How Do You Mine Portia


How do you dig a Portia?

The player can mine by using any Pickaxe on the rocky ground or walls of the ruin. The higher quality the pickaxe, the more materials are excavated with each swing. via

How do I get copper Portia?

Copper Ore is a metal ore found in Portia. It can be found in abundance in Abandoned Ruins #1, alongside Tin Ore, and it can also be found occasionally from Rocks near the player character's home. via

How do I mine my time in Portia?

How Mining Works in My Time at Portia. You can start mining by using your pickaxe as soon as you find patches of rock with a certain colorization, such as brown, that differs from the main colorization of the mine. However, to get the most out of mining, you may want to use your scanner first by pressing the F button. via

Where do I get old parts in my Portia?

Obtaining. Old Parts can be found in any Abandoned Ruins on their own by using Relic Detector or inside Parts Boxes. Old Parts can also be obtained by breaking wooden crates in the Sewage Plant ruins in the Collapsed Wasteland. They are also uncommonly dropped by Masked Fiend found there. via

Where is total tools Portia?

Total Tools is the store located in the Central Plaza under the Total Tools sign. It is owned by Mars, who shares a storefront with the Clothing Store owned by his wife, Carol. His store is stocked with materials and equipment. via

How do I make my Portia copper pipe my time?

To craft copper pipe, you require copper ore that you will get from abandoned ruins or by breaking rocks. Using the copper ore, craft copper bar in the stone furnace. Once you have collected 3x copper bar, use them in the Grinder to make the copper pipe. via

Where is iron in my time at Portia?

Iron Ore is a metal ore found in Portia. It can be found in abundance in Abandoned Ruins #2 and Desert Abandoned Ruins. It is required when crafting Carbon Steel Bar, Gear, Iron Bar, Manganese Steel Bar, Pulley, Steel Ball, Steel Cable, and Steel Plate. via

Where can I sell my stuff at Portia?

To sell items to shops, the items to be sold must be in the player's inventory. Upon interacting with the shop, the player can select those items in their inventory menu (listed to the right of the shop inventory), then select Sell to sell the items. via

Where is springs in my time Portia?


  • Spring can be obtained by quarrying in Abandoned Ruins #2.
  • Spring is uncommonly dropped by Masked Fiends and Sentidogs in Hazardous Ruins.
  • Merlin will occasionally send the player Springs in the mail once they become buddies with her.
  • via

    How do you power a Portia factory? (video)

    What does the Portia recycling machine do?

    Recycle Machine is a crafting station used for breaking items into crafting materials. via

    How do I get my Portia relic detector my time?

    Once you have completed the Desert Bridge, you can upgrade it at the Abandoned Ruins Elevator. This upgrade will show you the shape of relics, and allow you to tag up to three of them at once. The Relic Detector can be upgraded a second time for 5000 gold. via

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