Is It Better To Ascend Or Transcend In Clicker Heroes


Should I ascend in clicker heroes?

Should I ascend? Yes, you definitely should! Just wait until you are ready. When you ascend you will earn Hero Souls that will make everything go much faster and you'll be able to buy new things like Ancients and get more Gilded Heroes! via

What happens when you transcend in clicker heroes?

What is Transcendence? Consider transcendence as a super ascension. In a similar way that ascending clears your heroes and gold to grant you a bonus for your next run (hero souls), transcendence will clear your ancients to grant you a larger bonus on your next "set" of ascensions. via

What hero do you need to ascend in clicker heroes?

Ascension is done by purchasing the ASCENSION upgrade from Amenhotep, unlocked at hero level 150. Once unlocked, a special button will appear on the right side of the screen in case the player doesn't want to ascend right away (which is usually the case). via

Who is the strongest hero in clicker heroes?

Betty Clicker, Amenhotep and King Midas are the most powerful of those few heroes still worth hiring once you have moved onto the rangers. Depends in what stage you are at in the game. via

When should you ascend?

Plant seeds in your Garden in specific patterns to potentially unlock new seeds. Use your sugar lumps to upgrade your buildings, prioritizing more advanced buildings. Ascend for the first time when you have at least 300 cursors and you will gain at least 1,324 prestige levels. via

Is Morgulis worth clicker heroes?

It's worth banking extra souls for bonus damage if you want to push your damage a bit each in ascension through Morgulis. It becomes more valuable the more you transcend. via

How do you get transcendent powers?

Transcendence becomes available after defeating Woodchip, the Rodent (boss of zone 300). You can choose to respec when you transcend: simply tick the "Respec on Transcension" when you transcend. Unlike Hero Souls, all Ancient Souls are earned back when respeccing. via

What do primal hero souls do?

They have the same amount of hp as a regular boss of the same level. The word "Primal" is used in the sense that they only appear as the first boss on that floor and award a hero soul for the kill and do not appear on that floor again after that. via

How many ascensions were there before Transcension?

Ancient souls (AS) are the key to get deeper in the game. Your only goal is to grab as many AS as you can. The First Ascension after New Transcension (FANT) will be frustrating since you will not have your ancients / HS to speed up. Therefore - KEEP AT LEAST 50 RUBIES BEFORE TRANSCENDING. via

How do you level up fast in clicker heroes? (video)

What is the max level for heroes in clicker heroes?

up to 10,000 levels. via

Is there an ending to clicker heroes?

Nope, this doesn't happen. The big number library they wrote has constant time operations, so it doesn't lag as the game progresses. However, it does lose accuracy, so there's a point where the accuracy loss is too great to effectively continue. via

Why is Dread Knight so expensive clicker heroes?

Why is the Dread Knight so expensive? The Dread Knight costs 10000U which is so much more than Frostleaf which is only around 2000S. Also, It is impossible to progress past zone 140 without any thing higher. via

Who does the most damage in clicker heroes?

So if you can only get Treebeast to 1000, then Treebeast is the best. Once you can get Ivan to 1000, Ivan is the best, and so on. The multipliers also stop after 4100. So once Samurai gets that high, his DPS basically stops increasing, and Frostleaf becomes the best. via

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