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What do slaves do in Kenshi?

Players cannot own their own slaves. Slaves purchased from slavers will become allies and will either join the player as a Slave Recruit or escape at the first chance they get. Players can earn a small sum of money by bringing characters to slavers. via

What happens when you buy slaves in Kenshi?

Buying Slaves

However, unlike with animals, there is a chance of the slave abandoning the player immediately after purchase, or after some time of traveling together. Players should pick up unconscious characters, travel to the slavers, and then drop them down in front of the slavers so that they'd enslave them. via

Can you free slaves in space Haven?

You will be able to enslave crew members you capture from other factions, but you can also choose to be a force of good and seek out to rid the universe of slavery. The choice is yours. Find the special chambers made to hold slaves captive and free them of their perilous fate... You will have their undying gratitude! via

How do I become a Kenshi slaver?

Go into Holy Nation country as a non-human & you will become a slave & be packed off to mine for the rest of your life unless you escape. Be knocked out in a fight and then slavers suddenly walk by, they're more than likey to pick you up & put you into slavery when they walk you back to a slave town. via

How many followers can you have in Kenshi?

The maximum number of characters you can control is 30. This can be increased with mods fairly easily. Once players have reached 30 characters total, dialogue options will no longer appear for recruitable characters. Instead, they may notice drifters hanging around and even protecting your town without a word. via

Does Kenshi cheat?

Kenshi is a fun post-apocalyptic game but it can be difficult for even experienced players. For those who aren't opposed to cheating in a single-player game there are a number of cheats that can make the game much easier. via

How do I get Beep Kenshi?

Beep is featured in a background available for unlock through Steam Trading Cards. Beep is one of the few characters whose dialogue is written by the famous Chris Hunt. Beep will almost always beep when waking up, be it from a KO or from sleeping to recover wounds. Beep will also beep when reloading saves. via

How do you eat in Kenshi?

In Kenshi, your character eats food automatically. All you need to do is have food in your inventory or on the ground nearby. You can buy food from traders in towns or travelling trade caravans. Once your character hits a certain hunger value they will automatically eat food. via

Where is Tinfist?

Tinfist is the infamous leader of the Anti-Slavers and resides at their city Spring located south west in Stobe's Gamble. via

How do you enslave space Haven?

You can also be a slaver yourself, by researching the enslavement facility and turning prisoners into slaves using the enslave button located next to the recruit button in the character information window. Slaves can work as normal crew members, and their schedules can be changed. via

How do you get more crew in space Haven?

  • Exploring derelict ships and stations, and finding hypersleep chambers with someone inside.
  • By taking other faction crew members as prisoners, and recruiting them over time.
  • By exploring the galaxy and finding a leisure station somewhere.
  • via

    Does Kenshi have console commands?

    This is where the Kenshi console commands appear as a series of codes that will open a wide variety of tricks with which no challenge will be complicated within the game. And if we add to this how easy it is to use, we can feel relieved to have found the ideal ally on our trip. via

    Where is the hub Kenshi?

    The Hub is a town of Holy Nation Outlaws located near the center of The Border Zone. The bar in The Hub is owned by the Trade Ninjas, who also own a nearby location known as the Rebel Base. via

    How do you recruit prisoners in Kenshi?

    Once you have some, find an NPC you want to capture and is usable in the mod, knock them out or attack them until they're unconscious, then take them to your cage and talk to them when they're awake. Follow the dialogue tree and fufill what they need to recruit them to have them join you. via

    Are there guns in Kenshi?

    Characters in Kenshi have two weapon slots; Weapon I (primary slot) and Weapon II (secondary slot). If the right arm is unusable, the character will not use equipped weapons. Multiple weapons may be equipped within Weapon I, but the character will only use one weapon at a time in combat. via

    Where can I hire skeletons Kenshi?

    Skeleton Recruit is a randomly named Generic Recruit. They are a Skeleton with no backstory. They can be hired for 3,000 Cats. They can be found in Crab Town, Mourn, The Hub, and, depending on certain World States, in Blister Hill, Heft, Heng, or Stoat. via

    Can you build a city in Kenshi?

    First make sure your mod is loaded in the mods tab of the Kenshi launcher. To begin making your town, go to the area where you want to construct the town and hit SHIFT+F12 to open the editor. Then click on the ground where you want the center of your town to be to place the marker. via

    How do I get my Kenshi character unstuck?

    If another character can reach them they can pick the stuck character up. If not sometimes reloading the game may help. Otherwise you can reload the game and select Reset Squad Locations. This will have all characters spawn at the camera position of the save you are reloading. via

    How do you resurrect Kenshi? (video)

    Where are Kenshi saves?

    It can be set in the options. (Default save location is now: C:Users<YourUsername>AppDataLocalkenshisave) via

    Do you need a good computer to run Kenshi?

    An Intel Core 2 Duo U7600 CPU is required at a minimum to run Kenshi. Whereas, an Intel Core 2 Quad Q9000 is recommended in order to run it. Provided that you have at least an NVIDIA GeForce 510 graphics card you can play the game. Kenshi will run on PC system with 64-bit Windows and upwards. via

    How do I import Dead NPCs to Kenshi?

    Import Dead NPCs option

    While unchecking the option will bring back characters who have been killed or imprisoned over the course of the imported savegame. If you previously killed Esata of the Shek Kingdom, for example, un-checking this option would bring her back to life. via

    What do Hivers eat Kenshi?

    Most Hivers are capable of consuming Raw Meat and Foul Raw Meat, Hive Princes being the exception as they cannot eat the Foul Raw Meat. This means that they can easily find food as long as there is fauna nearby. via

    Can you starve to death in Kenshi?

    If their hunger meter continues to drop, they will begin to pass out regularly from hunger. This fainting will become more and more frequent as their hunger meter steadily declines. Eventually, the character will die from starvation. via

    How do I get a Kenshi house?

    Players can find out if buildings are purchasable by clicking on them and reading their information. To buy these buildings, simply click on the "Buy" button and confirm in the following popup window. Once bought the player-owned buildings in town cannot be sold. via

    How do you ally with flotsam Ninjas Kenshi?

  • The Player has an option when talking to Moll to either side with the Flotsam Ninjas or the Holy Nation. Choosing one will negatively affect your relations with the other. ( +/-75)
  • If the player turns in Moll to earn her 50,000 c. bounty, their relations with the Flotsam Ninjas will be severely damaged.
  • via

    Can you join the anti-slavers?

    Players can ally with the Anti-Slavers by talking to Grey. This will give you +75 Anti-Slavers and -30 from United Cities, Slave Traders and Traders Guild relations. via

    How do I join Shinobi thieves Kenshi?

    Wiki Targeted (Games)

    The Shinobi Thieves act as fences and smugglers in the world of Kenshi. They are usually found in bars or residing inside Thief watchtowers within various cities. You can pay 10,000 cats to join their organization by talking to a Thief Boss standing outside of one of their watchtowers. via

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