Does Cricket Give Free Upgrades

Read the full answer Cricket Wireless does not offer “free upgrades” because there are no contracts they are trying to lock you into. If you log into your account on the Cricket Wireless site or app and browse phones, you can see the price options available to you. Keep in mind, any AT&T or unlocked GSM phone will work on Cricket Wireless. via

How much does it cost to upgrade at cricket?

You must have a Cricket monthly rate plan that costs $30/mo or more; The upgrade phone must be new and purchased from a Cricket store or online at; You can upgrade your phone only once every 180 days; A $25 device upgrade fee applies to phone upgrades in Cricket stores and online. via

Does cricket waive upgrade fee?

FYI, you will never get it waived online, depending on the dealer you MIGHT get it waived at a store (i personally have waive 4 upgrade fees in three years on somethings like 1000 upgrades, so don't count on it). via

Does cricket have a trade in program?

Trade in Your Cricket Wireless Phone

If you're a new Cricket customer you can trade in your current phone and receive credit for a new device and/or accessories (in-store only). Your phone just needs to have a working screen and can turn on to be eligible to trade in. via

What phones are compatible with cricket?


  • Apple iPhone 6 32GB.
  • Apple iPhone 6 Plus.
  • Apple iPhone 6S.
  • Apple iPhone 6S Plus.
  • Apple iPhone 7 32GB.
  • Apple iPhone 7 Plus.
  • Apple iPhone 8.
  • Apple iPhone 8 Plus.
  • via

    How does phone upgrade work?

    Most carriers don't require you to pay an upfront down payment before receiving your phone and beginning the repayments. Once you reach the minimum number of months in your upgrade plan, and provided you've made all your repayments, you will be invited to swap your phone for a new one. via

    Does Cricket have a grace period?

    Cricket Wireless … Cricket Wireless- Anniston, Anniston, Alabama. If you pay more than 30 days late, a reactivation fee will apply. Cricket has a one day grace period (used to be two, but then AT&T strengthened its grip), where if you don't pay for the month your service won't be shut down for a day. via

    What happens if my Cricket account is Cancelled?

    Call 1-800-274-2538. Verify your account information. Request that your account is canceled. via

    What Towers does Cricket use?

    Cricket uses AT&T's network, which means it offers the same coverage that you'd get with a more expensive carrier. via

    Do you have to turn in your old phone when you upgrade?

    Once you've completed your Lease term and all of your payments are paid in full, you're eligible to upgrade to a new device. You will need to turn in your current, good-functioning device as part of your upgrade transaction. via

    Can you sell things back to Best Buy?

    Simply go to, see if your item is eligible for trade-in, and then get an estimate for what your item may be worth. We'll cover the costs for you to ship it to us and then, if we accept your item for trade-in, we'll send you an electronic Best Buy gift card for the value of your item. via

    Can I put my cricket SIM card in another phone?

    Can I keep my current phone? Yes, as long as it's unlocked and compatible with the Cricket network. Make sure it has a SIM card slot. Then check compatibility on our Bring Your Own Phone page. via

    Can I use any unlocked phone with Cricket?

    If you have an unlocked phone, you can typically use it with other cell phone providers that use similar networks. You just need a wireless service plan and a SIM card from the other carrier. If you have a locked phone, you will need to get it unlocked if you want to use it with another cell phone company's service. via

    How do I transfer my Cricket service to another phone?

    Just log in or use the apps on your new device to make the transfer. If you need assistance, visit a local Cricket store or chat with us. Whether you're moving to the same operating system or a different one, the best solution is to check your phone's user manual. via

    What happens to your old phone when you upgrade?

    You basically have two options when it comes to your old phone: you keep it or you ditch it. That's the basis of it, anyway. If you decide to keep your device, then you at least have a back-up plan in the case that something happens to your new phone. via

    What happens if you don't upgrade your phone?


    If you don't upgrade, you won't have the latest version, which means your phone is totally susceptible. via

    How much does a phone upgrade cost?

    In general, upgrading to the newest model would cost you: An extra $25 a month, the typical price for financing or leasing a phone; or. $199, the typical price for subsidizing a phone with a contract; or. $650 or more to buy your phone outright. via

    What happens if I pay my Cricket bill late?

    Your Cricket bill is due every month on the day before your account was activated. If you miss a payment, your service will be suspended and a fee will be charged in order to re-activate your account. via

    Can you extend your phone bill with Cricket?

    Here at Cricket, we understand that life sometimes throws us curveballs, so if you need to extend your BridgePay payment for another seven days, we have you covered. Set up BridgePay Extension in store, or call Customer Care at 1-800-CRICKET (1-800-274-2538). via

    Can you do payments with Cricket?

    You can pay off your lease via flexible weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payment options. 90-day purchase option (3-month option in CA) and other early buyout options available. via

    Is Cricket Wireless shutting down?

    Cricket Wireless is committed to supporting the growth of mobile Internet and providing the best customer experience. As a result, Cricket plans to end service on 3G (UMTS) wireless networks by February 2022. This will allow additional space on Cricket's mobile Internet network. via

    Is Cricket unlimited really unlimited?

    With the Cricket unlimited plans, you'll get just what you need – unlimited talk and text, data access, no annual contracts, multiline discounts, a variety of add-on features and much more. Cricket may temporarily slow data speeds if the network is busy. via

    Why is my Cricket service not working?

    Issues with Your Connection

    Check the signal indicator on your device to make sure you have Cricket coverage where you are. Try calling, texting and emailing to make sure those services are working. Make sure you've paid for your currently monthly plan cycle. Try turning off Wi-Fi temporarily and using data. via

    Can you track a lost cricket phone?

    You can use Android Device Manager to locate your phone under the following conditions: Your lost or stolen phone is still connected to the Internet, logged in to your Google Account, and has location services turned on. via

    What time does Cricket Customer Service close?

    Call Cricket Customer Support

    1-800-CRICKET (274-2538) or 611 from your phone. Mon-Sat: 9 am to 9 pm ET. Sun: 10 am to 9 pm ET. via

    Who actually has the best cell phone coverage?

    Without question, Verizon's 4G LTE network has the best coverage, with 70% nationwide coverage, followed by AT&T with 68%, T-Mobile with 62%, and Sprint with 30%. Because of Verizon's robust network coverage, Let's Talk ranks Verizon as the winner, with the most coast-to-coast coverage. via

    Whats better boost or Cricket?

    Compared to Boost Mobile, Cricket Wireless has a simple selection of plans though Boost is much more generous with its data with no speed caps in place on its more extensive plans. Cricket requires its top plan for hotspot access, but it does come with a healthy 15GB portion. via

    Which is better straight talk or Cricket?

    Straight Talk offers a great plan and doesn't cap data speeds. Cricket caps speeds, but offers more data for the money and a broader range of plans. Cricket is the clear choice for families, with big discounts on multiple lines. via

    Can I use my old phone after upgrade?

    You can certainly keep your old phones and put them to use. When I upgrade my phones, I'll probably replace my crumbling iPhone 4S as my nightly reader with my comparably new Samsung S4. You can also keep and re-carrier your old phones. via

    What should I do with my old phone before I get a new one?

  • Step 1: Back up everything. Most of the time, you'll get to bring everything from your old phone to your new one.
  • Step 2: Manage your passwords.
  • Step 3: Update your two-factor authentication.
  • Step 4: Trade in your old phone.
  • Get the best phones and best deals at Straight Talk.
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    How do I prepare for a phone upgrade?

  • Back It Up. If you're going to trade in your phone, the first thing you should do is back up your data.
  • Remove SIM and SD Cards.
  • Erase Your Personal Information.
  • Disconnect Your Phone From Accounts and Devices.
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