How Many Precursor Orbs Are In Jak And Daxter

In Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Precursor Orbs are incredibly common compared to the Haven Universe's number. There are 2,000 of them exactly, and they can be found in various areas throughout the world. They are used to purchase Power Cellsfrom people throughout the many locations that Jakand Daxtertravel to. via

Where are all the precursor orbs in Jak and Daxter?


  • Geyser Rock.
  • Sandover Village.
  • Sentinel Beach.
  • Forbidden Jungle.
  • Misty Island.
  • Fire Canyon.
  • Rock Village.
  • Precursor Basin.
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    How many precursor orbs are there in Jak 2?

    This page lists the locations of all 286 Precursor orbs in Jak II. via

    How big is a precursor orb?

    The orb stands 10″ tall by 5″ wide and 6″ deep. It's a proper relic that's worthy of catching before the limited edition of 1,000 pieces disappears. via

    How do I find a missing Precursor Orb? (video)

    What happens when you collect all precursor orbs?

    There are only 169 orbs collectible in the mission areas. Once all 600 (in total) are found, Jak will sport a new outfit with a green scarf and a blue kilt. A message will appear on the screen reading: "Congratulations, you found all the Precursor orbs! Enjoy Jak's stylish new duds." via

    How do you open the Yellow Eco vent in Spider Cave?

    Towards the end, you will find the yellow vent switch. Grab the power cell to automatically activate it and unlock yellow eco vents throughout the world. via

    How do you become Dark Jak in Jak 2?

    Dark Jak is Jak's dark alter-ego, able to be activated after collecting enough dark eco (at which point a small Dark Jak visage will show in the bottom-left corner). During this form, Jak is unable to use zoomers, the JET-Board, or his guns. via

    What is hero mode in Jak 2?

    Hero Mode is a mode in gameplay featured in Jak II, Jak 3, Jak X: Combat Racing, and The Lost Frontier. After finishing the game, the player is allowed to replay the game with all or most previous acquisitions and the level of difficulty is increased. via

    Where is the precursor orb in The Last of Us 2?

    You'll find the Precursor Orb, or Strange Artefact, in the Hostile Territory chapter. This is of course a reference to Jak & Daxter, and represents one of the main collectibles from the popular PlayStation exclusive platforming series. via

    Is Daxter precursor?

    For the 2006 PlayStation Portable game, see Daxter (game). He also serves as the primary character in the self-titled spin-off game, Daxter. He is a former human, and was transformed into a Precursor ottsel upon falling into a dark eco silo in The Precursor Legacy. via

    How many power cells does it take to beat Jak and Daxter?

    Jak first needs twenty power cells for the heat shield, then forty-five for the levitation machine and lastly seventy-two for the heat shield's upgrade. However, to unlock the secret ending, Jak needs to collect one hundred power cells. There are a total of 101 power cells in the game, leaving a one power cell margin. via

    How do I get to the lost precursor city?

    f you head to the Precursor structure next to the coast and near the Blue Sage's hut, you'll find the Lost Precursor City. Just swim over the corral reef or use the wooden bridge next to the house in the center of Rock Village to take you to it. via

    How do you get the precursor orbs in Spider Cave? (video)

    How do you get to boggy swamp?

    You can get to Boggy Swamp by taking the wooden bridges that are to the left of the Gambler and Warrior when you first walk into the room that they're in. You can only use these bridges after you've given the Warrior 90 Precursor Orbs, though. via

    Are there missable trophies in Jak 2?

    Essentially, you are simply finishing the game to earn all story-related trophies (the majority of the trophy list) and collecting Metal Head Skull Gems and Precursor Orbs. See the special note in Step 1 and the trophy description below for extra details, as this trophy is missable on the Vita. via

    Where is the Lurker infested cave?

    To get to the Lurker Infested Cave, you can head down to the Lurker Fort and take the path to the left (from facing the Fort from the outside). Head down the path and cross the two icy bridges at the end of the path to the left. via

    Where is the last dark eco crystals in spider cave?

    The last of the Dark Crystals can be found in the Dark Cave. At the fourth crystal that you can hit to light up the room you can head to the left to find a body of water. Dive down to the bottom to touch and set off the last of the Dark Crystals and you will be awarded a Power Cell. via

    Where is the blue vent switch in Jak and Daxter?

    You will have to jump on top of a few moving platforms to cross bottomless pits and avoid any vines. After three gaps, you will find the vent switch. Take the power cell and by doing so automatically activate the switch. From this point on, any and all locked blue eco vents are now free-flowing. via

    How do you get the secret ending in Jak and Daxter?

    After collecting all 100 power cells and unlocking the "secret ending", Samos, Jak, Daxter, and Keira turn toward a large Precursor door which is opened using the cells. Behind it is a large, blinding light which is later revealed in the second game to be the Rift Rider and Rift Gate. via

    Is Jak and Daxter finished?

    Jak and Daxter are still making their rounds – even after fifteen years on the market; whether it being the remastered versions through the PS Store or even collectors editions. There's still a great deal of love for the franchise even today. via

    How does Jak 3 end?

    At the end of Jak 3, Jak reaches the Precursor core and helps activate the Planetary Defense System. Cyber Errol just escapes the defense system's beam (which destroys the Dark Maker ship) and manages to take off with a terraformer. via

    Does Jak 2 have cheats?

    Jak II Cheats For PlayStation Vita

    Directions are entered using the directional pad. The left analog stick should be held still while L3 is held down. These codes work on all final versions of all releases of this game. Those codes requiring a second controller will not work on Vita. via

    What happened to Keira in Jak 3?

    Jak 3. Keira did not have much of a prominent role in Jak 3. She sent Jak on a few missions, as well as made a new, upgraded version of the JET-Board for him. Jak's love interest shortly became Ashelin Praxis, the two sharing an off-screen kiss towards the end of the game. via

    Can you aim in Jak 2?

    Apparently people always complain about the lack of aiming and strafing. If you played and pay enough attention to the first game you will know why the guns are the way they are. Jak isn't a shooter. Yes he has guns but there still eco powers manipulated within the gun. via

    Can you replay missions in Jak 2?

    no, you can go back to them. i just 124%ed jak 2 with no glitches and all 286 orbs, had to back track to every area to find the 20 some orbs i was missing (minus the metal head nest, i knew about them being missable so i made sure i had them all). via

    How do you beat destroy ship at drill platform?

    Aim for their center mass and fire only a couple of shots each time to avoid overheating. Also, try to shoot at guards that are about to fire at you, as it stops them instantly no matter where you fire at them. As soon as you get in the turret, you'll be attacked by a couple of hover guards. via

    Where is the secret artifact Last of Us 2?

    Go inside the Ruby Dragon early on in the Hostile Territory chapter. You'll find it a little further down the street from the Jasmine Bakery. Head upstairs and crawl under the blockade in order to enter a room with Clickers inside it. via

    What is the strange relic Last of Us 2?

    The Strange Artefact not only acts as a The Last of Us 2 collectible, it's also an Easter Egg. It's a Precursor orb, previously seen in Naughty Dog's Jax and Daxter series, where the item served as both a collectible and a type of currency. via

    What is the relic of the sages?

    The Strange Relic (AKA Strange Artifact) is a collectible in The Last of Us 2. This artifact is an Easter Egg referring to the Precursor Orbs in Naughty Dog's Jax and Daxter series. Finding this artifact will unlock the “Relic of the Sages” Trophy. via

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