How Do I Activate My Leyline


Where is the moon guard leyline?

The Etin is just south of the entrance to the cave. via

Where are all the Leylines?

Leyline Bling

  • Anora Hollow.
  • Kel'balor.
  • Falanaar North.
  • Halls of the Eclipse.
  • Elor'shan.
  • Moonwhisper Gulch.
  • Falanaar South.
  • Moon Guard.
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    How do I get leyline feed fragments?

    The fragments are dropped by the volatile leywraiths in the same cave where you get the quest for them. Just kill these until you get the 6 fragments you need to complete the quest. via

    How do I get to Falanaar depths?

    Access the Falanaar Tunnels by the river south of the city's location on the Suramar map. Head down two flights of steps to find a large, open room with a Leyline Feed in its center. Offer 250 Ancient Mana to the Ancient Leyline Feed after accepting the quest to cause it to activate. via

    How do I get to Falanaar depths? (video)

    Where is the broken Leydar dish?

    The Broken Leydar Dish drops from Thudchop Trunksmasher in Suramar. via

    Where is Moonwhisper Gulch in Suramar?

    Moonwhisper Gulch is a valley found in northern Suramar. via

    Where is the Falanaar Arcway?

    Comment by Boxofbeer. This one is located deeply in Falanaar temple, where also Broodmother Shu'malis located. There is an entrance to the temple in point 22.9 35.9, get down the stairs, pass through first room and turn left at next stairs down, pass through a break in a wall and pass through a room with a crystal. via

    Where is the entrance to Ley station Aethenar?

    The entrance is indeed at 24, 19, which is west of the Moon Guard Stronghold, across a river full of Frenzied Riverbugs. via

    How do I get to Kel Balor?

    You need to complete Leyline Feed: Kel'balor quest. Kel'balor location is Suramar Crimson Thicket. Closest flight path is Crimson Thicket. via

    How do I get to Kel Balor? (video)

    How do you farm ancient Mana?

  • Loot Ancient Mana directly from mobs.
  • Multiply the loot amount by activating Leyline feeds.
  • Grab mana-giving items from various containers within the zone.
  • Complete world quests with mana reward.
  • Gathering professions also provide some mana at low chance.
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    How much ancient Mana do you need for giving it all we've got?

    ** You will require a total of 1200 Ancient Mana in order to complete this quest. via

    How do you get the achievement in insurrection?

    Insurrection is a quest achievement earned for completing the Suramar storyline introduced in patch 7.1. via

    Where can I farm ancient Mana in Suramar?

    If you have the Nightborn disguise from the Suramar questline, the best way to farm Ancient Mana is in Suramar City. Most nodes give between 30-150 Ancient Mana each. I can get to the cap within a few minutes. Fishing in Suramar with the Underlight Angler. via

    How do I farm mana crystals? (video)

    How much ancient Mana does Arluin need?

    Arluin located at 48.8 73.4 point, between buildings. Now you have to bring him 1200 Ancient Mana to be able to turn up the quest. via

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