Can You Change Ideas In Eu4


How do you get ideas in EU4?

Ideas are unlocked at admin tech 5, you get your national ideas as you buy ideas from idea groups. (3 non-national ideas per national idea). You don't get to pick which order you get your national ideas. via

What ideas are best EU4?

  • 1 Innovative. Innovative ideas are possibly the greatest ideas in the game thanks to how applicable they are at any point.
  • 2 Offensive.
  • 3 Influence.
  • 4 Defensive.
  • 5 Diplomatic.
  • 6 Exploration.
  • 7 Quality.
  • 8 Trade.
  • via

    Are defensive ideas good EU4?

    Are defensive ideas worth taking? They do have +15% morale... I usually take them. A lot of people consider defensive and quantity to be the best choices for an early game military idea group. via

    Are religious ideas good EU4?

    Religious ideas are insanely good with Byzantium. Remember, you're going to be conquering a lot of Muslim land. Religious Ideas also grant a limited amount of unrest reduction. I should also add that the Religious/Defensive policy gives you another -1 to unrest, as well as +1 enemy attrition. via

    What are traditions in EU4?

    Army tradition and navy tradition (collectively military tradition) are long term, floating measures of the pool of experience of a nation's military forces on land and sea. They give bonuses depending on their strength, are gained through actions of the appropriate forces and decay over time if not increased. via

    How do trade companies work eu4?

    trade company is a collection of provinces in a trade company region that give the owner less tax, manpower, and sailors, but more trade power, trade goods (including production income) and naval force limit, than if the owner included them in states. via

    What does discipline do eu4?

    Discipline is a value that measures how well troops of a nation can hold their formations despite punishment from the enemy. Discipline reduces damage received because it increases the military tactics value, which in turn decreases the amount of damage a unit takes. via

    Is innovative good eu4?

    Given how Innovative has an amazing policy with Offensive ideas, this makes general focused warfare incredibly strong. It also allows you to manage large armies effectively, and gives you more siege pips total to your army, which is very powerful. -25% advisor cost: Very powerful idea, for obvious reasons. via

    Which countries can form Germany eu4?

    Ambition: +1 Diplomatic relation. For the region, see Germany (region). Germany is a formable nation that can be formed in Central Europe by anyone with a Germanic culture (except Dutch) as their primary culture once they meet certain requirements. via

    How do you unlock ideas? (video)

    How do you embrace Renaissance eu4?

    Once at least 10% of the country has accepted it, you can then embrace the institution. The exact cost of embracing the institution varies based on how much of your country has accepted the Renaissance. If the entry country has accepted it, then embracing the institution costs only one ducat. via

    Is Protestant better than Catholic eu4?

    Protestant is good for squeezing out your military to the extreme, as Catholic only gives 15% to manpower modifier at times while Protestant is 10%. If you are colonizing, protestant gives you global settler increase which is nice. via

    How do you change religion in eu4?

    In the top left corner of the religion tab, there is a icon of a catholic cross with an arrow, click on that and then you can choose an available religion to convert to. Take over territories of desired religion, let them take some territories and give into their demands of changing the state religion. via

    How long does religious zeal last eu4?

    This way their zeal lasts for twenty years, it's difficult to preach to the newly converted and the steady decline in their zealousness is also modelled.. Light a man a fire, and he is warm for a day. via

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