Does It Matter If I Kill Aicantar

Does it matter if I kill Aicantar? You don’t have to kill him. You can avoid killing him by using invisibility potions and sneaking past him and the guards. To answer the other question, he won’t try to kill you later or report you to the guards if you spare him. It’ll be as if he never knew it was you who sneaked into Calcelmo’s laboratory. What happens if I kill Aicantar? via

Do I have to kill Aicantar?

You don't have to kill him. You can avoid killing him by using invisibility potions and sneaking past him and the guards. To answer the other question, he won't try to kill you later or report you to the guards if you spare him. It'll be as if he never knew it was you who sneaked into Calcelmo's laboratory. via

What happens if you kill Captain Aquilius?

1 Answer. You won't have any problems completing the quest. Captain Aquilius is simply an NPC that shows up and attacks you on that quest. You don't even need to interact with him at all. via

Can you marry Aicantar?

If you plan on marrying Aicantar, I would also suggest waiting to do so until after that quest is completed. However, if you don't plan on doing the Thieves' Guild questline (or if you want to throw caution to the wind), then this isn't an issue, and you can marry him whenever you like. via

Can you persuade Calcelmo?

After learning it was written in Falmer, he will refer you to Calcelmo in Markarth. Calcelmo will refuse to show you his work unless you convince him through persuasion, bribery or intimidation. Once you successfully get his approval, you'll receive the key to the Dwemer Museum. via

Can I kill the Wizards guards?

During your time in the lab you are allowed to kill any of the WIZARD'S guards but just not the Markarth soldiers. I did this by first starting off with the mechanical spider slave that will fight for you. via

How do you marry Ainethach?

You can either aid Ainethach by getting rid of the mercenaries or convince Ainethach to sell his mine to the Silver-Bloods. Upon raising his disposition, he will become a potential candidate for marriage. via

Can you marry Karliah?

Karliah is marriable and can be a follower. Compatible with Hearthfire but doesn't require it. Then go to Nightingale Hall and speak with Karliah. She should have follower lines right away, for marriage lines you must be wearing an Amulet of Mara, like with any other regular candidate for marriage. via

How do you duplicate the writing on Calcelmo's?

To copy the Guide, the Dragonborn must possess both a Roll of Paper and charcoal. Both of these items can be found in the room directly behind the Dragonborn while facing the front of the stone tablet. Once this is done, they receive Calcelmo's Stone Rubbing. via

How do I get Nightingale Armor?

Acquisition. The full set is given to the Dragonborn by Karliah before performing the initiation ritual of the Nightingales during the quest "Trinity Restored" for the Thieves Guild. All pieces are obtained when activating the Armor Stone, emblazoned with the Nightingales symbol, inside the Nightingale Hall. via

Is Enthir a fence?

He is the only Bosmer Fence in Skyrim. Enthir is voiced by the same actor who provided the voice for Lucan Valerius, Falion, and some other characters. via

Who is Aicantar Skyrim?

Aicantar is an Altmer conjurer who lives within Understone Keep. He helps his uncle, Calcelmo, in his laboratory. via

What is the Spider Control Rod for?

Usage. The Spider Control Rod shoots a beam of energy which Aicantar's Spider walks towards. As the spider cannot be interacted with aside from the use of the Spider Control Rod, it does not seem possible for the spider to move outside of the laboratory area. via

What quest comes after hard answers?

the quest "The Pursuit" after "Hard Answers" | Fandom. Usually you return to The Ragged Flagon - Cistern to speak to them to then begin "Trinity Restored." Chillrend is not required for the quest, so that should not hinder you. via

How do I get Calcelmo's permission?

In order to gain access to the Dwemer Museum, the Dragonborn must have Calcelmo's permission either through Speech, by having helped Calcelmo with a previous quest, or by pickpocketing the key from him. Alternately, the lock on the door can be picked. via

What does Calcelmo's ring do?

Acquisition. Kerah in Markarth asks the Dragonborn to deliver this ring to Calcelmo. The ring can be pickpocketed back from Calcelmo after completeing the quest. This will make the ring, no longer a quest item. via

Can you kill the guards in hard answers?

In the laboratory, in an area to the left, there is a journal and the Spider Control Rod. After a few moments there will be a guard that will walk through the other two doorways, opening them up. These guards can be killed with no bounty, a task that can be aided with Aicantar's Spider by using the control rod. via

How do you stop the guards from Markarth attacking?

Attacking Thalmor counts like any other crime. Talking to them until they initiate combat first is fine though. Just leave, wait a few days and come back. They should just say to stop whereby you can pay your bounty or choose jail time. via

Why are Calcelmo's guards attacking me?

You can't go in there but through a quest provided by Enthir and Karliah ( part of the Thieve Guild quest ) and you will be attacked by Calcelmo's personal guard because that is off limits so you need to kill them all and retrieve the information Enthir suggested to you. It is completely normal that they attack you. via

Who is the best wife in Skyrim?

Aela the Huntress is easily at the top of the Skyrim wives list. Aela is an elite warrior and part of the Companions. You'll get to know her quite well during the Companions questline and will need to complete the whole thing if you want Aela to be your wife. via

Can you marry an orc in Skyrim?

In Skyrim, you can marry anyone of any gender or race. If you're a male Nord, you could marry a male Orc if you wish! via

How do I get Balimund to marry me?

  • Locate Balimund at his forge outside The Scorched Hammer in Riften.
  • Chat to him until he gives you the miscellaneous quest to bring him fire salts.
  • Bring Balimund 10 fire salts.
  • Purchase an Amulet of Mara from Maramal in Riften.
  • via

    Can I have 2 wives in Skyrim?

    You must kill your current spouse and wear the amulet to bring up potential "Are you interested" dialog options again. This mod claims to allow polygamy. You could kill your spouse then marry again then do the console command "resurrect" on your dead spouse and then you have 2. via

    Is Nightingale Armor good?

    The best Light Armor sets in Skyrim ranked

    Deathbrand Armor is arguably the best armor in the game - certainly if you don't have max-level Smithing and Enchanting skills. Nightingale Armor is acquired during the Thieves Guild quest "Trinity Restored". via

    Can you keep the skeleton key?

    Usage. The Skeleton Key can be used like a regular lockpick and can be kept indefinitely, provided it's never returned to the Twilight Sepulcher, during the mission "Darkness Returns." In addition, the Lockpicking skill will still increase when a lock is opened (removed in patch 1.4, back by 1.9). via

    What is Nightingale armor made of?

    It consists of 4 pieces: chest armor, gloves, boots and a hood all of which can be improved with Void Salts. In addition to the armour pieces, you may obtain matching weapons after completing the quests Hard Answers and Blindsighted. via

    How do you break into Mercer's house?

    With a high enough Speech skill (an Amulet of Dibella helps), Mercer's House Key can be obtained by persuading Vald that Mercer needs him in Markath, with a high enough Pickpocket skill, it can be taken from his pocket when he stands with his back against the gate - or it can be gotten by simply killing him. via

    Where is Calcelmo's Tower key?

    If you have both of these you shouldn't need any others. There should be a Calcelmo's Labratory Key on top of a desk or dresser in one of the small rooms between the start of the Museum and the locked door, I recall it being to the right side of a bed. via

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