchups can prove difficult. via

Who beats Jayce?

Jayce Counter Pick

The strongest counter would be Wukong, a easy to play champion who currently has a Win Rate of 51.93% (Good) and Play Rate of 2.2% (High). League of Legends most often picked champions vs Jayce, this is often heavily influenced by champion popularity. via

Does Jayce counter Camille?

Camille vs Jayce Matchup Summary

This particular counter matchup is relatively uncommon. Camille has to counter Jayce in only 5.5% of her matches. Camille does a good job of countering Jayce. via

Is Sejuani good in low Elo?

Sejuani is busted in low ELO. She's practically free wins. If your team is even or ahead (or even a little bit behind), any teamfight can be won with a well placed ult, and the only way low ELO knows how to fight is grouped. Anything is a good pick in low elo if you're good at it. via

Is Nidalee a good Jungler?

Nidalee is a snowbally carry jungler with extremely fast clears and great ganks. She has decent early burst, being able to bully a lot of weak junglers early on, and also has the ability to jump on enemies from long range due to her Javelin Toss. via

Is Nidalee a difficult champ?


Why she sucks in solo queue: Once again, this is a champion that is very difficult to operate and pilot for regular players. Just clearing jungle camps with Nidalee can be difficult for lower-elo players and you really need to know your spots when you choose to jump in after landing a spear. via

Who is Nasus counter?

The counter to Nasus is the existence of the jungle position. If you camp Nasus, he will lose. He has no escape tools, extremely limited 1v2 ability in the early game, and a jungler in his lane is going to prevent him from stacking his Q. via

How do I beat Jayce with Nasus?

Best Nasus Runes to Counter Jayce

To have the best chance of annihilating Jayce as Nasus, you should equip the Fleet Footwork, Triumph, Legend: Tenacity, Last Stand, Second Wind, and Overgrowth runes. Of all the rune sets players used for Nasus vs Jayce battles, this order of runes yielded the greatest win rate. via

Can you play Jayce bot lane?

Not very. Jayce isn't meta in either top lane or mid lane, so it's common sense that he wouldn't be strong either in a role that he does not excel at. If you know how to play the champ, you will probably do well. via

How do you win with Jayce? (video)

How do you play Jayce top season 11? (video)

Is Jayce a good one trick?

Jayce and Gnar are definitely good champs to be a one trick pony with. A good Jayce can dominate the laning phase then just whittle down the enemy team a la pre-rework Nidalee, or jump in and just dunk. Very good carry potential. via

What should I buy for Aatrox?

Aatrox Item Build

  • Goredrinker.
  • Plated Steelcaps.
  • Death's Dance.
  • Sterak's Gage.
  • via

    Does Mordekaiser counter Jayce?

    Mordekaiser does a good job of beating Jayce. Typically, he wins a whopping 53.0% of matches the champions clash against each other in. via

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