Does Steven Lawrence Have Down Syndrome


Does Steve Anthony Lawrence have Down syndrome?

Diagnosed with Downs Syndrome in 2011. More recently, Lawrence has gained media attention on Twitter as one of his portraits served as the avatar for the account of American rapper, Tyler the Creator. via

What happened to Steven Anthony Lawrence?

Steven Anthony Lawrence is an Los Angeles-based actor who you might recognize for his role as Beans on Disney Channel's "Even Stevens." Since the show ended in 2003, Lawrence has continued acting with roles in "Kicking and Screaming," "That's So Raven," and "Weeds." He also offers acting classes for all ages. via

How old was beans in kicking and screaming?

But by the time production started on Kicking & Screaming in 2004, he had begun to experience male pattern baldness. He was only 14. via

What does even Steven mean?

: having the same score : capable of going one way or the other : tied, even, fifty-fifty at the end of the seventh the two teams were even Stephen, no hits, no runs, no errors dividing up on an even Stephen basis— J. D. Ratcliff a few more undecided, and the race will be even Stephen— R. L. Neuberger. via

How old was Shia in Even Stevens?

“Even Stevens,” a family comedy that aired from 2000 to 2003, starred Romano, now 37, as a preppy straight-A student and LaBeouf, now 35, as her haphazard, mischievous little brother. via

How tall is Steven Anthony Lawrence?

Steven Anthony Lawrence via

Where was the even Stevens movie filmed?

8) “Even Stevens Movie”

The Stevens families are eventually pitted against each other for survival because Louis, the son, destroyed their house. The destruction resulted in getting shunned by the “villagers.” This movie was filmed at Kualoa Ranch, Waimea Falls Park, Polynesian Cultural Center and Lanikuhona beach. via

What episode is beans introduced Even Stevens?

Close Encounters of the Beans Kind is the eighth episode of the third season of Even Stevens. via

What is an even Steven haircut?

“This is a short, sharp-edged look that traditionally means the straightening of the hairline,” says Stevens. The shape-up's closed crop (usually clippered at grade number 1 or 2) means there's minimal styling involved, but precise cutting at the hairline saves the style from being a complete snoozefest. via

Who does Ren Stevens end up with?

Christy Carlson Romano (Renee 'Ren' Stevens)

She tied the knot with writer-producer Brendan Rooney in December 2013 and the couple welcomed their first child together, a daughter, three years later. In February 2019, they welcomed another little girl. via

Is Honey Boy a true story?

While Honey Boy is technically a fictional story, LaBeouf wasn't shy about including material inspired by his childhood in the script. Just like LaBeouf and his father, Jeffrey, who acted as his on-set guardian and lived off of Shia's earnings. via

Where was kicking and screaming filmed?

It tells of a group of college graduates who refuse to move on with their lives, each in their own peculiar way. The film stars Josh Hamilton, Chris Eigeman, Carlos Jacott, and features Eric Stoltz, Olivia d'Abo and Parker Posey. Much of the film was shot at Occidental College. via

Who played Dillon in Cheaper by the dozen?

Dylan Shenk is the son of Bill and Tina Shenk and the Bakers' neighbors in the first film. He is portrayed by Steven Anthony Lawrence. via

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