How Do You Get A Phoenix Feather

Phoenix feathers can be grabbed from the desert phoenix north east of the River Elid, by the clay mines. One feather at a time can be plucked from the bird's tail, but the player may fail, in which case the phoenix stuns the player and does a small amount of damage. Players do not kill the bird when plucking feathers. via

Where do I get phoenix feathers?

Phoenix feathers can be grabbed from the desert phoenix along the north-western bank of the River Elid, in the gorge north of the bridge. via

How rare is a phoenix feather core?

8 They Are Extremely Rare

While the other two Supreme Cores are very common (and the most common named core material in the series), Phoenix Feathers are described in this universe as extremely rare. via

What does it mean to have phoenix feather?

Phoenix feathers are capable of the greatest range of magic, though they may take longer than either unicorn or dragon cores to reveal this. They show the most initiative, sometimes acting of their own accord, a quality that many witches and wizards dislike. via

Who else has a phoenix feather core?

The only phoenix known to have donated his feathers to make a wand was Fawkes, Albus Dumbledore's magical bird. He only gave two feathers, one to Harry Potter's wand, and one to Tom Riddle's wand. via

Is it Fawkes feather in Harry's wand?

Harry Potter's wand was 11" long, made of holly, and possessed a phoenix feather core. This was described by Garrick Ollivander to be an unusual combination of wand core and wood. The feather was donated by Fawkes, Albus Dumbledore's phoenix. via

Is phoenix feather core powerful?

Phoenix feathers were feathers shed by phoenixes, primarily gathered and used in wandmaking. Phoenix feather was one of the three supreme core types. It was one of the rarest cores, with the greatest power range and whose allegiance is hard won. via

What is the rarest wand on Pottermore?

The rarest wand wood of all, and reputed to be deeply unlucky, the elder wand is trickier to master than any other. It contains powerful magic, but scorns to remain with any owner who is not the superior of his or her company; it takes a remarkable wizard to keep the elder wand for any length of time. via

What is the strongest wand core?

Dragon Heartstring

This core is the most flamboyant of the three, and often produces the strongest and most powerful wands. via

What is the most common wand core?

Ten most common core and wood combinations

  • Unicorn core and sycamore wood – most common.
  • Unicorn core and laurel wood.
  • Dragon core and sycamore wood.
  • Phoenix core and sycamore wood.
  • Unicorn core and alder wood.
  • Unicorn core and vine wood.
  • Phoenix core and laurel wood.
  • Dragon core and laurel wood.
  • via

    What is the most powerful wand wood?

    1 Wood: Elder

    The power of this wood is such that the Elder wand is literally named after it. Only the greatest of wizards are able to wield this wand at full strength, and even then it would immediately shift allegiance to any opponent who displays a greater magical prowess compared with its owner. via

    What is in Hermione's wand?

    Length. Hermione Granger's wand was 10¾" long, made of vine wood, and possessed a dragon heartstring core. The wand was manufactured by Garrick Ollivander sometime before Hermione's education at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. via

    What wand does Draco Malfoy have?

    Draco Malfoy via

    Who has the coolest wand in Harry Potter?

  • 1 The Elder Wand. The Elder Wand is the coolest wand in all of Harry Potter for many reasons.
  • 2 Lord Voldemort.
  • 3 Horace Slughorn.
  • 4 Bellatrix Lestrange.
  • 5 Sirius Black.
  • 6 Fleur Delacour.
  • 7 Fenrir Greyback.
  • 8 Hermione Granger.
  • via

    How does Fawkes the phoenix save Harry?

    In 1993, he brought the Sorting Hat to Harry in the Chamber of Secrets, and defended him from Salazar Slytherin's Basilisk by pecking out its eyes. When a fang pierced Harry's arm and poisoned him with its venom, Fawkes used his tears to heal the wound, saving Harry's life. via

    Is Fawkes a horcrux?

    Though it might have not been Albus' fault, he felt responsible for it, and in order to get rid of that guilt, he literally separated that part of his soul from his body. In the end, Harry Potter fans will believe whatever they want, but Fawkes was definitely not Dumbledore's horcrux. via

    Why did Fawkes not get petrified?

    So, the reason Fawkes doesn't die during the fight between Harry and Tom Riddle in the Chamber of Secrets is because it simply cannot be killed. Phoenixes are magical creatures. In fact, Fawkes' tears healed Harry when he was pierced by the venomous fangs of the basilisk. via

    Can a wand have two cores?

    In some cases, wands may have two cores, called a "dual core", though usually the second core is drastically less powerful than the first core. The use of a second core is often to make up for what the first core lacks. Some cores cannot be blended or paired with another. via

    What is the core of the Elder Wand?

    Stranger still, the Elder Wand's core substance is Thestral hair. There are no Ollivander notes to go by – it wasn't a material he chose to work with – but we do know that Thestrals have a strong connection with death, plus the magical properties of invisibility, flight and an uncanny ability to find their destination. via

    What is the rarest Patronus?

    The albatross is the rarest Patronus on our list; the one belonging to the lowest number of Wizarding World fans. via

    What's the rarest wand?

    Elder was the rarest wand wood of all and reputed to be deeply unlucky, and elder wands were trickier to master than any other. They contained powerful magic, but scorned to remain with an owner who was not the superior of their company; it took a remarkable wizard to keep an elder wand for any length of time. via

    What is the strongest wand in Prodigy?

    It is one of the most powerful wands in the game, because it has a 20 damage bonus. There is also a wand, the Sunburst Wand, that has a similar name to this wand. It has the same spell and damage bonus as the Magmischief Fire Rod. You do not need to know about fire magic to hold this wand and you CANNOT feel the heat. via

    What wand do most Slytherins have?

    Slytherins, meanwhile, are most commonly paired with dragon heartstring wands, which is also unsurprising. Dragon heartstring wands are the most powerful wands, and the most easily turned to the dark arts (though never of their own accord). via

    What is the most powerful spell in Harry Potter?

    Here are the 15 Most Powerful Spells from Harry Potter.

  • 8 Sectumsempra.
  • 7 Apparition.
  • 6 Expelliarmus.
  • 5 Obliviate.
  • 4 Cruciatus Curse.
  • 3 Imperius Curse.
  • 2 Avada Kedavra.
  • 1 Expecto Patronum.
  • via

    Can a wizard use two wands at once?

    Well, it's certainly possible to be master of multiple wands, as Harry was master of both his original wand (with the feather from Fawkes tail inside) and the Elder wand. He even uses the Elder wand to repair his old wand. via

    What wand did Harry use after his broke?

    It had been his faithful companion throughout his adventures until damaged. But,contrary to what the movie Deathly Hallows showed,Harry did NOT destroy the Elder Wand. He replaced it in Dumbledores tomb. He reasoned that if he ,Harry,died undefeated,the power of the Elder Wand would be broken for all time. via

    Who was Harry Potter's first crush?

    Ginny Weasley. At age eleven Harry saw Ginny for the first time at King's Cross Station in 1991. However, they did not formally meet until the summer of 1992, at which point it became blatantly clear that Ginny had a huge crush on Harry. via

    Why did Harry's wand destroy Lucius?

    This wand belonged to Lucius Malfoy, head of the pure blood Malfoy Family. After Azkaban, Lucius regained his wand, but it was taken by Lord Voldemort in order to solve Voldemort's problem with his and Harry's wand sharing the same core. It was destroyed during the Battle of the Seven Potters in Voldemort's possession. via

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