How Do I Turn Off Friendly Nameplates Plater


How do I turn off Blizzard friendly nameplates?

  • Press V to toggle enemy nameplates on (in combat).
  • Press SHIFT+V to toggle friendly nameplates on (in combat).
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    How do I turn off friendly nameplates ElvUI?

    If you would have disabled all addons, you would see that it would happen with just the blizzard UI. There is an option in the ElvUI nameplate - general section to hide blizzard nameplates. Use this option if you don't want to see the blizzard nameplates in dungeons. via

    How do you show combo points on Plater?

    Can anyone tell me how to put my combo point on to be attached to enemy hp bar? For classic: go to /plater -> Modding and enable the "Combo Points [Plater]" mod. via

    How do I update my Plater?

    - If an update is available, a small wago-Icon will show on the mod/script and the right-click menu gives you the option to update. You can either create a copy or overwrite the mod/script upon updating. For any questions, please visit us in the Details/Plater discord and post in the #wa-companion-support channel. via

    How do I turn off NPC nameplates? (video)

    How do you turn on enemy nameplates?

    If you enabled the "always show" option while out of combat, it won't automatically turn them on. Enabling that option just prevents any future automatic turning on/off of the "show" option, so after you enable it, you need to press Ctrl+V (or whatever you have bound to it) again to turn the nameplates on. via

    How do I make Elvui nameplates bigger?

    The width will change how long it is (duh) and the height will change where it sits (so it'll move it either up or down). Then you go to the enemy NPC and enemy player nameplates and click on the “health tab” and change that to whatever height you actually want the bars to be. via

    How do you open Kui nameplates?

    The game's default options for nameplate visibility are under Esc > Interface > Names. The default keybinds for them are V, Ctrl+V, and Shift+V. via

    How do I turn off health bars in Elvui?

    Please add an "[ ] Enable" option to UnitFrames > <Unit> > Health just like on the power bar tabs. Every other element of the unit frames frame can be disabled except the health bar. via

    How do I import a plater script?

    Access the options panel with /plater, go to Profiles tab and hit the Import Profile button. When pasting the string your game may freeze for a few seconds, this is normal. Use the Npc Colors tab. If the npc you want isn't there, enter the dungeon or raid it is in and see the unit. via

    How do I update Elvui? (video)

    How do I update Weakauras companion?

    Changing it to Update Auras will instead overwrite the existing with a new version. Click lower right hand side button Import as Update (or Copy), and you're done! via

    What are nameplates in WoW?

    Plater is a nameplate addon that happens to be making some big waves in the World of Warcraft community. With this addon, gone are the days of having little to no control over how your nameplates look or how they interact with your combat experiences in WoW. via

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