How Do You Get A Brother In Blitzball


Is brother Rikku's brother?

Brother is a non-player character in Final Fantasy X who is featured in a more prominent role in Final Fantasy X-2. He is an Al Bhed, and is Cid's son and Rikku's brother, Braska's nephew, and Yuna's cousin. He is voiced by Takayuki Yamaguchi in the Japanese version, and by David Rasner in the English version. via

Who should I recruit for blitzball?

Brother. Brother is the best blitzball player you can recruit. He has decent all-around stats (except Catch) but his speed is what makes him so special. You can just pass the ball to Brother, lure everyone, pass the ball to one of your forwards, then score a free goal. via

How do I recruit Nimrook?

First time you can get him is after Home, in the airship. He has contract with the psyches and you can't play Blitzball in the airship at that point IIRC . Play exhibitions against the psyches until he has 1 game left, save and play and reload until he doesn't sign again. via

How do you hire people in blitzball?

The only way to recruit these players is to wait for their current contract to expire and hope that the team they play for does not renew their contract. via

Is brother good at blitzball?

Brother is the best "free-agent" blitzball player available to hire at lower levels. He boasts good starting PA, SH, and BL stats, and is one of the fastest swimmers in Spira. Brother's best position is MF, as it allows him to take advantage of all of his stats. via

Who are the best blitzball players?

  • 1 Larbeight. Larbeight is an incredibly strong forward and has the highest shooting stat in the game at level 99.
  • 2 Nimrook.
  • 3 Ropp.
  • 4 Tidus.
  • 5 Kiyuri.
  • 6 Brother.
  • 7 Wakka.
  • 8 Nedus.
  • via

    Is Kyo a good blitzball player?

    Kyou is a member of the Crusaders who can be recruited as a blitzball player in Final Fantasy X. Kyou's stats develop well, except his low SH. His AT and CA start high, but in later levels his PA and BL overtake them. This makes him one of the most versatile free agents. via

    Is Linna good FFX?

    In the late stages of blitzball, Linna is a high-risk player, with her strong AT, PA, BL, and SH stats, but her very low EN stat. She is a very useful player later on, and has the technique Nap Shot 3 from the onset. At level 99, Linna is tied with Vuroja for the best PA stat in the game. via

    Is Naida good blitzball?

    Naida is an Al Bhed woman who can be recruited as blitzball free agent. She works as a merchant at the settlement in the Calm Lands. Her best stats are her SP, PA, and BL. Statistically, next to Brother and Nedus, she is the fastest, and very well suited for MF, if not in a forward position. via

    Where can I get Ropp?

    As a free agent blitzball player, Ropp is located at the travel agency along the Mi'ihen Highroad and can be recruited for 200 gil per match. via

    Where do I find blitzball players?

    All the Al Bhed Psyches players can be found on the airship once acquired. The Psyches are arguably the toughest team to take on early in your blitzball career (it's a wonder how the Aurochs got past them in the first tournament!). via

    Where is wedge FFX?

    Final Fantasy X

    Wedge (just like Biggs) is a free agent blitzball player that is located at the main gate in Luca. He can be recruited for 160 gil per match. via

    How many blitzball players can you have?

    There are eight players per team: three fielders, four defenders, and one goalkeeper. There is only one five-minute round, with no break or half time. Overtime can last up to thirty minutes. At this point the match will end and immediately replayed from 0–0. via

    What do you get for beating Belgemine?

    The first battle is against Ifrit on the Mi'ihen Highroad. If victorious, the player will receive an Echo Ring with the auto-abilities HP +10% and Silence Ward. If the player loses, they will receive a Seeker's Ring with the ability HP +10% and a blank slot. via

    Is Yuma guado good?

    Yuma is a serviceable goalkeeper normally, but ranks consistently bottom-tier at every other position, even amongst other goalies. via

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