How Do You Get Back To Kanto From Johto In Pokemon Silver

How do you get back to Kanto from Johto in Pokemon Silver? In the original Gold/Silver/Crystal, you are unable to fly between Kanto and Johto. This is only possible in the remakes. The only way to get between Kanto and Johto in the originals is through either the magnet train or the S.S. Anne. via

Can you go back to Kanto in silver?

Gold and Silver offer the player the chance to return to the Kanto region where the Generation I games are set. This is available once Johto's Gyms are conquered and the Elite Four is defeated. via

How do you get to the Kanto region in Pokemon Silver?

Head to Prof Elm's lab and he'll give you an S.S. Ticket so that you can board a ship to Kanto. Head to Olivine City's Port (It's directly south of the PokeMart) and choose to board the ship. An old man will run into you and explain that his granddaughter is missing, so it's your job to find her. via

Why can't I fly from Johto to Kanto?

You can't fly because it is illegal to do so because you are bypassing customs. As for the train, you go through customs before boarding. via

How do you get to Kanto from Johto in Pokemon Crystal?

2 Answers. In every of Gold/Silver/Crystal/HeartGold/SoulSilver you need to beat Elite 4 first, then obtain ticket (from prof. Elm) on SS Aqua from Olivine City to Vermilion City. via

What Pokémon is gold?

The Gold version exclusively has the Mankey, Growlithe, Spinarak, and Teddiursa evolutionary lines, in addition to Gligar and Mantine. Silver, on the other hand, has the Meowth, Vuplix, Ledyba, and Phanphy evolutionary lines and the single-stage Pokemon Skarmory and Delibird. via

What generation is gold silver?

The second generation (Generation II) of the Pokémon franchise features 100 fictional species of creatures introduced to the core video game series in the 1999 Game Boy Color games Pokémon Gold and Silver, set in the Johto region. via

Where is the Elite 4 in soul silver?

The Elite Four in HeartGold & SoulSilver are positioned within the Indigo Plateau in Kanto. via

Does Soul Silver have Kanto?

HeartGold and SoulSilver take place in the Johto and Kanto region of the franchise's fictional universe, which features special creatures called Pokémon. via

Can I go back to Johto from Kanto?

1 Answer. In the original Gold/Silver/Crystal, you are unable to fly between Kanto and Johto. This is only possible in the remakes. The only way to get between Kanto and Johto in the originals is through either the magnet train or the S.S. via

When can you fly in Johto?

In Johto, you will be rewarded Fly after defeating Chuck at the Cianwood Gym. via

Where do you get fly on Pokemon Silver?

HM02 Fly. This is received from Chuck's wife in Cianwood City after defeating Chuck. via

Are Kanto and Johto connected?

As Johto has no autonomous Pokémon League, Kanto shares a League with the region, which borders between Johto and Kanto. Because of this, the two regions share a connection with each other, and unlike any other region, they are able to be traversed to with relative ease. via

What is the difference between Kanto and Johto?

Kanto has Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, who are known as the Legendary Birds, while Johto has Entei, Raikou, and Suicune, who make up the Legendary Beasts. Aside from being based on different creatures, the big difference between the trios is how they are located and caught. via

Is Ho Oh or Lugia better?

Lugia is more of a defensive juggernaut. Ho-Oh has more of an attacking prowess when comparing the two. In terms of popularity, both are pretty even, with high profile appearances across games, the anime series, and the movies. In terms of battling, however, Lugia may be the better option. via

Can you get Mewtwo in Pokemon Gold?

Despite the creature's popularity, Mewtwo didn't make a full appearance in Pokémon Silver or Gold. While trainers can't capture the legendary Pokémon, they can still harness a bit of its power for themselves. via

How many Pokemon can be caught in gold?

There are two main goals within the games: following through the main storyline and defeating the Elite Four and Pokémon Master Lance to become the new Champion, and completing the Pokédex by capturing, evolving, and trading to obtain all 251 creatures. via

Is Silver Giovanni's son?

Biography. As revealed in the FireRed & LeafGreen Chapter, Silver is the son of Team Rocket's boss, Giovanni. As a young child, Silver was kidnapped by Masked Man for his special skills in battle and to serve under him. via

Is Kanto smaller in Gen 2?

A returning Kanto, circa Gen. II. Kanto in Red & Blue was large, and Johto in Gold & Silver – which were on very similar hardware – was almost as large. via

What Pokemon did Gen 2 add?

Generation 2 introduced the PokeGear (in-game cellphone, radio), new Pokeballs, an in-game clock, baby Pokemon, new moves and types, and a brand new region called Johto. These games were also much longer – you not only explored Johto, but also went back to the original region, Kanto. via

Why does Lance have 3 Dragonites?

It's simple. He did it through the power of technology. Using a diabolical machine developed by PC storage system creator Bill, he split his beloved lv62 Dragonite into three lesser Dragonites. He did this to solidify his reign of power after being shamed by two young boys from Pallet Town. via

Does johto have an elite four?

The Johto League (Japanese: ジョウトリーグ Johto League) is the regional Pokémon League of the Johto region. It consists of a network of eight Gyms and the Elite Four. Less commonly, it is known as the Silver League, usually when referring to the anime. via

Can you rematch the Elite Four?

2 Answers. You can rematch them at the the Pokemon league whose levels are the same. Levels for elite four are 55 without a writ, 60 with a writ of challenge, 65 with a Red writ challenge, and 75 with a black writ challenge. via

Who are the elite four in Pokemon Silver?

Gold/Silver Gym leaders& Elite Four

  • Falkner (Violet City)
  • Bugsy (Azalea Town)
  • Whitney (Goldenrod City)
  • Morty (Ecruteak City)
  • Chuck (Cianwood City)
  • Jasmine (Olivine City)
  • Pryce (Mahogany Town)
  • Clair (Blackthorn City)
  • via

    How many badges does Ash have in total?

    Widely regarded as the best season of Pokemon, the initial Indigo adventures star Ash Ketchum, a young Trainer who travels the Kanto region in search of new Pokemon and Gym Badges. Aided by friends Brock and Misty, Ash manages to accumulate all eight Badges and enter the Pokemon League. via

    What level is Jasmine?

    Jasmine comes to battle with two level thirty Magnetites and a lone level thirty-five Steelix. These guys are far, far stronger than the Pokemon you faced back at Chuck's gym in Cianwood City, so you're going to need to be prepared. via

    What is the difference between silver and SoulSilver?

    SoulSilver is no exception, featuring both a female and male character, each designed to match more modern aesthetics. SoulSilver also features confirmation dialogs in contrast to Silver, which means that the player does not need to restart the game to fix any mistakes. via

    Which is Better Heart Gold or Soul Silver?

    HeartGold is better for those who prefer an easier game. SoulSilver is said to be a more challenging game, and that seems to be the consensus in the forums. Those who liked SoulSilver better, in our research, tended to lean towards Lugia, and those who liked Ho-Oh lean towards HeartGold. via

    How do you get Charmander in SoulSilver?

    In Heart Gold & Soul Silver, these Pokémon are obtained by visiting Steven Stone in Silph Co. in Saffron City after you have defeated Red. He will compliment you, ask you what colour stone you'd pick and then provide you one of these Pokémon based on the colour. As with all starters, they will be at Level 5. via

    How do I fix the magnet train in Pokemon Crystal?

    Go to Vermilion City after talking to her and go to the fan club. Talk to the president, and he'll give you the doll. Then, give the doll to Copycat and she'll give you a Magnet Train pass. via

    How do I go back to Johto Soulsilver?

    User Info: Garrafan. Yeah go back from right before Victory Road and go down then left and eventually u hit New Bark Town. If you don't want to do that find the days for the SS Anne to go back to Olivine. via

    Where is the rail pass in Pokemon Gold?

    It's in vermillion city in the pokefans house. Once you have it then go and talk to copycat again and she will give you the ticket. via

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