Does Spell Damage Affect Minions Poe


What affects minion damage Poe?

With the exception of Support skill gems, Minion Damage is the only stat that actually increases the damage of your Minions. So, for example, Melee Physical Damage Support will increase the melee physical damage of your Minions, but increases in melee physical damage on items will not. via

Does added damage to spells affect minions?

Nope. All effect that originate from minions are affected only by minion stats - which means that all those +10% minion damage nodes do work, but +% fire damage nodes do not. via

Does attack damage apply to minions Poe?

Minions deal (0-76)% increased Physical Damage with Melee AttacksPlace into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket. Animated Lingering Blades deal (1-17) to (2-80) Added Attack Physical DamagePlace into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. via

Does spell damage affect Spectres Poe?

No, rule of thumb is anything that doesn't specify "Minions" won't affect them. via

Can zombies crit Poe?

thus zombies actually are a good candidate for going crit. via

What is Minion damage?

Minion Damage is a support gem that increases the damage dealt by minions created by the linked skill(s). At level 20, both Melee Physical Damage Support. via

Does increased damage affect minions?

%Increased damage does not affect minions. via

Does spell damage work on secrets?

Spell damage does not work with secrets. Spell damage does not work with secrets. via

Does Increased Cold Damage affect minions Poe?

The cold damage in the passive tree is only for you. The only things in the tree that work on minions are nodes with allies or minion tags in the description. The increased cold damage doesn't enhance hatred, both hatred and the node will enhance your damage. via

Does onslaught work on minions?

If the minion gets a killing blow, they will gain Onslaught, yeah. via

Does global affect minions Poe?

hey i was just really curious does global damage, crit, or defences affect minions as well?? thanks! 🙂 as @Saltychipmunk said, Nope. Minions are separate entities. via

Do golems affect minions?

Golems are a type of minion that provides a direct buff to the character who summoned them, but not to anyone else (exception: Summon Carrion Golem). A player may only have one Golem active at any given time by default. via

Do minions count as magic damage?

YOUR spell damage does not affect your minions. If you give your minions spell damage, like by using necromantic aegis and a shield with spell damage, then your skellis get the increase to spell damage. In general, your minions do not see your stats and attributes. via

How do you get 5 Spectre Poe? (video)

Does spell damage increase Zombie damage?

No it only affects you. The only way it could "affect" minions is if you had Necro Aegis with a shield that increases spell damage. via

How much life does Poe zombies?

Currently at lvl 95 with 11k life the zombies will leech 2200 life to you per second, with your own life regen and the ascendancy Bone Barrier, you are going to recover more than 4000 life per second, with 20% quality Blood of the Karui, that's a total of around 7000 life. via

Can minions crit Terraria?

Notes. Minions cannot normally deal critical hits, only by wearing a full set of Monk armor (16.7%) or Shinobi Infiltrator armor (25%) with any of the Lightning Aura sentry summons or by using a Morning Star (5%) or Kaleidoscope (10%) with any minion can crits be dealt at a fixed rate depending on which is used. via

Is convocation a minion skill?

Convocation is an active skill gem that teleports the characters minions back to the character and gives them life regeneration. via

Does Herald of purity affect minions?

Herald of Purity is a herald skill gem. When activated, it reserves mana for a buff that grants more physical damage for attacks and spells. It also summons a Sentinel of Purity minion when the player kills an enemy or on hitting a rare or unique enemy while active. via

Do auras affect minions Poe?

Minions are affected by auras and charges (monsters, including minions, actually get more bonus from charges, than players do). Auras are relatively easy to get to affect minions (start aura and move close to minion), charges are hard to get on minions. via

Does Infernal Legion stack?

Infernal Legion Support is a support gem for minion skills that causes the supported minions to rapidly burn themselves and nearby enemies. The fire damage over time to nearby enemies does not stack. via

Does spell damage affect explosive trap?

Explosive Trap, like all other Secrets that directly deal damage, is affected by Spell Damage and Prophet Velen. via

What do you add to spell damage?

When attacking with a weapon, you add your ability modifier—the same modifier used for the attack roll—to the damage. A spell tells you which dice to roll for damage and whether to add any modifiers. If a spell or other effect deals damage to more than one target at the same time, roll the damage once for all of them. via

What is spell damage eso?

Spell Damage represents the damage done by spells or abilities with a Magicka cost. Your Spell Damage can be improved by many sets (click for complete list), as well the Major Sorcery and Minor Sorcery effects, which increase your damage by 20% and 5% respectively. via

What is feeding frenzy Poe?

Feeding Frenzy Support is a minion support skill gem. It changes the supported minion behavior to be aggressive, causing them to prioritize seeking enemies and killing them. Supported minions have a chance to give the owner the Feeding Frenzy buff on hit, which grants a damage and speed bonus to all friendly minions. via

How do you gain onslaught Poe?

Onslaught Support is a support gem that grants a chance to gain the Onslaught buff when you kill an enemy or hit a rare or unique enemy with the supported skill. via

Does onslaught work on totems?

The wiki specifically states that Totems uses the player's Buffs for (most) offensive stats - meaning, not their own. Totem gets the kill -> Totem gets Onslaught. via

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