How Do You Cheat On Kittens Game


Is there an end to kittens game?

There is no end to Kittens Game. Some of the far off things to achieve in the game include the Cathammer 40k achievement, requiring you to play for 40,000 years. So you still have a bit to go. The Unobtainium you got is actually only the basis to an even rarer resource, Eludium. via

How do you get gold in kittens game?

After the Geodesy upgrade, geologists produce 0.0008 gold per tick. After the Mining Drill upgrade, this amount is increased by 0.0005 per tick. After the Unobtainium Drill upgrade, this amount is increased by 0.0005 per tick. In Iron Will mode, hunters can find gold. via

How do you progress in kittens game?

Purchasing at least five or six Fields from the start will speed up your progress substantially, so don't try to squirrel away your Catnip. Getting up to nineteen or twenty is wiser, as Catnip becomes important to survival rather quickly. Once you've accumulated 100 Catnip you can Refine Catnip into Wood. via

What does burning Paragon do kittens game?

Burnt paragon increases the effects of leader traits. E.g., 1,000 burnt paragon roughly increases the effect by 50%. An achievement requires you to reach the Moon in iron will mode while having less than 10 regular paragon. Burning paragon allows you to complete this achievement. via

How do engineers work kittens game?

You can assign Engineers in the Workshop tab. You have to realize most things are utterly useless for Engineers to make, because you can just click the "all" link at the left to make a ton. The Engineers make the item one at a time (multiplied by craft bonuses). via

How long does it take for your kittens to wake up in cattails?

Kittens will become toddlers after approximately ten days. As toddlers, kittens wake up and start speaking. Their dialogue is simple during this phase. Their personality will start to become clearer at this stage. via

How do you get the unicorn in kittens game?

3 Answers. Your hunters have a chance to find unicorns when you send them out for resources. Unlike the other rare resources they find, furs and ivory, unicorns don't deplete over time. Initially, the only thing you'll be able to do with Unicorns is make Unicorn Pastures. via

What do Alicorns do kittens game?

In Kittens game Alicorns are winged unicorns from the Unicorn dimension that are capable of controlling time. via

How do you get Paragon in kittens game?

In kittens game, karma and paragon are obtained via resetting with more than 35-70 kittens, and greatly improve production as global accelerators, becoming almost a necessity past some stage. via

How do you get blueprints in kittens game?

Blueprints can be crafted at the Workshop once you have the right technologies, but they cost a lot of science and culture to make (indirectly, through their requirements). The other way to get blueprints, which probably happened to you, is through trading; every trade has a 10% chance to give a single blueprint. via

How do I reset my kittens game?

  • Research up to architecture, then STOP all technology research. Continue researching workshop upgrades, but don't bother with physics or geology.
  • Unlock zebras, grind trade ships for titanium.
  • Reset somewhere in the 100-110 kittens range.
  • via

    How do you get more coal in kittens game?

    There are three main ways to get coal. The first two you'll get are the Coal Furnace and Deep Mining upgrades at the workshop. These will let you get small amounts of coal for each mine (0.003 per tick, 0.015 per second) and running smelter (base . via

    How do you survive the winter in the kittens game?

    Most kittens should become farmers during winter, so that the rest of your population doesn't die off. Another option is to build a barn or two, and make your stockpile even larger. The more barns you have, the more kittens you can support through a winter without farmers. via

    How do you unlock zebra kittens game?

    In order to get an actual zebra joining your village, you will need to play in Iron Will mode (no huts/log houses/mansions built). You will know you've done it right when a Zebra shows up as an actual resource on the left section. via

    Who can I marry in cattails?

    The player can marry cats from other colonies without consequences even if reputation with their home colony is low. It is possible to marry Lyrus or Scout from the Forest Colony with lower than 25% Forest Colony reputation as an outsider, as they go outside the colony in their daily routine. via

    How do I gain rep with cattails?

    The player can raise colony reputation by holding an item to give to the town guard and selecting “Give (Item) to (Colony)”. Speaking to colony residents and giving gifts to them will increase reputation slightly, but less than when giving colony gifts to the town guard. via

    How do you get Karma in kittens game?

    Karma: Karma is gained when you reset with more than 35 kittens. Karma gives +10% happiness for having it, and 1% happiness for each point as well. This does have a diminishing effect to keep it from becoming too over powering. via

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