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Can you send mail to yourself in WoW Classic?

Can you mail stuff to yourself classic wow? But, mailing to yourself was still instant. Nope. Any mail between characters on the same account is now instant regardless of money or items attached. via

How long does it take to mail yourself in WoW Classic?

In WoW Classic, mail takes one hour to arrive even if the mail is from characters on the same account. via

How does mail work in classic WoW?

Simple messages arrive immediately. Mail from the same account, regardless of attachments, takes one hour. Mail from another account if items or money are attached takes one hour. Mail from the Auction House to the buyer with the purchased item arrives immediately. via

Can you mail yourself gold WoW?

You are unable to send gold or items to characters on another realm or faction. The only exception to this rule are Blizzard Account Bound items which can be sent to characters on the same account, even across realms. via

Does mail expire WoW Classic?

Mail will remain in your mailbox for 30 days. Note: If you play WoW Classic, mail you had in your mailbox on snapshot day is copied. Mail on a cloned character will expire as normal if you don't activate the clone and collect the mail. You can use our Mail Return page to restore sent, deleted, or expired mail. via

Can you mail Soulbound items to alts?

No. Soulbound items cannot be sent in any way between characters. via

Is mail instant in TBC Classic?

Mail is supposed to be instant between your own characters during TBC, even if it contains an item or gold. It is currently delayed still. via

Who can wear mail armor in WoW?

Mail is worn by hunters and shaman. From classic WoW through Warlords of Draenor, warriors and paladins wore mail until level 40, where they could then equip plate armor. Hunters and shaman began by wearing leather armor until level 40, where they could switch to mail. via

Do WoW characters share bank?

1 Answer. While there is no way to share personal bank space between characters, there are a couple ways to pass items around: You can mail the items between your characters. Items mailed to characters on the same account will appear in the other character's inbox immediately. via

Will WoW classic release TBC?

After a long wait, Blizzard has finally unveiled the WoW Classic TBC Phase 2 release date! Phase 2 will begin on Wednesday, September 15th as opposed to the usual Tuesday schedule where previous updates went live with the weekly server resets. via

Is there a WoW armory for classic?

Looking for the WoW Classic Armory? You're out of luck, I'm afraid - there is no Armory available for WoW Classic, just as it wasn't around in the original game 15 years ago. The Armory is only currently available for characters in modern World of Warcraft. via

Can I send gold from WoW to WoW classic?

Sending gold to your own characters is instant in both WoW and WoW TBC Classic. via

Are there still neutral auction houses in wow?

Cataclysm, there are faction-specific auction houses in the Aldor and Scryer banks in Shattrath City. The neutral auction house however is not to be found here anymore. Players with trial accounts can see the items listed for an auction but cannot buy or sell through the Auction Houses. via

Is gold account-bound wow?

Note: You cannot send gold or Account-bound items cross-server or cross-faction. If you add anything that is not a BoA item to the mail, it will not send. via

How long does it take to send gold in wow?

Mail from another account if items or money are attached takes one hour. Mail from the Auction House to the buyer with the purchased item arrives immediately. Mail from the Auction House to the seller with the money attached takes 1 hour. via

Can you recover deleted mail WoW Classic?

Limitations. You can restore mail once every 15 days per Word of Warcraft Account. The service cool-down is shared between World of Warcraft and WoW Classic. Mail that has expired too long ago cannot be restored. via

Where is the post office in Dalaran?

The location of the post office is found behind tailoring shop in Dalaran. You click on the pipe going into the ground. via

Can you change name in classic WoW?

You can change the name of your character by purchasing the Name Change service. To buy a Name Change open the World of Warcraft in-game shop and go to the Services section. Note: This service is not available in World of Warcraft Classic or The Burning Crusade Classic. via

Can you unbind items in WoW?

There is currently no way to unbind an item without exploiting the assistance of a GM. via

Can you trade Soulbound items WoW Classic?

Taking that into consideration, we've decided that the two-hour loot trading system in WoW Classic will only apply to soulbound gear that drops in raids. Soulbound loot that drops in five-person content will not be tradeable at any time. via

Can you use Soulbound items between characters?

Sadly, the answer is no, once an item is soulbound to a character it cannot be transferred to another character. via

Is mail instant in TBC Prepatch?

Blizzard have announced that mail sent between your own characters will be instantly delivered in Burning Crusade Classic, as intended. This will be live on the PTR shortly and be in the same on when the Burning Crusade Pre-Patch goes live next week. via

Can leatherworking make mail?

The leatherworking profession allows players to utilize the leather gathered through the skinning profession to create a variety of items, including cloaks, leather and mail armor, and armor kits. via

Can priest wear mail WoW?

There are 10 different classes in WoW. Every class uses a different kind of armor. Remember the platewearers learn it at their trainers at level 40, same for hunters and shammys with the mail. However, a paladin can also wear mail, leather and cloth, but a priest not leather, mail and plate. via

Can you transfer WoW items to WoW classic?

The Character Transfer service allows you to move a character to another Classic Era realm only. It is not possible to transfer a WoW Classic character to another WoW account or account. It is not possible to transfer a character between Modern WoW, WoW Classic, and Burning Crusade Classic. via

What is account bound in WoW?

[Onyxian Whelpling]. Account Bound items can be mailed to any character that shares the same account, regardless of faction or realm. With Cataclysm, equipment obtained through Archaeology is also Bound to Account. via

What is a Soulbound item in WoW?

Soulbound is the property of an item that prevents it from being traded or mailed to another character or sold in the Auction House. Items usually become soulbound one of five ways: Acquiring the item marked as "Bind on Pickup". via

How long will WoW Classic last?

Classic WoW Stays Indefinitely

As time goes on, most players will all be level 60 and potentially have a level 60 for each available class. There will be very few new players attracted to the game and very few people for them to play with if they did. via

Is World of Warcraft dying?

World of Warcraft is reaching a concerningly low player count, causing Activision Blizzard to question the future of the classic MMORPG. Blizzard's Q2 earnings call revealed that World of Warcraft has lost half of its monthly active users in the last four years. via

Is classic WoW a success?

WoW Classic has become a huge hit and Blizzard can now boast it has the two most popular MMOs on the planet. via

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