How Long Does Sae Palace Take

Sae’s palace is very straightforward. Use your keycard on the door to the right and return to the long hallway. Turn left up the stairs. Take the door in front of you and go up some more via

When should you do Niijima's Palace?

You can start freely infiltrating this Palace starting 10/30. However, you cannot send the calling card until 11/18 due to major story factors. Make sure you are fully ready to go before then. via

Do you get free time after SAE Palace?

There's free time. If I remember right. You have until 12/17 and then 12/22 is the last day for anything. via

Should I wait to send SAE calling card?

Sending the calling card

Instead of sending the card immediately, Akechi will advise that you wait until the last possible second. Spend your free time however you choose and meet back up on November 18th. via

Why does SAE Nijima have a palace?

The Palace appears as a casino that is heavily rigged by complex rigging mechanisms in favor of the house, symbolizing Sae's desire to rig every case into her favor. It is guarded by Shadows resembling security guards holding champagne bottles and bunny girl waitresses. via

Can you date SAE Niijima?

Furthermore, unlike other female Confidants, the protagonist cannot romance Sae. (Although in Royal, she will always buy him a chocolate during Valentine's Day, as her Confidant is always maxed by then.) via

How many endings are there in persona 5 Royal?

The game has six endings of sorts - three bad, one good, and the true ending. If you want to see all of them we'd recommend waiting until after you've seen the true ending as the others contain some spoilers - just keep some game saves at appropriate points so you can revisit them once the game is over. via

What day does p5r end?

Achieve Confidant Rank 8 With Akechi by November 24

To see the true ending of Persona 5 Royal, you need to increase your standing with Goro Akechi to rank eight by the time of November 24. With Maruki, this is relatively simple. via

How many months does Persona 5 Royal have?

Here, we're gonna be guiding you through all ten playable months of the game, making sure you'll make it to the true ending with all confidant ranks and social stats maxed out— not to mention popping that shiny platinum on your first run of the game. Going month by month, this guide will include: Month overview. via

Is Persona 5 Royal out?

Persona 5 Royal will be released March 31 on PlayStation 4. via

How old is SAE persona5?

Appearance. Although Sae is 24 years old, she has the appearance of a woman much older. via

Can you get chests after calling card?

Yes. It's actually beneficial to go through the dungeon backwards a bit after sending the CC since all the breakable treasures respawn. So more money and in the second dungeon onwards, more chances to get the rare spawns. via

What happens if you send the calling card early Persona 5?

Keep in mind that when you send the card, that will end your day. You will go home and go to sleep, and then you'll immediately go out to the palace the next day. Once you send the card, there's no opportunity for you to go to your part-time job, spend time with confidants, or do any additional training. via

What age do you have to be to listen in on a trial?

Nov 8th: Do you know what age you have to be in order to listen in on a trial? Zero. via

How do you beat Orlov?

Defeating Orlov is rather difficult, as it has no weakness and takes very little damage. However, it will go down if you hit it with a critical strike. Once you meet the Tower Confidant, you will gain special ability that guarantees critical strikes. Use this special gun move to get a guaranteed take-down on Orlov. via

What was SAE treasure?

List of Treasures. Sae Niijima is the only Palace ruler who does not have her Treasure revealed, as it was deliberately never stolen so her Palace and Shadow could be used to outmaneuver Goro Akechi. However, it is theorized by Makoto to be their late father's police journal. via

Who is Joker's Canon girlfriend?

Persona 5 Royal: Joker x Kasumi Is Basically Canon - And Here's The Proof. A close look at Kasumi's personas show that she might be Joker's canon love interest in Persona 5 Royal. Persona 5 Royal saw the introduction of a brand new character and Phantom Thief - Kasumi Yoshizawa. via

Who is the best girl to date in Persona 5?

Persona 5 Royal: The Best (& Worst) Romances

  • 4 (Best) Ann.
  • 5 (Worst) Kawakami.
  • 6 (Best) Makoto.
  • 7 (Worst) Chihaya.
  • 8 (Best) Haru.
  • 9 (Best) Kasumi.
  • 10 (Worst) Ohya. Ohya is an unremarkable, drunk, and bad journalist.
  • 11 (Best) Futaba. Futaba is an unusual character in the fact that she actually asks you to steal her heart.
  • via

    Is Morgana male or female?

    Morgana is a cat in the game but also a character in his own right, part of the group, he dislikes being thought of as merely being a cat. In addition, despite the name Morgana he is actually male. via

    What is the bad ending in Persona 5?

    There's the 'bad' ending, where you fail to stop Maruki by his imposed deadline, effectively failing his Palace. Then there's an ending where you voluntarily submit to Maruki's reality, and finally there's the one 'true' ending to the game. via

    Will there be a Persona 6?

    Right now, there's no confirmed release date for Persona 6, but the game has been teased by its developer Atlus. September 2021 marks the 25th anniversary of the Persona series and to celebrate, Atlus is announcing seven projects surrounding the series starting that month, according to Polygon. via

    Who is the big bad boss in Persona 5 Royal?

    Takuto Maruki is a major non-playable character in Persona 5 Royal. via

    Do I refuse Igor?

    It turns out, Igor is not actually Igor at all, and is instead Yaldabaoth, the God of Control. Toward the end of this reveal, he will offer you a choice. You can choose to rebel or to give up. via

    Is akechi alive at the end of p5r?

    In the "real" world, Joker went to prison and everyone assumed Akechi had died in Shido's palace. However, according to this cut scene, Akechi escaped death and instead checked into a rehab facility on Christmas Eve. via

    How do you get the true ending?

  • Reach Councillor Arcana (Doctor Maruki) Rank 9 before 18th November.
  • Reach Faith Arcana (Kasumi Yoshizawa) Rank 5 before 18th December.
  • Reach Justice Arcana (Goro Akechi) Rank 8 before 24th November.
  • Refuse all offers presented by the big bad boss.
  • via

    What happens if you romance everyone in Persona 5?

    Romance in Persona 5 is easy to achieve. Choosing to date multiple girls at once will actually net you a bonus scene at the end of Persona 5. On Valentine's Day, your girlfriend (or girlfriends) will invite you to spend time with them. Hanging out with one of them will net you a special SP chocolate. via

    How many hours is persona 5 strikers?

    If you're just playing the main story, Persona 5 Strikers will take a solid 37 or so hours to beat. Those that decide to do all the side missions and extra content will get a good 50+ hours from the overall Strikers experience. via

    How many hours does P5R add?

    Persona 5 Royal adds more than 20 hours of new gameplay

    Each Palace contains three Will Seeds, finding all of them will unlock a special accessory. A big chunk of the additional gameplay comes from the “Third Semester,” a new section featuring fresh narrative elements, an additional Palace, and more explorable content. via

    Is Persona 5 better than Royal?

    The characters may not be as good, but the story is better in Persona 5 Royal. Technically Persona 5 Strikers has a longer and more original story as a full game, but the arc of the Palaces is just better than that of the Jails. via

    Can you play as a girl in Persona 5 Royal?

    Atlus Explains Why Persona 5 Doesn't Allow You To Play As A Female Character. If you have played Persona 5, you'll know you can only play as a Japanese boy who you cannot change the appearance of. He then says it made more sense in this game to have a male character only due to the way things happen in the story. via

    Can you date guys in Persona 5 Royal?

    Persona 5 Royal and Persona 5 probably have the most in-depth romance system that the series has seen. If you enter a relationship with someone, you'll be able to take them on dates and you'll unlock multiple special scenes that play out at set points during the story. via

    Who is best girl in persona?

    So, without further ado, here are the top 10 waifus of the whole Persona series.

  • 8 Sadayo Kawakami (Persona 5)
  • 7 Ann Takamaki (Persona 5)
  • 6 Aigis (Persona 3)
  • 5 Chie Satonaka (Persona 4)
  • 4 Futaba Sakura (Persona 5)
  • 3 Mitsuru Kirijo (Persona 3)
  • 2 Makoto Niijima (Persona 5)
  • 1 Naoto Shirogane (Persona 4)
  • via

    How do you pronounce SAE Niijima? (video)

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