How Do You Earn Shards


How do you get shards easily? (video)

What is the fastest way to get shards in DBD?

  • Find a match with you as the killer using the “Search for Match” button.
  • Minimize the game on your screen.
  • Go do something else in real life for about 10 minutes.
  • Come back to the game to collect your “hard-earned” XP.
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    How do you get 1000 shards in Dreamscape?

    Dreamscape players can earn shards by battling other players using our "Challenge" button in the bottom left of the screen! Students can only challenge other players after answering 5 questions. The progress of the green bar on the top right of the screen shows how many battles the player has left. via

    How do you get shards in DBD?

    Obtaining. Iridescent Shards are earned by gaining Experience Points from playing Trials and thus progressing one's Player Account Level. On Dead by Daylight Mobile, Iridescent Shards may also be obtained from completing Daily and Weekly Rituals. via

    What is the fastest way to get hero shards?

  • The first way is to buy Hero chests in the store which sell for 150 gems per chest and give you a hero instantly if you get something you do not have, or give you a handful of shards if you already have the hero.
  • The second way is to buy the hero shards from the store.
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    What do the shards do in Ninja Legends 2?

    Shard is the one of the main currencies in Ninja Legends 2. It is used to open Pet Orbs for Pets. via

    How many iridescent shards are in a match?

    Completing Matches

    Every player level on your account in the top right of the lobby gives 300 Iridescent Shards. via

    Can you buy killers with iridescent shards?

    In Dead by Daylight, a Killer or Survivor can be purchased and unlocked for Iridescent Shards. via

    How many iridescent shards do you get per level DBD?

    Iridescent Shards

    are awarded as a bonus for levelling up one's Player Level. Averaging across all 99 Levels within one Devotion, one earns approximately 0.065 Iridescent Shards per Experience Point. via

    What can you do with shards in Dreamscape?

    During Creation, Grass shards can be placed in your Dreamscape, or discarded (see Discarding Shards on page 8) to make a tree grow on an empty shard. via

    What are shards used for in Dreamscape?

    The player now has the opportunity to use the shards in his Collect Zone to create his Dreamscape, mainly attempting to complete building challenges introduced by his Dreamcards. via

    How do you activate your shield on Dreamscape?

    Your shield will also activate if you have been attacked 3 times since the last time you played. Wondering what happened while you were gone? Now there is a popup window telling you if you were attacked and the result of the attacks in your absence. via

    How do you farm IRI shards? (video)

    What does Prestiging do in DBD?

    Prestige is an option to reset a Character's Level back to Level 1 in exchange for slightly increased chances of the Bloodweb spawning rarer Nodes, as well as a blood-stained version of the Charcter's default Outfit. This process can be repeated up to 3 times. via

    How do you farm in DBD?

  • Help other survivors.
  • Unlock the gate.
  • Cleanse totems.
  • Trying not to get killed throughout the match.
  • Repair generators.
  • Search chests.
  • Keep track of the objectives.
  • Fighting the killer.
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