Does Billing Address Have To Match Debit Card

A billing address is the address connected to a specific form of payment, which is typically a credit or debit card. Companies use the billing address to verify the authorized use of such a card. Billing addresses must match what the card issuing bank has on file, or the attempted purchase may not go through. via

Does billing address name have to match debit card?

Answer: A: The name doesn't have to be the one on the credit card but the address has to be the address used for the cards billing address. You can edit the address in your iTunes store account to make the purchase and then change it back after the purchase. via

What happens if billing address doesn't match credit card?

If you receive an "Address did not match" error when adding a Visa or MasterCard debit card, it means the information you entered may not be verifying correctly with your credit card's issuing bank. To fix this error: If your address is on a numbered street, spell out the name of your street. via

Does billing address have to be same as card address?

Your billing address

The address you associate with your credit card must be the same as you gave to your bank to be accepted. via

Do I put my name on the billing address?

1 attorney answer

In common practice, when a merchant takes credit card information online, the name on the credit card for the billing information and the address (or at least the zip code) must match. via

Does the name on the shipping address matter?

Does the name on the shipping address matter? You can put any name on the package if you have the delivery address to a house. We recommend you always put a name on the package, preferably the correct name, to avoid misdelivery, failed delivery attempts, lost packages, or similar. via

What if I use the wrong billing address?

If you put the wrong billing address on an online order, the worst thing that can happen is that your order may be canceled. More often, the retailer will notify you of the error, and you'll have the chance to update your information. Your order will process normally once your information is updated or corrected. via

What happens if your billing address is different from your shipping address?

This is a commonly misunderstood policy. Actually, having different Billing and Shipping addresses should not delay your order. Rather, your order may be delayed if you enter an incorrect Billing address. Your Billing address is the address your credit card statement is mailed to. via

What happens if zip code does not match billing address?

If you have recently moved, it may take your bank a while to have the correct zip code on file. As a workaround, you could try checking out with your previous billing address instead, as your card issuer may not have updated their records or notified the verifier of any changes. via

What's the billing address for a Visa card?

When you apply for a credit card online, for example, the address you include on your application will become your billing address. A billing address looks just like a street address—it has a street number and name followed by a city, state and ZIP code. via

Can you use any billing address?

Yes. For credit card verification you must enter your billing address exactly as it appears on your credit card statement. If you do not, your payment may be rejected or unable to fully process. via

How important is billing address?

An accurate billing address helps invoices and bills reach the company's correct address. The same is true for a person's monthly credit card bill, bank statements, etc. You would not want any other person to go through these personal details. via

Can you give a fake billing address?

Can you use a fake billing address? You don't have to give yourself a fake address. The shipping address can be placed as your billing address. Also, the recipient would not be able to know who the sender was in this situation. via

Does the name on card matter?

As long as the address verification data passes when a transaction is processed, it doesn't matter who's name appears on the card. The business could be shipping to Mickey Mouse, but as long as that address matches, everything is fine. via

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